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Yabuki Haruna

Yabuki Haruna (born in 1984)is a Japanese gravure idol. Haruna was discovered in Shibuya at the age of 15. She was chosen as one of Tele Asa’s Angel Eyes in 2003 along with Nemoto Harumi, Ito Ai and Sakuragi Mutsuko among others. In her last 3 years she has continued to make DVDs and photobooks and launched a music career.

At Scanlover.com you will find an extensive archive of 278 photos.

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  1. I just had to go and look ALL of her photos. She is such a beauty and I love the legs too!
    What a woman!

    Then, scanlover stopped working for me. Hope I didn’t break anything there. 🙂

  2. Scanlover doesn’t seem to work for me on this one. I seem to have been forbiden from seeing her pictures. It sure would have been nice I bet. Can’t watch the videos either. Darn the luck. It just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

  3. I discovered your site from a blog and I decided to copy-paste this excerpt here:

    …I find 1/3 Caucasian, 2/3 Asian (Yellow &/or Brown) the best recipe. I appreciate also mixed Malay-Chinese hybrids, though to a lesser extent- the Malay giving light olive tone to the Chinese pasty complexion & smoothing out the Mongoloid excesses in the eyes.
    As for the pure Chinese looks, no offense, but the Yellow race has never rated high in the field of beauty. The moderator of the website Asian-sirens questioned the Caucasian members what they saw in dark-skinned Southeast Asians (they were talking about a dark-skinned Thai girl called Aluna) because the epitome of Oriental beauty are the “white-skinned, delicate” Chinese girls. Huh? First, no white skin there; second, it’s not the complexion that ultimately spells beauty, it’s the features. There’s simply something unnatural in the slit-eyes. More caricatures than human. Yeah, I don’t like the dark-skinned girls too. But to say their yellow skin makes pure slit-eyed girls the basis for Oriental beauty is very funny. Have you heard raves about girl-watching in Northeast Asia? … Just look at the results of international beauty contests like Miss Universe, Miss International, etc. There are seven Yellow countries [China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia(Chinese rep mostly), Singapore, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)] participating every year in each contest but the Philippines has won 5 times over the total of the seven. Thailand itself has won 2 Miss Universe crowns. No pure Chinese yet in any major crown though it fields 5 bets in each contest (China, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, Chinese Taipei). One title may be luck but if you keep winning, it says something. It also says something when you keep eating dust .
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it’s good to call a spade a spade. Take Glutathione & you will have fair skin. But you must undergo surgery to correct physical imperfections (moon face, slit eyes, drop-butts, knock-knees, etc.). I thought we’re done with the kind of arguments about color of skin before.
    Why not just appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake not because of ethnicity blind loyalty? . .. In the website, you get to appreciate mostly ordinary-looking Asian girls…..

    I tend to agree with him. Your girls are too plain-looking. I think the standards should be raised. How about the Indians? India has 4 Miss Universe, 4 Miss World

  4. Well now I know. The most beautiful women in the world are from the Philippines. Right? I knew it.

  5. Alright greatt2, first of all you misquoted me. I said “light skinned, delicate features”. Also, I said I liked ‘true orientals’, not necessarily Chinese specifically. So in other words, it’s the features that matter to me too, but my taste is obviously different to your’s. Secondly, your use of the term ‘slit-eyes’ is clearly racist – and racist comments will not be tolerated here. And finally, people come here for oriental-looking girls, not Indians for the most part. If you don’t like what we have here, then go somewhere else – and take your prejudice with you.

  6. sure was a long comment with no pix…got a head ache reading it and not too sure what was said….

  7. The recipes described in greatt2’s post sound more like eugenics or breeding puppies. I dont have time to mix and match to get the right combination. I only have this lifetime to enjoy Asian beauties.

    Everyday I see beautiful women from every genetic melting pot be it international, regional or just the barangay. If she is still attractive in the morning and she doesnt give me a hard time, that is beautiful enough for me. It only helps a whole lot if she is Asian.

    And for are you arm chair Romeos out there… If you have anything half as decent as any one of these girls (except for the truck models in the post from today) be very thankful.

    Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Philipinos, Japanese, Hmong, Indian, Laosian, Thai, whatevah… they all are wonderful to look at. All beautiful in my eyes.

    Besides, I only come to this site to enjoy Dr. Lee’s photography. 😉

  8. red…ditto…usually mutts are the prettiest..i am thankful everyday that God made me a dude:)

  9. It was nice of God to make you a dude. I know af a surgeon in Thailand that can turn him into a dudette if you need a change of pace.

    I was praying God would make me a copy of Yabuki for my birthday.

    Enjoy your dude. 😉

  10. oh, i forgot to write what I was planning on writing the whole time…

    This girl is smoking… too bad her name starts with Y, it will take a while before I get to her on scanlover, since I started on A and am archiving all the pics on there. =D

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