Mika Tan

Mika Tan

Mika Tan as shown above was the porn star feature August 18-20 at the Crazy Horse strip club in San Francisco. They came up with the theme Asian Invasian for the month of August where they featured solely Asian porn stars. Crazy Horse once had a reputation for hiring mostly Asian dancers and featuring Asian porn stars.

Back to the subject of Mika Tan, I have had the pleasure of meeting her at both Asian Sirens Expos and always found her to be one of the most engaging and entertaining ladies I met at those shows. At the first Asian Sirens Expo, she did an impromptu topless photoshoot in the VIP area upstairs and was also provocatively posing with fans placing their hands on her boobs (while wearing a t-shirt) and such. At the second Asian Sirens Expo, she was dressed in a very sexy Chinese dress and again posing provocatively with fans reenacting sex poses like doggie style always with a smile on her face. I wonder if anyone has any photos of Mika Tan from these two events.

A bit about Mika Tan.Excerpt from an adult profile written about her at asiansexgazette.com:

Born in Honolulu, Mika Tan, got her start as a model at the age of 9 when her mother thought that because she had such large feet she was going to be extremely tall. With her Okinawan/Chinese mother standing at 5’8 and her Samoan/Japanese dad towering at 6’4″, it seemed genetically inevitable.

By the time she was 16, she did commercial work for Mauna Loa candies and various clothing store ads, but alas, she stopped growing and, coicidentally, quit modeling at age 16.

After graduating from college, she was given a card by a “modeling scout” at a gas station. He turned out to be a adult video producer and everything from there is history!

Don Fernando shot this beautiful woman 9 times (she shares the record of times he has shot an actress with Teanna Kai and Kasorn Swan) but he would shoot her & Ray Shannon over & over again. “They are a fun & steamy hot couple when they F**K!”

Read more about Mika at the About Me section of her official website and her Frequently Asked Questions among other things.

She has a great quote “All work and no play makes a BITCH any day!” on her work section of her website that represents her attitude very well since she seems very playful. There is also lots of info about her professional experience there as well.

Mika Tan has several Yahoo Groups dedicated to her but the one that seems the most active is Mika Tan Official Yahoo Group where she interacts with fans on a semi-regular basis.

There are a ton of free thumbnail photo galleries devoted to Mika Tan (mostly hardcore) and you can find them at asianthumbs.org.

For some pinup and glamour style photos of Mika, checkout the photos of her at creativephotoarts.com and below is a sample from that site:

Mika Tan featured at Creative Photo Arts

Last but not least, I will leave you with some links to websites with free hardcore video clips featuring Mika Tan:

Lesbian Wrestling
Giving Peter North a blowjob
Nurse Mika does the nasty
More nurse Mika
Mika tries the fucking machine
Mika Tan anal sex
Mika sure is vocal in her sex scenes

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  1. I met Mika several times but not at the shows. She used to work with a Filipino lady who owned a modeling agency called Models of Exotica, later renamed TC Models. Their office was in the same building as my office and I bumped into TC (the owner of TC Models, a hot Filipina and former model herself). Got invited to a couple of their events, like a side event at Glamorcon. I didn’t know it at the time but the models were all Asan porn actresses. I got clued in when later I went to one of their house parties which turned into a porn show late in the evening.

    BTW, TC filmed the Rice Girls series of porn movies as well as Back to School Tight Teens. In one of the Rice Girls movies you hear her talking to the girls and her hand gets involved in their private parts, but that’s all of her that is on film.

    From what I understand Mika and TC had a falling out. TC got out of the agency business and went on to work for a plastic surgeon who had done all the work on her models. That was 4 years ago. Haven’t kept up on Mika’s activities since then but it seems she is pretty active in modeling and events.

    Big regret: I have none of the photos from those events and parties. They got purged during my big move 3 years ago. TC had a variety of gorgeous Asian models that would be great for this site.

  2. Like Badboy, I had the pleasure of meeting Mika at the second Asian Sirens Expo and everything he said is true. She is truly down to earth and talk to you like you are an old friend. I have pictures taken with her in her Chinese dress and I will try to hunt them down and post.

    The other thing worth mentioning is that Mika is the host of the Me So Horny show on KSEX Radio.com which airs every Wednesday night @9pm PST

  3. King, thats cool that you got a chance to talk with Mika! Whenever I saw her, she was mobbed by fans wanting to pose for photographs with her. While I didn’t get much of a chance to talk with her, I could tell she had a great attitude and personality (besides being very cute and sexy in a curvaceous sort of way). Her Yahoo name mikachu is quite fitting.

    Thanks for your comment and good to see you on Asian Sirens! I know you commented previously so this is a belated welcome.

  4. Some late breaking news about Mika Tan at Crazy Horse in San Francisco. It turns out that Mika’s female roadie is none other than Akira Lane! Akira was trying to do the female roadie thing icognito but she must have known that someone would recognize her. Tonight Saturday August 20th at 9PM, 11PM, and 1AM is the last chance for those in the San Francisco area to catch Mika’s shows.

    Here are some reviews of her shows:

    strap on dildo action
    cigar action
    geisha with dildo

  5. Haha, and they thought badboy wouldn’t recognise them 😉

    Good to see that naughty Mika and Akira are working together. They both really love their job and are really great persons (both sexy and nice). At least I have good memories on them when I met them at the first Asian Sirens Expo in LA.

    Mika and Akira, good luck!

  6. Well, I actually didn’t see either of them firsthand. I just read about it in those reviews I posted. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near San Francisco this weekend so I won’t be able to see them.

  7. Aha, next time I will first read the reviews before I draw my conclusions. Nevertheless, two sexy girls and it’s great to see them working together!

  8. Damn, I got busted. I actually went along for the ride and to have some play time in SF. As it turned out, I got promoted to being a roadie. It’s hard work. I had to assist her with wardrobe changes; merchandise ready to be sold; escort her back to the change room; and most hardest of all — collect her tips from the stage.

    My kudos goes out to dancers. It’s very intimidating to be on spotligth. No wonder the girls do shots in the back to calm their nerves.

    Marco, I’ll forward you some pics.

    Oh bit a tidbit on inside news, Mika Tan has produced her first Asian Men/American Pornstar DVD. It will come out sometime early next year.

    Can you believe it, she did a casting call for Asian Men. Two thumbs up, they showed up. Can’t complain now that there is “no Asian Men” in US porn.

  9. I wish there were some way of finding out where the latest Expos are, and in particular what Mika is up to! It’s sort of difficult to find up to date information without a reliable source.

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting BOTH Mika and Akira in late 2001 and Early 2002. I ws a roadie of sorts for failed upstart V******* Lee…

    I’ll say that Akira is one of the sweetest kindest ladies i have ever met, bar none. She opened her house to us not once, but twice… unfortunately Miss LEE felt she was too good to socialise or work with Akira. Something i completely disagreed with.

    Once, while visiting with Akira, MIKA showed up to visit and shoot the infamous CARWASH photoset… Mika was a whilrwind of energy, humour and fun. sexy without being dirty and completely natural and REAL about her sexuality. I can actually say there is not a sleazy or perverted bone in her body *no pun intended*

    needless to say, I quit my relationship and work with said V******* Lee, and the modelling/porn industry in general… BUT I do fondly remember those few times i hapened upon these two ladies, and I’m hapy to have made their aqquaintence and call them friends…

    and while these two ladies may not hold up to the Tera’s and Charmane’s of the world… They are definetly the sexiest in my eyes just becacuse of their openess, friendliness and aring attitudes to help models new to the business…

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Mika Tan


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