Flo Jalin: modFX cover model June 2006

Flo Jalin modFX cover model June 2006

Flo Jalin (Taiwanese, Indonesian, and Burmese) is modFX cover model June 2006. She used to be a popular import car model and gogo dancer. She was born in Taiwan, but when she was a young girl, her parents immigrated to Hawaii.

Flo began modeling in 1998 when she joined a friend at a calendar photo shoot as an observer. The photographer asked her if she wanted to take some test shots. Flo was pleasantly surprised when the photos came back, and before she knew it she was appearing in her first calendar.Flo has participated in and won numerous swimsuit contests. Her winnings include the Miss Hawaiian Tropics Maui 1999, Miss Hawaiian Tropics Taiwan 2000, Miss Hawaii Tropics Honolulu 2000, and Miss Hawaiian Tropics Top 12 Nationals 2000. Flo has appeared in numerous posters, calendars, magazines, and import car DVD’s. She’s also appeared in a number of commercials in Hawaii.

Though Flo still considers Honolulu home, she now lives and works in Los Angeles. She spends much of her time traveling as a spokesmodel for companies such as Faze Gauges (racing gauges), Pinnacle (bodybuilding products), and Benchwarmer (trading cards).

Flo is a frequent guest at all of the hot glamour shows in Los Angeles, such as Glamourcon and AME; she also moonlights as a hip-hop go-go dancer at some of the hottest night spots in LA.

She describes herself as “…a very transparent person. People can get to know me almost immediately. I’m very accepting of others. I like people who are real.”

Source: wikipedia.org

Some facts

Name: Flo Jalin
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date of birth: November 8, 1979
Place of birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Ethinicity: Taiwanese, Indonesian, and Burmese
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 110 lb
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Flo on the web

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Flo Jalin

Flo Jalin

Flo Jalin

Flo Jalin

Flo Jalin

Flo Jalin

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  1. Thanks Robin….nice posting! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Flo in person a number of times at various import shows. She is the real deal; a very sweet, down to earth young lady with a warm and genuine personality. You can walk up to Flo and start a conversation and you immediately feel she is an old friend.

    I can’t say this about all of the models I’ve met! Although, another model comes to mind that is just as nice as Flo at public events. That would be Aiko Tanaka.

  2. Sort of off-topic – looking at the ModFX website (but not the members section – I’m not a member), Christine Mendoza seems to be really riding the edge of posing nude, or topless. She used to say she never would, but has she changed her mind on that? Or is she just doing the old ‘Yip-tease’?

  3. I hear you about Christine pushing the edge of nudity. But my sources tell me she is adamant about never posing fully topless or nude. Of course she might change her mind one day, but I would not expect it anytime soon. She comes from a close knit Filipino family where I’m sure she would be in big trouble if she posed fully nude.

  4. Leave it to Zamscan to come up with the goods! 😀

    I didn’t think she every posed completely topless (so that bed shot is interesting); usually she’s wearing something transparent…or net-like.

    Re: “Christine Mendoza seems to be really riding the edge of posing nude, or topless.”

    Joyce Lex, too. It’s a very fine line indeed.

  5. You can view several see-thru photos of Flo at imagesfromasia.com and she is also on the cover of the 2007 Images From Asia calendar, which will be out in about two weeks time.

  6. I was watching a special on the Playboy mansion and she was at the party completely naked except with a spraypainted bathing suit. Anyone have any good links to that?

  7. Flo Jalin just released her first nude photo set (along with a video) on her new website. She has done some see-thru top sets before, but this set has her completely nude.

    She has an interesting marketing concept as the charge for the nude sets is independent of the membership charge for her website.

    She mentions that she wanted the site up much sooner but had a hard time getting someone reliable. Several other import models have made similar complaints. Seems like it would be easy enough to find a fan that would do it for free..

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