Finest Asian buns

perfect butt

Hey Lee, nice butt discussion. Although I am a buttman myself, I really like to see them rather then discuss them! 😉

Hotbytes2000 pointed out this ‘Archive for the ‘Asses’ gallery at Enjoy!

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  1. As mentioned in my butt discussion, although these butts are nice enough, I’ve seen many, many others that are at least as impressive as these. For truly spectacular butts, the sad reality is that Asian girls just don’t cut it, especially when compared with latinas and blacks. See my thread for some really spectatcular examples!

  2. DR LEE,

    You’re right. When I think about fine butts, I don’t think Asian girls. Once again, I’m mindlessly staring into this chick’s snatch.

    I allways thought the term “ass” reffered to the size of the buttocks?

  3. i’v seen a lot of asian but….

    and ive seen a western but… ofcourse i like western but because it have a big and well shaped…

    but this asian butt is different it have a very2 good shape

  4. Here is an old posting on butts I loved when I first saw it. I especially love the see thru panties this lovely girl is wearing. There was also a nice gallery on asian asses, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  5. Yeah, I know. I even emailed it to work last year when I first saw it to show off to all the guys. I was her biggest fan for about two weeks.

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