Shu Qi in a bathfight

An interesting clip from the Chinese movie So Close. With a 6.7 IMDB rating I don’t think the movie is worth while, but this clip with Shu Qi certainly is! Enjoy.

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  1. look at where shu qi throws the camcorder, and you can see there’s a wire hanging over.

    dude, use a thinner one next time.

  2. And what’s interesting about that clip?

    Anyway, the other actress is Zhou Wei, whom, while not a booming talent, is wonderfully adorable.

    The talent in that movie is Karen Mok (Mo Wan Wei). Why can’t Mok get some love on AS?

    Mok, 37, and a somewhat complex Eurasian mix, is a multi-skilled, off the chart talent in the Asian film and music industry. While not a glowing beauty by what appears to be AS standards, she is supercool–which, in my book = supersexy.

    Google Image her and check her out. She’s a babe.

  3. i dont get it…so potential catfights or potential muff dive? 🙂 on top of that no boobies from either 🙂

  4. I find it interesting cuz Shu Qi is in it. I always love her smile. But hey, maybe that’s just me… the other gilr, Zhou Wei, just doesn’t do it for me.

    I have posted about Karen Mok

  5. i like shu qi too…she has got a cute face…but you big teaser by not pose nude shu qi…:))) shame on you ; )

  6. Chinese girls rock! Here are a few more beauties dancing. Check out the second girl’s long legs. YUM!!! link

  7. Are you kidding? So Close rocks! Yeah, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s way better than Marital Angels, and the director obviously worships his actresses. Anyway, do you really think ratings reflect the opinions of AS regulars?

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