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Nitda Cee is someone I am almost positive someone has featured before, but a search yields nothing which leads me to believe she went by a different name. Anyway, she pretty much posts all her modeling photos on Tumblr so if you like her you can follow her there.Age: 20
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: ?
Located: California





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  1. Nice ass for a typical asian girl.
    Hmmmm…I am debating if her boobs are fake or natural. If it’s fake, her doctor did an awesome job! Fits her body well and doesn’t have that plastic look. lol

  2. Nice work Travis! I’d guess her boobs are real, at least in the pink mesh link anyway. Either way they are nice.

  3. I say this with respect to Nitda and other models – I know for a fact that there are several Asian model websites that have taken advantage of young models by having them wear clothing that looks at first glance to not be see through, but when the flash goes off it becomes see through. Then they get nude photos without the model actually agreeing to pose nude. If the model signed a photo release it’s all legal. You can see that Amy Vang is wearing something similar, and that girl has been incredibly popular since day one – not the kind of girl that would pose nude and then immediately not pose nude.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it’s pretty common, and she was young, so…

  4. Yeah given that the previous post is a year old and she is 20 now she was probably barely 18 at the time, if that.

  5. @Luke: Is that babysitting ad real? I don’t know what to believe anymore. Different names, stock photos, etc….

    Agree with your post about the make-up. It makes a big difference with her.

  6. @French I believe it is. Any one in Sacremento willing to test it?
    I think she is young and making her own way, and as Travis suggested perhaps would rethink the gmgirlz stuff. I hope she is successful, she has a few videos on YouTube and seems lovely. The internet is an unforgiving place at times.

  7. Oooooh My! Nice. And…I got her watching my kids and I right now. My wife went to Atlanta for the night without us. Bummer I know right?

  8. Woahh what kind of place is this? Gmgirlz was a big mistake for one.. Those people have a bunch of model enemies and will never gain my respect..yes I was young and as someone mentioned they did “trick” me into showing my upper body.. That outfit did not appear to be see through and even the daughter told me she couldn’t see anything, later on I saw the pictures and added for it to be removed..of course they said no and tried to black mail me and put me through hell..horrible people I tell you, I warn every girl to stay away..they are not professional at all, what kind of father daughter crap are they running?? other than that thank you everyone

  9. @travis I’d appreciate if you removed that comment with the gmgirlz link.. I’m not forcing you, I would just be happy if you took it down..I hate those people with a passion and I admit I made mistakes in the past but since they won’t take it down, I ask that others not remind everyone else or me of the nightmare please

  10. Oh and fyi everyone I don’t have implants! No offense but i’m against any type of beauty surgeries ..I believe in all natural

  11. Welcome to Asian Sirens Nitda! Although we’ve had girls who’ve had surgery claim to be natural before, in your case I believe you – your breasts look natural to me. Having said that though, if you weren’t blessed with such assets naturally, you may not necessarily believe in all-natural. 😉

    Interestingly, I had a complaint from another GMGirl earlier this week, but there’s nothing I can do, as they own the photos.

  12. I don’t have admin privileges so I can’t delete my own comment, unfortunately, but if the mods are okay deleting it then I have no problem taking it off the site.

    Was I right about the sheer clothing/flash issue? It was something I know they did on a few other sites to take advantage of new models. I don’t know if the GMGirlz people do it though.

    Anyway, Doc, I can’t edit comments so it’s up to you if you want to remove the link. I think you should if the model doesn’t want it posted, personally. Even though it won’t take the link off the internet, at least we can support what the models want.

    Also, Nitda, if you want to write a post about why you hate the site and what they did and represent and email it to me, I’d be happy to post it. Let me know.

  13. Not my business, but I think the comment should be removed. Nitda came here very respectfully. She seems like a nice, well spoken lady. She got used once, let’s not compound the issue.

    Just my opinion.

    Anyway, a very nice looking woman. Great find, Travis.

  14. She certainly changed her look from those gmgirlz pictures. And well, those poses are as every other model on there.

    A good studio would have pointed out that her nail polish was chipping in those photos, for example- and fixed it.

    I’ve known a few studios that prey on a woman’s vanity. They charge the model $2,000, take lousy photos, and the “career” is over. Nitda here seems to have passed that.

    Honestly, her candid pictures (probably with a regular Sony camera or iPhone) are FAR superior to her “professional” shots. Those pro pictures don’t do her justice. Regardless of what you think of her looks, you can see she actually has a very good personality- and the fact she puts her good-natured boyfriend in a bunch of the pictures tells me she is grounded enough to actually have a career in modeling- as opposed to just saying it.

    THIS is someone I could hire for a modeling job, or for an event appearance.

    One last thing, what is it with Asian models “flipping the bird” (middle finger) to the camera? It is becoming a standard shot- and that is not good.

    I’ll bet Miss Malaysia 2012 would not do such a thing 🙂 OK, I’ll shut up now.

  15. She is so lovely, and polite. Give her anything she wants, doc. I’ll pay the bill. And it’s a good heads up to hear about what goes on behind some of these sites.

  16. Okay, I’ve taken down the GMGirlz post and the links in this thread referring to them – as I say above, Nitda isn’t the only girl who has complained to me about them. We are also open to doing a post exposing the unethical behaviour of some model web sites, if the girls involved would like to come forward and give us their stories.

  17. Aww you guys are all so nice on here 🙂 I don’t really know what this site is about, someone just found me on here and sent me the link but I just want to say thank you for removing the link that I asked to be removed from here..I know it won’t take me off GM but every little bit helps..the more the link isn’t posted everywhere, hopefully the less their page will get viewed. I appreciate that you guys can respect my wishes, i’m guessing Dr.Lee did it? Well thank you!

  18. hopefully Nitda can offer her opinions here in the future on other issues too, and keep us up to date with her career. While I understand your issues with the GM people you looked great in the photos. I hope you keep on modelling.

  19. I never did notice any see through pictures, but I’m glad the link was pulled from here. Tons of that is available to see from girls who don’t mind (and weren’t tricked into it).

  20. @Dr.lee yea of course I can post my comments there..I’d like to warn girls of those bad people before they walk into their traps 🙂

    And yes I’m full Thai

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