Tiny Taiwanese Girl

Just a quickie while I work on a few other posts. This girl may seem unremarkable (but cute) at first (not to mention a terrible dancer!), but hold on until the three and half minute mark…

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0 thoughts on “Tiny Taiwanese Girl”

  1. All I see is a big white space – like a snow storm whiteout. No, wait it’s cleared.
    Must be a Youtube video eh?

  2. I hate to pile on Doc, but I don’t quite get this either. Yes, she has a very tiny waist. Other than am I missing something?

  3. Wow. 18 inch waist is really really tiny! That was fun! Thank you for keeping me entertained, Dr. Lee!

  4. Thankyou to fungusfram for seeing the point of this post! To everybody else: you don’t find a girl with an 18 inch waist remarkable? You don’t find this video fun?

  5. I have to admit Doc that she is cute and does get the imagination going to stir the loins….. but with an 18 inch waist there’s not much internal room for her lady parts to expand, and she just couldn’t accommodate me I’m afraid….

  6. LOL! Alright, Kroos, you keep me entertained, too! 🙂 And, You are Welcome, Dr. Lee!

  7. It’s not only tiny, but nicely shaped. She’s cute. I like how they amaze themselves over it.

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