Sex and Politics

Sachiko McLean

I had an email exchange recently with a right wing extremist who took exception to the political opinions I express in the FAQ section of my web site. Apparently he even posted something I never actually said on several mesage boards! When I pointed out to him the fact that I never said what he accused me of, he then accused me of altering my FAQ! This is in spite of the fact that (as regular visitors to my site will know) I have not changed anything in my FAQ since we launched our site a year and a half ago!

Anyway, this poor deluded individual got me to thinking about the relationship between sex and politics.Many people say sex and politics don’t mix, but I think this is naive. Politicians (and religious leaders) have been using sexual supression to control the masses for millenia. A recent example that applies particularly to sites such as this one is 2257, which seriously restricts what American web sites can post on the net. The Bush administration’s pandering to the religious right is restricting what you can see on the internet, and it will only get worse if you don’t take action.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on this volatile issue. What’s yours?

P.S. The photo above is another shot from the same fashion session as the last pic I posted here. I thought it was appropriately ‘serious’ looking for this subject! 🙂

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  1. Sachiko, sorry to hear that you were confronted by this person and he went so far as to make stuff up and claim you wrote it. It seems very hypocritical that he would be viewing your site in the first place if he is such an extremist. Then again, many of the folks who are the most adamantly against pornography in public are actually the most avid viewers in private (like the individual you mentioned in your post).

    From what I have read, I am not sure how much that 2257 applies to this site as long as we don’t post hardcore material on the site itself. There was initially a lot of concern that it would apply to any nude images but apparently anything up to Playboy nudity is okay without the stringent documentation required by 2257. You may be right though that 2257 is just the first step in an attempt to reign in adult material by right wing conservatives.

    The problem is that very few people are willing to stand up for the right to view pornography (or legalize prostitution). Porn really got popular when it was available to be viewed discreetly int the privacy of ones own home. The vast majority of people would not admit to watching pornography although many of them do watch it regularly. It is truly a guilty pleasure (at least in the US).

  2. Thanks badboy. This guy was specifically referring to the anti-Bush rhetoric in my FAQ, but of course he cited what I do as ‘proof’ that I don’t know what I’m talking about!

    I agree with your interpretation of 2257, but a lot of the sites we link up with now refuse to display my nude images, so it has had this sort of effect anyway. Fortunately, whatever happens Asian Sirens should be safe, as neither Lee nor Marco are in the US (thank God!).

    Who was that ex-porn actor (now adult industry lobyist) who said “until Americans admit they’re jacking off, they deserve to have their dicks cut off”? If we want free access to adult material, we have to stop being hypocrites and admit we actually watch it and enjoy it!

  3. Have you read anything on Wilhelm Reich or Otto Gross, these were two psychologists who say sexual repression as a political control mechanism.

    This is undoubtedly true in my view, and I regard free sex as a liberatory tool.

    BTW you look very sexy serious….

  4. Thanks Steve! As English is my second langauge, I still find getting through an entire novel something of a struggle, so I haven’t read the books you mention. I know my written English may seem to be pretty good, but I always get my webmaster Lee (whose English is excellent) to check my posts before I put them up, so it actually isn’t quite as good as it appears to be unfortunately. 🙁 But it’s improving all the time, and these days Lee hardly needs to correct my posts at all, I’m proud to say!

  5. Thats good. You are certainly doing a good job at it then, I’ll send you some summaries when I have a spare moment. Hope to join your group soon. I agree with everything you say in the FAQ by the way :))))

  6. If you put your website on a server outside of the U.S, but live in the U.S? is your site subject to that 2257 rule you speak of?

    Just wondering.

  7. Actually, in our case it’s the opposite: our server is in the US, but I am in Australia (as is my webmaster). Marco and Robin are in the Netherlands, as is the payment processor for my site. Apparently ISPs are not responsible for 2257 (only web sites themselves), so we are safe. On the other hand, if you are in the US but your server isn’t I don’t think you would be safe.

  8. “until Americans admit they’re jacking off, they deserve to have their dicks cut off”

    Somebody actually said that?? Who??

  9. Yeah, I think it was an ex-porn actor who is now a lobbyist for the adult industry. Can’t remember his name, but I strongly agree with him!

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