Erika Sato

Erica Sato

Erika Sato (or Erica Satoh) is another “famous” Japanese AV idol not yet featured here. Born June 8, 1986 in Chiba she should not be confused with Eriko Sato, who is equally gorgeous.Stats for Erika Sato (directly from Jheat):

* 佐藤江梨花
* aka Erika Satoh
* Birthdate: June 8, 1986
* Zodiac: Gemini
* Birthplace: Chiba
* Blood type: A
* Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
* Measurements: 89-57-85 cm (35-22-33 in)
* Cup: F65
* Hobby: Marathon

I was especially intrigued by the marathon running. I couldn’t find out anything more about it but it fits with those long sexy legs.

Erika Sato

Erika Sato

Erika Sato
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0 thoughts on “Erika Sato”

  1. This is one of those models that just reaffirms my belief that Japanese girls rule. ^_^

    That said, every Japanese girl I’ve dated has been bald as an eagle – thankfully. I’m not down with the bush. And that is a LOT of bush… gahhh!!! lol… ^^;;

  2. WoW!!! So warm and fuzzy in the middle. Also, @sevendeuce, it ain’t so bad as long as they bathe at least once a day. Give it a shot…the bush that is. :p

  3. Once again: it’s an illusion regarding the bush’s “vastness”. J-porn blacks out the genitals, hence the appearance of a bush that is hairier than it is.

    I’ve been with a number of J-girls, and some are natural, some trimmed, and others totally shaved. Not so many are shaved as here because of the public baths and hot springs, where the bush can provide some modesty.

  4. I think I like all the Sato’s and Satoh’s: Erika, Eriko, Erica, Aiko, Hiroko, Tamao, etc.

    It’s all good.

  5. I don’t like bush either but seriously it’s not a big deal to me because it’s so easy for it to dissapear. All you have to do is tell the ape like broad to open her legs and relax for a moment, while you go to the garage and ready up the lawn mover. Then attack that phuckkin bush with no remorse! Ahhh!!!!

  6. sorry about that Dee, my fingers ran away from me and got a bit carried way. but seriously a beautiful woman with a bush is a beautiful woman, that bush could evaporate in a few moments with hard steel, it’s those women when ailments like too much weight or a butter face that have it rough, especially the butter faces, that just sucks.

  7. I agree that is a mighty fine bush Arf, and the girl underneath it is gorgeous from what I can see of her, lol 🙂

  8. arf: I don’t hate bush, I just find it incredibly unattractive. ^_^ I much prefer the area clean shaven, but at the very least, I require a girl to be well trimmed. To each his/her own though, but I just can’t fathom the bush *love*.

    What can I say? Wookie bush is not for me. 😛

  9. Bush, Bushes are OK! and I am not referencing to the NUT in Washington!!!
    I can handle only one dark Bush at a time.

  10. Her bush could actually look better if she just let it spread more to the outside a little instead of shaving that area. Trim I can live with, but not completely shaved or waxes. no way.

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