Who is KT So?


I don’t know about you but I’d never heard of this import model until very recently. But now her site is topping all the link lists! It also has a very high Alexa ranking. As her site is loaded with banners and pop-ups she’s obviously achieved some of this ranking through advertising, but I’m sure that can’t explain all of it.

She appears to love showing off her butt – it seems as though she does this in more than half her photos!

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  1. KT So’s webmaster is obviously very good at promoting her website. She also has an active hosted discussion board on her site and free photo galleries. In addition, she has been touring the country attending Hot Import Nights shows and also gets top listing at websites like purehotmodels.com where she has offered free chats. One additional bit of news about KT So is that she recently got breast implants.

  2. For the most part, the photos currently on her site are pre breast implants. You might get a glimpse of them if you check out photos from her most recent events.

  3. I’ve just been doing some checking and I found something very interesting. Of all the Asian single model sites that have been launched since the beginning of last year, it seems only Sachiko’s site and KT’s are still up and running.

    It seems to be really tough times for individual model sites, especially if they aren’t well established. Does anybody know of any other new Asian single model sites that have survived?

  4. “If that’s the case she should have gotten them a lot bigger! ;-)”

    I’m gonna have to disagree here. She doesn’t need to be looking gross like Francine Dee with boobs like 5 times too big for her body. KT’s are in proportion with the rest of her…remember, she’s tall and skinny. She picked the right size, didn’t make the same mistake so many import models do of getting them (way) too big.

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