Kristina Mendoza is not Christine Mendoza


It was way too hard to search for this girl, because Google is convinced I simply don’t know how to spell Christine Mendoza. No, Google. This is Kristina Mendoza. They do not even look the same. Google Images must be name racist.

Anyway, as far as I can tell she’s a one and done model, since she only seems to be avaialble on one website, whose photos you can find at ScanLover.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: California







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0 thoughts on “Kristina Mendoza is not Christine Mendoza”

  1. You say pot -a – to. I say pot – ah – to.

    An admin once told me that I must wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to get to the office so early. Well, I awoke to this ass-crack this morning and the day is off to a decent start.

    I suppose that if I saw her at the beach and she was wearing one of these bikinis and she really looked like these pix that I would probably choke on my Diet Coke. However, I think that her Sirenicity is about average for the site.

  2. Based solely on these apparently heavily edited pictures I like Kristina far more than Christine. Pretty face, killer smile and great body–you know Doc must like that waist. IF it is real.

    I’m thinking there is more than a bit of photoshop involved. If so, nice pictures. If not, great girl.

  3. I want to say super hot, but something seems off, maybe its the ribs showing, maybe its too skinny, I get the feeling this girl is 10 times hotter in person however.

  4. I think she is hot as hell. Could add a boob job to make her perfect but love the nice tan and the body. Really cute face also. Amazing ass

  5. She is hot. That’s a good tatt(?)
    I don’t know if the photoshop is excessive as you can see stretch marks on her thighs, which I would think would be high on the list of things to smooth.
    It is strange that she has photos of this quality and nothing else, could she have changed her name or something?

  6. I didn’t notice this before: She is wearing giant platforms in the bottom two images but they blend in with the background. Was the photographer trying to make her look like she was floating?

  7. And a suntan tattoo is a good thing. But really, if it was an actual tattoo that said HOT in that same location, the only complaint you would get from me is not being able to get a close up look:-))

    Choking on my Diet Coke now….

  8. Although her waist is certainly nice and trim, I think the impression of it being small is mostly down to her quite wide hips – without those giant transparent platforms, her lower body would look a little stocky. As her shoulders are so comparatively narrow, I think she’d genuinely benefit from a sizeable boob job – then she’d look very curvy and voluptuous, but still trim and taut.

  9. I know Showgirlz uses a lot of photoshop and effects to get the girls to look a certain way, but I can’t help but like the results oftentimes. Most of the girls they photograph look good without all the touchups.

    This girl is no exception, but I wish she had more pics that showed a little skin. The one where she pulls the front of her panties down just leaves me wanting more.

  10. Very hot! Her breasts are perfect just the way they are. She is a little narrow across the hips, but still absolutely gorgeous.

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