Indonesian Playboy Editor and Centerfold Named As Suspects In Indecency Case

Playboy Indonesia

Here is some not-so-good news for today.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Playboy magazine’s editor-in-chief and first centerfold model in Indonesia were formally named by police Thursday as suspects in an indecency case against the publication. Authorities said they were investigating Kartika Gunawan, a woman who posed in lingerie in a premiere edition here in April, and Erwin Arnada, the editor. They could be prosecuted, and if convicted, imprisoned for two years and eight months.

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0 thoughts on “Indonesian Playboy Editor and Centerfold Named As Suspects In Indecency Case”

  1. Please note, I was not able to determine who the man in the photo is. And now I can’t find the page I lifted it from to see if he was named. Sheesh!

    Also, can anyone find photos of Kartika Gunawan? She is the centerfold mentioned in the story.

  2. this is hardly a master action.
    it was the first result when I typed her name into google 😛
    northman, did you use another search engine? 😉

    (good news-find by the way!)

  3. Just a travesty. She wasn’t even nude!! Tiara Lestari has done worse (by their standards) and has no such persecution. Why these two? Because it’s an American company most likely….sad.

  4. This is hilarious. Tiara posed butt naked and the FHMs and Maxims that are sold there show more skin than that Playboy, yet there’s no outrage over these things. All they have to do is not buy them. I just wish that they worry less about Playboy and more about the earthquake victims.

  5. But Tiara’s nude pics weren’t published in Indonesia, so they are outside the bounds of Indonesian law. That is the crucial difference.

    I do agree that the way conservative religious types throughout the world focus on these sorts of issues at the expense of real problems is insanity!

  6. She is quite sexy, but for my taste Tiara is pretttier. And Tiara does have quite remarkable natural breasts too – a big bonus for a nude model. 😉

  7. lovely – they prosecute girls in lingerie, while condoning islamic terrorism. i guess it’s more of a crime in indonesia to pose in undies, than to incite a bali type bombing ( bashir was let go after 26months for killing 202). indonesia is briskly moving up of my “must avoid at any price” tourist spots.

  8. Indonesia has been politically unstable as long as I can remember, maybe the Dutch are part of that problem as we ruled the poor country for quite a while…

    Although I would love to see the country, I don’t think I will go 🙁

  9. That’s true, but only since the “war on terror” has it been such an openly hostile place for westerners.

    Perhaps the reason John Howard took Australia to war in Iraq is so he could say Australia has had a hand in screwing up a foreign country just like all the ‘big boys’ (the US, UK, France, the Netherlands etc.). 😉

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