So What’s Going On With Natalie Tran?

With over 431,515,000 views and 1,086,500 followers, Vietnamese Australian Natalie Tran is an absolute YouTube phenomenon. Although I’m not a fan personally, I have to admire the craft of her sharp editing and witty, quick fire dialogue. Incredibly, she was churning out a new video every few days, building up a grand total of 287 clips, until she suddenly stopped without warning four months ago, after posting the video above. Her Facebook page – which is still active – doesn’t give any clues as to why, despite many requests from her fans. Does anyone know?

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  1. I was wondering that too, I really enjoyed her videos. I imagine it took a bit of time making them so I would guess either a job or a boyfriend, something that takes up her spare time. I saw her on the 7pm Project as the Sydney correspondent.

  2. I am a bit surprised that it hasn’t already been said, but, “How could you NOT know this Asian babe?!?” ^^

  3. New to me.If those view numbers are right…how could she NOT be raking in good money? Humor-wise….kinda’ reminds me of Tracy Ullman.

  4. I do NOT know this Asian Babe…but wish I could. She is rather sexy I do say. Nice legs…pretty face.

  5. I know she got a deal with a travel company to go around the world filming clips but I thought that was already awhile ago, maybe its something related.

  6. Apparently it had something to do with the fact she broke up with her boyfriend whom she dated for years…

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