Another ID Request


I wouldn’t normally even consider posting an ID request with only low quality screen grabs, but this girl has some very distinctive tattoos on her spine, which should make it possible for someone to identify her (see after the jump). She calls herself Asia, is apparently only 4’8″ tall, and a mix of Chinese, Japanese and caucasian. These grabs are taken from Playboy’s All Nite Party Girls.



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  1. um..which one in the first pic is the one in the second pic? I’m having just a little trouble doing comparisons. And pics 3 and 4 don’t help decide the issue. we want to know both girls identities?
    I, for one, would.

  2. Asia, the shorter girl in the first pic is the 2nd. Daisy Marie, the taller girl is a famous pornstar. Some sites say DM is 1/4 Filipino, so I’ll let you decide. Asia is in all the pics for 1-4. The reason for the wardrobe change for Asia is because she appeared in two episodes of All night party girls.

  3. Luke: To quote the great Led Zeppelin, “I’ll be her Back Door Man”.

    Maybe the tatt says “FRA-GIL-E”….must be Italian…..

  4. French: I do believe you mean the great Doors:-)

    But she could squeeze my lemon til the juice runs down my leg (LZ).

  5. Wingsfan:
    That’s right! The Doors had a song called “Back Door Man”, but Led Zeppelin had the phrase “Shake for me girl, I want to be your back-door man….” from the song “Whole Lotta Love”.

    And she could squeeze MY lemon too! But not at the same time ’cause that would be weird. She is hot.

  6. French, my fault for focusing on song titles instead of lyrics. Please keep your lemons well away from mine;-)

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Another ID Request


As you can imagine, I get an awful lot of ID requests in my mailbox. Usually, they’re just a vague image of some nondescript J-girl, but occasionally, one comes along that really stands out from the crowd – and this is certainly one of those! She does look awfully familiar, but I just can’t place her. Any takers?

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0 thoughts on “Another ID Request”

  1. Damn!!!! Hottest normal viet girl I have ever seen!!!!! Hopefully she puts herself out there so we can know her name!!!! haha

  2. In this day and age with face recognition software deployed by Google “PLUS” and by Facebook, thousands of photos can be scanned fast and free and people identified.

    You know, she looks like one of the hundreds of Viet hotties you see in Saigon running around on their scooters on a Friday night.

    Nothing hotter than a Viet girl in 4 inch (10 cm) heels riding a scooter to meet friends on a Friday night in Saigon….except perhaps a Viet girl in 5 inch (13 cm) heels riding a scooter- and wearing too much eye makeup.

  3. I recognize her. I hit on her on okcupid, here in Austin. there were three or four pics of this hottie. She was cute and coy with her messages although she didn’t seem to be english literate. We talked back and forth for a couple of weeks until she finally told me about her profession as an online erotic dancer and I signed up to see her because I could not convince her to meet me in public. It ended up that she wasn’t on the site. That scamming cunt.

  4. hmmmm.. judging from the fun-bags.. I’m pretty sure she was covered here once before. I remember one pic in particular of her in librarian glasses sitting in a short skirt at a study desk…

    Or maybe I’m just imagining….

  5. Obviously, the facebook page under the name Esther Khangso is fake. It’s going to be difficult to identify her. People are using her pictures to scam people through online dating sites. haha She must of send those pictures to a ex boyfriend and somehow got leaked in the internet since she is extremely hot.

  6. She has been poping up on 4chan for years, this pic and a couple others. No one knows her name. She is smoking HOT though.

  7. Super sweet girl! Love her face. Recognized her as an unknown as soon as I saw her pic!

    I hope she comes forward so we can see more of her! Almost looks like an asian Kim Kardashian esp with her boob job.

  8. Funny stuff, kroos.

    And I don’t think she looks anything like HoneyExtraYummy, dsds, at least based on the (horrible quality) pictures I saw there. No resemblance whatsoever, IMO.

    Yes, this one really is something. Odd that there have now been two posts for her and still no positive ID.

  9. That girl is smoking like the Libyan embassy Kroos!

    (Too soon? RIP that poor Ambassador that got sodomized and murdered)

  10. @The_Collector: Normally I enjoy your comments and insights. May I ask that you please don’t make comments like the one above?

    I have friends in the U.S. diplomatic corps, and several are readers (not posters) here on AS.

  11. No, it is definitely not Honey Xiong, and it looks nothing like her. Honey is getting a post soon since she’s one of the most popular Hmong models online right now, but I’m waiting until she poses nude, which I think she will soon.

  12. I think this is just a candid photo of Maureen Chen, but I’m wrong, the nose, cheekbones, lips and bust seem right, I think its just the angle that misleads

  13. Well, parts or her look like Maureen:-)

    There’s black humor The_Collector, but not only was that too soon but it wasn’t even humorous.

  14. Her face is familiar to me too, though I have no idea of her name.

    Amazed that noone has chipped mccantrell for the crude language.

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