Nao Yoshizaki

Nao Yoshizaki

There are so many Japanese “AV idols” that I can be a bit overwhelmed, but lately I’ve been taken with Nao Yoshizaki.Stats (from avidol, where you can also get her videos):
Date of birth: Dec. 20, 1985
Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 5’4″/163 cm.


Nao Yoshizaki

Nao Yoshizaki

Nao Yoshizaki

Nao Yoshizaki

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  1. Petite-yet curvy-in that way that only asian babes can be.She kept the pubes.What a squealing good time that must be.

  2. Hope I’m not pushing the policy, but I love her pubes just fine. A little something to keep me warm when I’m a little chilly.

  3. I was going to stay out of this but I just couldn’t, I had to get into it! You see, I work for the government. It’s a good paying job but it makes me sick every day I go to work. The less government (of any kind), the better.

    The Case:

    “i’d love to have my general in her black fortress.” — dartdude

    “I’m not sure. I think dartdude’s kept it abstract enough to pass – just! Definitely borderline anyway.” — Dr.Lee

    “…spam, off-topic, non-English, hateful, rude, crude, discriminatory and inappropriate…” — AS Policy

    1) dartdude’s comment was none of these things, therefore was NOT against policy. Perhaps I am wrong. I’d like to see the standard against which this comment was measured.

    2) Dr.Lee, scrap the “boderline” accusations! They are worthless! Like ‘almost pregnant’. It either IS or IS NOT. You even said yourself, “I’m not sure” if the posted comment was against policy. If you don’t know then how can you make judgement? It’s a good thing this governing body aren’t traffic cops, everyone who was driving 59 in a 60 zone would be pulled over! It’s all so weak. Like a wet piece of Swiss cheese — limp and full of holes. You guys would be laughed out of any court with stuff like this.

    Sure it’s your site and you can say whatever the hell you want to whomever you want but at least be concrete.

    This is not a personal attack. It is an attempt to ensure the people who create the rules follow the rules.

  4. Krazy, if things were always black and white, there would be no courts… now think about it. 😉

    People will never agree on a sole decision, it’s human. So, yes, personal judgment happens a lot.

  5. Personal judgement is abolished when rules are established. When the “judge” admits openly to “not knowing” whether an action is in violation of these parameters but makes a judgement anyway based simply on “borderline” behaviour…well, then the whole thing just becomes a farce.

    This is the same reason I left this site the first time. Glad to see things are still the same. I’ll be leaving again.

  6. lol, I can’t believe my little abstract comment has made a mini discussion. I feel a little bad. But I am a bad boy. Krazy4Kobe, thanks for defending me ^_^ I love you. But don’t leave the site please, we have too many beauties here. We would love to share them with you. And I have to say that the world is Not just Black and White. I think many things are in between and wrongs acts have right reasons behind it, so let’s just chill and enjoy the beautiful Asian women here.

  7. Legal – and moderation – descisions are not always clear, as they are open to interpretation. dartdude’s comment is a good example – for me it was okay, but for Robin it wasn’t. We are both interpreting the same stated rules in slightly different ways, and both interpretations are valid. Given this, the comment in question is by definition borderline. In which case, I will let the poster know not to push it any further, so that they don’t say something that is clearly ‘illegal’ in future. Everyone is better off if a potential ‘crime’ is prevented before it happens.

  8. BTW K4K, the way in which I use “I’m not sure” in this case is clearly rhetorical, as in “I’m not so sure about that”. In other words, I can see Robin’s point, but for the reason I state in my comments, I respectfully disagree. However, given that Robin’s point of view is completely valid, then the coment in question is obviously (by definition) borderline. Got it?

  9. “Everyone is better off if a potential ‘crime’ is prevented before it happens.” — Dr. Lee

    Wow. That is one scary comment.

    Whose the lucky fellow who gets to acknowledge “potenial” crimes before they happen and condemn the unlucky “potential” criminals before they strike?

    Might as well shut down the comment boards, the potential for any of us to post something against “policy” is too great. Could happen at any time!

    Send in the Fourth Reich!

    I’m outta here.

  10. It is simply about informing people of the policy – when they make a borderline comment, they may not be aware of it. You are seriously over-reacting here K4K – I don’t know why you’ve got your knickers in a knot over such a trivial issue. It is just a forum!

  11. doc and K4k should do one of those cage death match 🙂 with asian sirens girls as card girls:))

  12. It’s really not a bad bush. I would love to do just what dartdude said in his first abstract comment.

  13. just currious doc…do you think they are real here?…if not than it is a great boob job:)

  14. … ^

    Shes cute, maybe not memorable, but still cute. I am actually pretty sure I had her as the wallpaper on my palm a while back.

  15. i don’t really care much for this girl’s face but i LOVE her proportions! i want her body!

    she manages to appear fleshy without looking plump. petite and curvy!

  16. It seems Christine keeps coming out with the sexual innuendo – even when she doesn’t intend to! 😉

    And Christine, perhaps you should let us be the judge of whether you should have Nao’s body or not (we’ve only seen you from the neck up so far) – you know my email address (or you can just post here). 😉

  17. if you guys dont mind me pointing out there is a small mole under her left breast which really bothers me and in shorter words is a very big turn off.

  18. Shave! I think she has a nice head of hair. I like her hair style just fine. Crew cuts just don’t look good on woman nowadays. Trust me. Oh did you mean her pubes? No way, that’s the style over here in Japan. We all like it just fine.

  19. That would be called a tranny surprise, whatturnsmeofforon, and what a weird and icky fantasy you have just shared with us. So, would that turn you off or on if you were the one to find a little penis? Forget it, I don’t really wanna know. I’m just joking now, ya hear. Not trying to ruffle any tail feathers.

  20. Yes indeed, I found myself in a couple crazy situations in Pattaya where you just couldn’t tell, so you move on to one of the other 2 million girls they have working. There were no little appendages to be found unless you like that sort of thing and were looking.

  21. hmmmm. ok, Doc. I will avoid expressing my campier side… but even my mom said it was funny.

    On a different note, whatturnsmeofforon… Some developmental anatomists would say that is what you would indeed find there. Genitalia for men and women all develop from the same prenatal tissue. The structures are closely related so if it is small enough and pointing in the right direction, and all else seems appealing, go for it.

  22. Actually, this is absolutely true – the clitoris is quite literally a miniature penis (it develops from the same prenatal tissue), which is why it is the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina.

  23. Great Bush….

    Shave or don’t shave..seems to be .. my guess is the preference is Split down the middle..

  24. i dont mind the endless rambling, but was it a typo or did i just get insulted by some wienie foreigner :))

  25. I’ve said this elsewhere but it bears repeating here: it’s an illusion that there’s a high bush volume. This is because true to Japan’s censorship, genitals are blacked out, making the bush look greatly expanded.

  26. Thank you for explaination.. Now it makes more sense..couldn’t understand why Japanese were “Bushier” then Chinese……

    I can’t think of the name for it, but theres a “wig” that is used in a lot of strip bars in USA… covers thew bush but looks like bush……

  27. Very nice!

    I’m so glad I found this site, good stuff here. Just a suggestion, maybe have a link to all media, going through pages and pages of the blog is time consuming.

  28. Also, just realized this was Krazy4Kobe’s last comment on A-S’s. He was here when I joined and started commenting a couple of years ago. Wonder what he’s been up to these days?

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