Ayanna Jordan


I don’t often feature Indian women on Asian Sirens but I also don’t often wear hammer pants. These are things. So today I’m going to feature Ayanna Jordan. She has nice skin, and is a popular model I think.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: East Indian
Located: California









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  1. Gorgeous! I agree with ProfAbe, she should do nudes.

    I have to ask though…is it just me or does something about pic 2 make her look like a bobble-head?

  2. Wow.

    I’m stumbling out of a post-Kascha/Amara/Sora fog into a world I didn’t know existed. I’ve been to India a dozen times & not seen anyone close to Ayanna that wasn’t on a bill board or in a Bollywood movie (of course, not quite dressed like that.) I guess that’s what California does for a woman.

  3. She’s Indian, but she’s more than worthy of being posted here. She is hot! I don’t see any pics of her I don’t like, but I especially like the modFX ones.

  4. Yes, please.

    I love beautiful Indian women–come to think of it, I like beautiful women of all ethnicities.

    All of these pictures look to be pretty heavily photoshopped, but I’m guessing she is indeed lovely with great skin.

    Happy Holidays to all at Asian Sirens, including the Asian Sirens featured here.

  5. oh yeahhhhhhh, i missed the back dimples. I think, as an often under-rated piece of a woman’s anatomy, their presence are what make many women very sexy.

    Oh dipper..there are Kascha and Amara blow up dolls too? hehe! 😉

  6. Ok, I’m gonna say it. Are Indians REALLY “asian”???? Neither geographically, nor in terms of physical appearance…. and yet people from the sub-continent are so often placed in this category. What is the definition of “asian” anyway?

    Anyway, just fodder for an interesting discussion. Ayanna is attractive enough, but she has nothing on the waitress in the local Indian restaurant… ohh la la.. spicy…

  7. @Kroos I recall there was an fairly in depth discussion a while back re what qualifies as Asian. I think the girl at the time was of Middle Eastern appearance. Long story short I think that the end result was fairly inclusive. Maybe someone can link to that post.
    It is an interesting topic IMO but steers discussion away from the feature model.
    For my two cents I pretty much agree with all Big Foot Dean said.

  8. Yes, we have indeed had this discussion before. If you go to the UK, “Asian” means people from the Indian subcontinent only – what we call Asian here, they call “oriental”. If I had my way, this site would be named Oriental Sirens (as it is far more accurate), but unfortunately, a large group of Asian Americans decided a while back that oriental was offensive, so sadly we have to use the far more vague “Asian”.

  9. Doc: Interesting about the group names and classifications.

    dbldipper: I see a LOT of hot women in India. In northeast India, you would swear you were in China or even Cambodia as many of the women there “look” more southeast Asian than what you “think” is Indian. Some have jawlines that make me weak.

    I traveled with an Indian lady from there to the Taj Mahal (more central India) and the Indian military at the Taj Mahal kept asking to see my friend’s passport as they insisted she was Chinese!

    There was this Indian news lady once and I still catch her broadcasts online every now and then….she looked Viet….I can’t help it. Don’t judge me.

  10. Not to rehash the old Asian discussion, but India is most certainly in Asia geographically, kroos.

    As to the term “Oriental” I think Doc’s explanation is a bit over-simplistic, but isn’t totally off the mark. I think there are some understandable reasons why some Asian groups may eschew that term. And although I don’t believe there is an offensive intent when Westerners use that term (at least not usually) I take the position that if offense is taken (and there is some basis for it) I do my best to avoid the offending term. It’s just easier that way. So, how about East Asian Sirens?

    For the record, I’m glad it isn’t strictly Oriental Sirens (or East Asian Sirens) because then we would miss out on a stunning beauty like Ayanna.

  11. Gotta disagree with you there Bigfoot Dean. Sure, India is indeed part of the same landmass, but then too so is Russia and Eastern Europe, not to mention the “-stan” countries to India’s North west. I wouldn’t call people from Afghanistan “Asian”, nor would I use that term to describe ‘white’ russians. It does get confusing however when you start thinking about, for example, the Uighur people in China. Of course, none of this really matters in the end. Beautiful women are beautiful women, and India certainly has her share.

    Purely to be an argumentative d*ck however, because thats the kind of person I am, I’m gonna sulkily cross my arms in a petulantly defiant manner and repeatedly mutter to myself that Indians are not asian. so there.

  12. Love the response, kroos. And I am getting quite the chuckle out of your sulking. :#)

    But what you seem to be arguing in that response is, the people aren’t Asian. What I said (and you seem to confirm it in your rebuttal) is that GEOGRAPHICALLY India is part of Asia–which was my point to you in the first paragraph.

    Anyway, I think we have beaten this dead horse to an even deader state. To make up for this boring ramble, here is a picture Ayanna asking kroos why he is pouting:



  13. We’re gonna have to take this one outside Bigfoot Dean, and solve this like MEN!!! (ie, get rotten drunk, and stagger around yelling out: “They are too!” “Are NOT”, “Are TOO”, Are NOT!” “ARE!!!” “NOT!!” “You’re an idiot” “I know you are but what am I?” “You’re mum’s crap in bed” “She is NOT” “She is TOO”…. and so on.

    Loved the pic until i noticed, horror above all horrors, she has a tattoo. There, not only are Indians not asian, tattoos are horrible. Oh, and small breasts are better than big breasts.

    *Kroos gives an evil demonic giggle and backs away from his keyboard*

  14. Technically, if somebody is from Asia, they’re Asian, pure and simple. The way we use the term here, however, is more in line with the common American usage, which actually equates with the far more accurate “oriental”, as used in the UK and many other countries. I maintain my opinion that Asian Americans’ offence at the term oriental is completely baseless – as it has never been used as an insult – but I have to respect it.

  15. Hey Doc, I agree your definition of “Asian” is a useful one but, just to be that argumentative d*ck again, by that definition this site could also legitimately be showing blonde blue-eyed Russians and burka clad Afghani women. I have no problem with naked pictures of hot blonde blue-eyed russian woman of course, (or even sexy erotic pictures of an Afghani woman’s nose) but it might confuse the hell out of first time site visitors…. :-).

    Similarly, are the kids born in Jakarta to Dutch settler parents also Asian?

    I wasn’t aware that anybody too offence at the word oriental, except for the fact it just sounds a little bit ‘old-fashioned’. Maybe thats the problem. Does the word “oriental” have some kind of link to the historic british colonisation of parts of asia and the racist attitudes so prevalent back then?

  16. Yes kroos, you are absolutely right, which is why I’d really prefer to call this site Oriental Sirens. However, the term Asian has two common colloquial uses today: (1) equivalent to oriental, as per the US and (2) referring to people from the Indian subcontinent, as per the UK. We obviously lean toward the former, but will occasionally feature the latter.

  17. As for Asian Americans’ offence at the term oriental, they keep on saying “oriental is a rug”, which is obviously a completely absurd reason to take offence. But however absurd the reasoning, I have to respect the feelings of such a large portion of our readership.

  18. Agree with most folks here! Gorgeous Indian girl! The hottest Indian chick I’ve seen in a looonnngg time! Amazing ass!

  19. The whole asian/oriental thing has been done to death here, but I was thinking maybe it’s because of the differences in meaning in different countries for words. Just as the word fag has a innocuous meaning in England it has a negative and hurtful one in the US. The same maybe for Oriental. Just a thought.

    This girl is amazing and I’ll gladly count her as asian. hope you feature more Indian women, they’re some of the most beaufitul on the planet.

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