Tila Tequila – Maxim UK Cover Girl

Tila Tequila

Tila Nguyen, who now goes by Tila Tequila, has been all over the mass media lately. She’s cashing in on her fame as the most popular girl on MySpace. Recently, she has been on TV talk shows, radio shows, in magazines and all over the internet. And now she has hit the cover girl spot on the most recent issue of Maxim Magazine UK. ClickI say good for Tila! Sure, she has self-promoted herself into the spotlight. But who cares, she has worked her butt off getting to where she is. More power to Tila! She’s making good money now with several different business ventures including her Tila Fashion clothng line. It’s nice to see someone who was “just another import model” 7 or 8 years ago make it big. Go girl!

Tila Tequila

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Tila on MySpace.com
Tila’s Main Website
The Tila Fashion Website
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  1. Personally, I think the sorts of things she’s done to achieve the fame she has now – both in terms of her appearance and her behavior – is kind of sad. It is really quite unfortunate what a person has to do to achieve fame in the western media these days.

  2. Lee, Tila is definitely “working the system” for all she can just like so many other celebs do all over the world.

    In the grand scheme of things her appearance and behavior are quite mild compared to a lot of celebs today. She didn’t create the system, but she is smart enough to know how to work it and I salute her for that.

    She started out with nothing and has cashed in big time using her body and brains. 🙂

  3. I don’t find blonde Asian girls with boob jobs and stupid names attractive at all.

  4. Hi Northman. What you are saying is kind of my point. Tila was a real natural cutie to start out with, and it’s a shame she couldn’t achieve the fame she wanted by staying that way. As you say, ‘the system’ basically forced her to be the way she is now.

    On the other hand though, I feel we usually don’t have enough respect for those who refuse to compromise themselves for the ultimate level of fame.

  5. have to agree that fake boobs are a turn-off, but the world could definitely use more sexy blonde asian girls that like tequila! 🙂

  6. I don’t see what is so special about Tila. I don’t find her cute, and her big boob job definitely a big turn off. Maybe those college kids are a big fan of her.

  7. Can anybody find any pre-surgical photos of Tila? The before-and-after pictures would be quite useful as an example of what girls really really should not do!

  8. Good question QGR. As far as I can remember back, Tila has always posed with her boob job. I could be wrong though. Any one have any earlier pics of Tila?

  9. Comparing the two pics in this article, it looks as though she may have had some facial surgey – her nose certainly looks sharper, and her jawline seems to have more ‘definition’ now. Still, these differences could be due to different makeup or even different touch-ups – I’d need to see more to be sure. I’ll do some more research on her when I have the time – she could be a good ‘before and after’ example.

    BTW, when I was talking about what she’d done to her appearance, I was speaking more about her style than anything else (the bleached hair, tattoos etc.). I don’t have a problem with her boob job.

  10. I really don’t care for tattoos nowadays. And blonde hair on Asian women is like spray painting on a Picasso. Why ruin a good thing?

  11. Actually, I like Dali a lot better too – indeed, I absolutely love his work. And I guess some people might argue that they couldn’t tell if someone spray painted a Picasso. 😉

  12. LOL! Yeah, Picasso was the first thing that popped into my head. For Christmas a while back my grandmother gave me a book with a collection of works by Magritte. If you like Dali, you’d probably like his artwork. Very cool stuff. And plenty of nudes! ;P

  13. All you haters out there, you’re all fuken JEALOUS of TILA TEQUILA!!! Yeah, you heard me right. You’re just JEALOUS OF TILA TEQUILA!!!

    Yeah, you can talk all shiit about her, but you know what, she’s living a life that you can only dream about. She’s famous, appearing on covers of mags, TV, etc and and over 38 million hits on her site. Last i checked, she’s the most popular chick on Myspace.com etc You must be so jealous of that i betcha – or else why you u bitch about her?

    All u do is bitch about her to make yourself feel better. U don’t know shit about her, yet so quickly to pass your judgement.

    She’s created fame and fourtune all by herself, and all u do is put her down. What are you scared of? Someone so incredibly successful and beautiful? You find her so intimading?

    If you think she’s ugly, I think Playboy must be stupid to asking to pose for them not once but 6 times my friends. By the way, she’s on the cover of Maxim august (they must like ugly people on their cover). Again, you’re just jealous!

    Yeah, why don’t you all just SHUT UP coz you all JEALOUS OF TILA TEQUILA!!!

    But whatever you think of TILA TEQUILA, one thing for sure is EVERYONE is talking about her, even you – I think that makes TILA TEQUILA famous and fabulous!!!!!


  14. I am always amused by the fact that – despite the very widespread evidence of the unhappiness of many big stars – most people still assume that being more famous makes somebody ‘better’ and happier. I guess celebrity has replaced royalty in modern pop culture – people unquestioningly think they are better and happier than us, when in fact the extreme pressures that come with their position often make them less happy than the average person.

    This cult of celebrity has reached its zenith with our current ‘famous for being famous’ obsession, of which Tila is a prime example – despite her ironic claims to the contrary! And I find it very hard to believe that the things she’s done to achieve that fame will make her happier than you or I, but I could be wrong.

    And as for the fact that we’re talking about her here, we are only doing so in as much as she is an Asian model. Indeed, there has been less discussion about her (and less hits to posts on her) than many of the other models we’ve featured on this site. There are also many other models who have appeared in Playboy and in other magzines many more times than Tila. Does that make them ‘better’ than her? And many of these models are not attractive for me either. But several of them are attractive for me too – such as the model who inspired this site (Sung Hi Lee).

  15. Ah, so you think badasss is Tila as well! I suspected as much too, although it could of course be a fan slavishly copying her style…

  16. The best blog yet!!! Let the truth be told, its all a marketing sham. By the way the person defending her is so ignorant that they can not even spell!!! Typical!! By the way ,Playboy, she has only appeared in small bits in those 6 times. Yes , small bits, never a centerfold or a big page . I have a few copies and she was actually in it but a very small photo before the nose job and face work. She was much more Asian looking except with the blonde hair….Well, here is the blog. Its from the ninja who has gotten props from Rlloing Stone for having a great blog site. Please have a look..


  17. Ah, so I was right – she has had facial surgery! When I have time I’ll have to collect some before and after pics and post a follow-up plastic surgey article. Even though she used to be quite cute, I’ve never had any interest in her before, as her lower body is far too stocky for my taste. But it is rare to find a well-documented before and after surgery case.

    As we say above, more likely than not the person defending Tila is in fact Tila herself (bad spelling and all)!

    And I couldn’t agree more with the blog you link to, especially regarding the current music scene. 50 Cent said he didn’t get into the music industry for the music – he got into it for the business. In other words, he doesn’t give a fuck about music, he just wants to make money. What has the human race come to when perhaps our most moving form of art is totally trashed like this?

  18. Just had a quick look at her MySpace pics, and the third and fourth pics make for a good contrast – the nose and chin jobs are very obvious in the third photo when compared with the fourth. Although she used to be cute, for me she looks pretty strange now.

  19. Yea this is pretty classy stuff here. When I first saw Tila’s show I didn’t even know who the hell she was. Personally, I don’t care how famous she is or whether she’s hot or not. I just wish they would stop making those damn shows! You can’t actually think that those celebs are gonna find love out of all that hype? That’s why they all have second seasons! It’s just a way for has-been or small-time celebs to make more money and get attention before they become completely invisible to the world. I think Tila’s a pretty girl who needs a long, quiet look at her life to get her shit straight. That’s the only way she’s gonna find real love.

    As for her appearance I think she looked better before the tats.

  20. she did the right thing – proff: I get to see her nekid ass. though, I haven’t looked at her az yet as i haven’t searched those pages, but whatever it is its a good thing. And thats the point: If you have kept yourself out of the slum and you have enough currency to do what you want, you have done well. THAT is a real “Asian Value”.

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