Gorgeous Kathy Liu

Kathy Liu

Definitely one of the most gorgeous Asian models I’ve come across during Asian Sirens’ hiatus is Kathy Liu from Asain4You. Here’s a couple of great hosted galleries I’ve come across: gallery 1, gallery 2.

I was both stunned and disappointed to see such a gorgeous girl doing hardcore, although I guess I’m probably the only one who feels this way!

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  1. disappointment might came from many decent men that keeps track with her.

    Here is a list of possibilty why she is happily doing sexy hardcores.

    1. wanting or needing more money
    2. to be more famous and have “PORN STAR” as a title
    3. in love with hot sex and wanting to have it often
    4. following her idol’s foot steps.

    Over all she probably think its the best thing to do and i’m sure she’s happy with it 🙂

    Lets just say a girl is doing runway for a long time and she have a boyfriend together very happy. One day she decided she want to change her modeling career to nude modeling. She explained to him why she want to do nude;

    1. get a website set up and earn more money then small runway shows.
    2. she can be her own boss

    he’s reasons for her to not to do it are;

    1. if you go nude you won’t be about to come back as runway model ever again.
    2. nude is adult business you will have to carry that name until you quit modeling.
    3. going nude does not mean you will get more money
    4. boyfriend will leave you because you are showing off your private parts that he own lol.

    So what do you think she should go nude or not?

  2. Personally I have absolutley nothing against any girl doing nude modelling or hardcore if she wants to. However, I simply prefer tasteful softcore to hardcore, especially when the model is really gorgeous and classy.

    If I were in a relationship with Kathy (I wish!), I would recomend that she only do softcore, because I think it is more appropraite for a girl as gorgeous and classy as she is. But if she’s happy doing hardcore and she’s not being exploited, then I don’t mind her doing it at all.

    On another note, as Sachiko’s manager I can definitely say that she is much happier working for herself as an adult model and performer than she would be working for any modelling agency.

  3. Doing this work just for the money is the worst decision you can make. The only reason to start should be that you really enjoy the work. Fashion, softcore, hardcore or whatever.

  4. I believe “Kathy Liu” is Thai.
    I have some old scans done by AEscan and her name is Jang Manthana.
    PacificBeauty.com had a photo set (it’s gone now) called “Jang Nude Fashion Model”.
    She is billed as “Keko” in the following adult videos by FantaDream:
    Pleasure Islands 5
    Pleasure Islands 6
    Pleasure Islands 9
    She also appears in Hustler’s Asian Fever 6, but I don’t know what name she uses.

  5. Hi Zamscan – please give us links! And if you could post those scans to the Yahoo Group it would be great too!

    I still don’t think she looks Thai, but I could be wrong of course.

  6. Damn – the group exceeded it’s dowload limit before I could get all the pics! Will try again later.

    Whatever her nationality is, as these pics prove she is defintely one of the prettiest models of all time.

  7. Managed to get all the pics now Zamscan – thanks again. There’s some real gems here!

    While I still don’t think she looks Thai, her willingness to do hardcore does make it more likely that she is.

  8. Kathy Liu/Jang Manthana is definitely Thai, like most of the models in Asian4you.

    Unfortunately, due to the Thai govt, all names given are in Chinese because pornography is illegal in Thailand. Kathy/Jang used to be a coffee shop/lounge singer in a niteclub in Bangkok before hitting the porn scene.

    She and other girls can make more money posing for internet pictures than singing in a coffee shop for tips.

  9. Hi Zam. I always have trouble with these damn RapidShare files. I’ve set up an area on my server where you can upload them – could you send me an email (via the form on this site) to let me know how to send you the login details?

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