Akane Hotaru


Akane Hotaru is an AV model. Some quick stats:

Birthday: 10/25/1983
Height: 5’2″
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Osaka

More information after the jump.Akane Hotaru is also a fetish AV star, specializing in female ejaculation. She is known as the new “Japanese Squirt Queen” for whatever that is worth. She has photos when she was younger where her hair is not dyed, but I had trouble finding a decent gallery in English and all of the natural hair photographs did not look enough like her for me to feel confident they were actually her and not mislabled. So here are two more blond photographs:




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  1. Akane Hotaru, Japanese name is 红音ほたる, her debut time is 2004, and name is Anna Akitsuki (秋月杏奈), be designed as a Loli role style. At 1st Jan. 2005, She change name to Akane Hotaru.

    Following is a Chinese webpage, and it include some Hotaru old style photo released by PORNOGRAPH.


    She have a uncensored movie, [Sky High Ent] Gold Angel Vol.06 – Akane Hotaru(紅音ほたる)(红音萤)(Anna Akizuki)(秋月杏奈)(秋月杏奈)(SKY-074)(2007.01.23)

  2. Oh boy! She’s like old faithful, except…except, she’s not old. Man I wanna play. I think I love this japanese squirt queen. :p

  3. What happened to redtube? Is it working for anybody? I am trying to view the link, but can’t seem to access the site.

  4. luvmandy, try next time maybe…Crap she really squirt. Or…Dang she’s so juicy. 🙂 This girl is pretty awesome.

  5. Bigfoot: The RedTube link works just fine for me… though the “squirting” isn’t something I think I’d like to partake in anytime soon. ^_^;; Then again, she is pretty damn cute… hmmmm….

  6. Thanks, sevendeuce. I think that URL must be in my Hosts file as none of my browsers will connect to it.

    Regarding Akane, I think she looks really nice in the pictures at the link provided by TianZhu. Young, fresh, really outstanding.

    Many others I have seen of her haven’t been all that great.

  7. Alrighty, Mr author of how to meet Asian women. 😉 I think you should be aware that, in my experience, the vast majority of Asian women do not like to be fingered anywhere near this vigorously – they prefer a far more gentle touch. Squirting is for porn films only (and as so many Japanese porn actresses can squirt like this, I have to wonder if it’s for real). If you’re dating one in real life, I suggest you do not attack her like this. 🙂

  8. Squirting is the result of a female orgasm due to clitoral stimulation and the stimulation of a certain area of the vagina that causes fluid to build. It is more intense than the standard female orgasm and, unlike what Dr. Lee believes, almost every woman can squirt – it is the degree that varies quite a bit. Some do it so little that it can be hard to see, while others do so in large gushes, much like Akane.

    Many women do not squirt because before the squirt comes it feels as though they need to pee and, unlike with men, women can hold it in. But the act of the squirt coming out is more intense than the standard orgasm.

    Also unlike what Dr. Lee believes, women can squirt without fingering. However, the reason they use fingering is because it is easier to stimulate a certain area of the vagina that causes fluid to build up. That area is much harder to hit with your penis, but it is still possible to be hit by the penis (difficult, but possible).

    While squirting is not the same thing as orgasming (if a woman does not squirt, it may be because the area wasn’t stimulated for the fluid to build – not because you were unable to make her orgasm), if a woman tells you she wants to squirt, she’s saying she wants to orgasm (not get fingered as Lee seems to erroneously believe). Telling a woman you don’t want her to squirt is like saying “I don’t want you to orgasm.”
    Though in reality I thought most of you knew that and I was saying it as a joke.

  9. Travis: There’s a difference between female ejaculate and squirting in the quantity that Akane managed.

    I was alluding to the kind of squirting that is performed in porn videos. Me no like. >_<

    And hey, I think if I were to suggest to a girl, “hey, I’d like to make you squirt, baby!” she may not be too impressed. But hey, who knows! 😛

  10. Travis, you seem to be pretty well informed about this subject. You didn’t by chance write a pretty lengthy dissertation on how to pleasure a woman, ending with how to make a girl ejaculate, in a blog did you?

  11. They’re not really different. One just just a broader way of explaining another. Kind of like the “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not necessary a square” argument. But I’ll agree that that much liquid may be gross to some people. Still, at least you get my joke now :-). That’s all I really care about. I think I’m being taken too seriously.

    Wylde – I did not. Though I could ;-). Did you see that somewhere?

  12. Travis, you are seriously misinterperting my comments – it is the degree to which Japanese porn starlets often squirt that I find difficult to believe, as I’ve seen so many of them do it. I am simply saying that you should not try to finger a woman the way they do in Japanese porn to try and make her squirt like this, as she probably won’t, and it will make her feel very uncomfortable.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say “make me squirt” – she will say “make me cum” or “give me an orgasm”. Any squirting is just incidental.

  13. Hello everyone. I’m not entirely new here–I’ve been checking out the babes and the discussions for a little while–but this the first time for me to comment.

    I have to agree with Travis on the squirting. I’ve dated a few women that were able to do it and my Japanese wife has been able to squirt for sometime now since I showed her how and helped her get past the “I can’t do it, its pee” hangup which a lot of women have.

    I had a filipina girlfriend once that could squirt just from clitoral stimulation and could release easily as much as Akane and maybe more! One towel definitely was not enough when we were done!

    Dr. Lee, regarding the fingering, I think it really depends on the woman (Asian or not) and how excited and wet they are. The closer they are to orgasm, or ejaculation, and the wetter they are, the more likely they are to enjoy getting fingered vigorously, especially if you’re hitting the g-spot. I’m not saying every time or every woman either, and sometimes not as intensely as in some of the Japanese porn (they do get pretty crazy!). But if you time it right, that fingering can put her over the edge and leave you and her in a post-orgasmic puddle of happiness!

  14. I’m still skeptic on the quantity. I’ve experienced it but in a less explosive way. 😐
    Halloween do you still happen to have that ex filipina gf number? 😉

  15. If I did, my wife would kill me if she found it. 🙁

    However, I think she’s in Las Vegas somewhere.

    I understand the skepticism, but its misplaced, at least with that girl. With my wife, the quantity varies. Not so much on diet or fluid intake, I think, but on how relaxed and in the mood she is at the time. Muscle tone plays a part too, dazn. If you want more explosive squirts, get your girl to do some Kegels. That might help.

  16. I’ve really been diggin Japanese girls lately. I am normally into Thai girls or those of the Southeast Asian persuasian.

  17. Many confuse female orgasmic ejaculation with female orgasmic incontinence. Only the latter includes urine.
    Big difference!

  18. Ok, Halloween, you better don’t do Vegas. 🙂

    Kegels and stuff… This talk only gives me more reasons to search and discover more about real women out there, with hidden gifts like this.

  19. And some Turkish bath towels! 😛

    As for Vegas, I’m stuck here for the time being. Touristy place, sure. But living here is like living in a black hole: everything around you sucks and escape is not likely!

    What confusion, luvj? You can definitely tell the difference between urine and ejaculate (jeez, that sounds too medical!). For the ladies, the sensation–especially during g-spot stimulation–is just like feeling like they have to pee. But if they can relax enough to get past that feeling, they’re on their way to Squirt City!

  20. Back to Akane, does anyone know of any other movies she has done? I know about the Golden Angel Vol. 6, and I have clips of her from other stuff, but does anyone know of any other complete movies she has done?

  21. hardsoft…you’re so funny sometimes…not comfortable for sleeping? 😛 I’d sleep like a baby after a round of that.

  22. Halloweendm, I’d ask you where in Vegas your ex-Filipina GF lives, but my current Filipina wife would kill ME if she found out!

  23. I don’t know where exactly. She used to be a cocktail waitress, but I think she got into real estate some years back. Not sure.

    We haven’t spoke in a very long time and it’d be kind of awkward if we did.

    Do you live in Vegas, Wingsfan19? Or just a frequent visitor?

  24. I live in NLV, so I’m actually not a frequent visitor to LV (the Strip I mean – which of course WE know isn’t actually in LV).

  25. Ok well I can speak from experience on the whole squirting thing, since I’m currently dating a girl who does it regularly. It goes like this:

    For a girl to “squirt” is basically involves a vaginal “G spot” orgasm. Since only roughly 1/4 of women are capable of those, and only some of THOSE women can “squirt”, and even then it is to varying degrees, you can see in reality squirters are somewhat rare. If I had to guess I’d say between 5% to 10%.

    Of all the women I’ve dated, only a handful could consistently have vaginal orgasms. Some others were capable of it, but for them it was a major event when it happened, not something you could mostly guarantee with the right mood and lots of effort. The ones who you can get consistently are most likely to be your squirters, because the more vaginal orgasms a woman has, the more likely she has gotten comfortable enough to let go and ejaculate.

    A girl can have a vaginal orgasm without squirting, and sometimes this is because she holds back, but if you give her a particularly intense orgasm, she usually can’t concentrate enough to hold back.

    I think it is an issue of anatomy. The “g spot” is variable anatomy and the girls who get big consistent vaginal Os have a lot more of it, whereas other women might have little to nothing.

    Dr. Lee is correct that most porn squirting is fake, it is just ridiculously exaggerated. I’m not sure what trick is behind it, but I guarantee you that it is tricks. Those women don’t have some giant secret bladder they can use to spray like a firehose.

    Dr. Lee is a little off, however, in saying that asian girls don’t like to be fingered furiously… the ones that can squirt do, as long as it is done right. Those are big orgasms, and women who experience them want more, and are happy to let a guy go to town on her for as long as it takes to climax. Obviously you don’t just pummel some girl on the first date, but the basic rule is that women who climax vaginally want a lot more stimulation. This doesn’t mean you jackhammer them right away, but you can work up to that pretty quick…

  26. part 2

    Women can, and do, squirt from sex. They won’t squirt from oral alone, but oral plus fingering is the most reliable way to do it. In terms of sex, the best positions are cowgirl and missionary, but it isn’t ‘normal’ movement, because to trigger the O/squirt the woman needs to rub the tip of the guy back and forth on the “G spot” area which is not deep and towards the front, so length probably doesnt matter much, but girth probably does.

    Squirting volume varies, but when it is a big one, you do get a huge wet spot on the bed. It isn’t like in porn though, you arent going to fill buckets with it.

    The actual “stuff” seems acidic and salty. It is not at all like urine or like any other vaginal secretions. It is very watery, not at all like lubricant. It doesn’t really stain or anything, though it might leave faint white stains on dark colors.

  27. That’s like some very thorough info up there. It looks as though someone took a college class on girl squirts. By the way, Lawfin…are you in any way related to LawBoy, like cousins maybe. 🙂

  28. lawfin has some good points but not all of them are 100% accurate.

    Both my ex I mentioned and my wife can squirt exclusively from oral. In fact, with my ex, that was easiest and quickest way to get her to do it.

    Volume does change and has some factors involved; diet, hydration, etc. However, my ex could do it in such volume that we consistently needed one really thick towel to soak it up, sometimes two or three. And my wife and I just last week made the mistake of using just ONE towel and it soaked completely through that, our bedsheets and deep into the mattress!

    I don’t imagine any girl can genuinely squirt like in those movies with Cytherea and some others, but they can expel a hell of a lot!

    Also, all women have g-spots and all women are capable of squirting. Not all are in any condition to do it, but the potential is there.

    Consistency, lawfin nailed, but taste is different. That, I believe, depends on diet. I once had a girlfriend that tasted like blueberries! A lot of times the taste is very sharp though, but I’ve never noticed it being particularly salty, and not offensive to me at all! Maybe its an acquired taste?

  29. I’d be really shocked to see that a woman could ejaculate with only clitoral stimulation, but I suppose it is possible since with women, mental stimulation is most important of all. Also since everything is intertwined down there, it could be that with your wife, clit stimulation actually does trigger deeper stimulation as well.

    I don’t believe that all women have the anatomy to squirt, as there have been studies on this and research done. Studies of the anatomy down there have shown that with things like skene’s glands and the urethral sponge, it varies from woman to woman. All women might have “g-spots” but in many women it is too small or not tied into their sexual response enough to get them all the way to orgasm.

    Also, remember it has been well settled that orgasms are highly variable with women too. Many women can’t orgasm at all, and many more can only orgasm in some ways and not others. So women are not all the same down there.

    Taste does vary, but on average I think you tend to get that “acrid” type, because I’ve noticed it with more than one woman. Vaginal secretions vary wildly, but the ejaculate was more consistent. I know I said “salty” but it is really hard to describe. The strength of the taste and smell vary too, probably by how hydrated the girl is.

  30. It may be surprising, but, honestly, oral alone can do it. Easily with my wife. Fingering/g-spot stim contributes to the good feelings, but definitely oral alone.

    With the ex I’ve mentioned, oral too. As a matter of fact, with her, she could NOT squirt if I had my fingers or penis inside her. That could help bring her closer, but she just couldn’t do it, I’d have to pull out and switch back to oral to get her to squirt.

    Women do have the anatomy for it. The size, shape, location is all slightly different and not every woman can squirt with a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, but the potential is there and the ability to do it greatly increases with vaginal muscle tone. So, get your girl to work on her Kegel’s, its more than just for making childbirth easier. Anatomical differences aside, the potential for squirting, and orgasm in general is there. It may take some effort, but they can get there.

    Taste is hard to describe. I know what you’re getting at and I too am at a loss for words to accurately describe it. Acrid better describes scent rather than taste though, right? Instead of acrid or salty, I’d say its got a ‘tang’ to it, something sharp but definitely not foul or bad in anyway (at least for me).

    If you haven’t seen this yet, lawfin, check out this book called Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. Its by Deborah Sundahl.

  31. Yeah you are right, it has an “acrid” scent, and the taste almost has a kind of salty sourness to it, which I guess you could call a ‘tang’. I don’t think it is bad either but it might not be for everyone. The only reason I like it is because I associate it with getting the girl to ejaculate so it tastes like… victory.


    As for every woman being able to do it, all I know is, I’ve been with a lot of different women, and I know how to make it happen, but only a few women have been able to. There are many women out there who have never had a single orgasm in their life, and they never will. It isn’t for lack of trying, either.

  32. Victory? Never thought about it like that, but yeah. That fits perfectly.

    I don’t think I said they all can, but the potential is there. Check out that book I mentioned above. It gives a LOT of information on the subject.

  33. YEAH!!!…the big V for victory. Just like a womans legs spread in the V fashion for your willing cunnilingus giving little mouthes. You guys are going a little too in depth with something we all have known about for a while now. Next topic.

  34. And yes…it does taste good. I happen to save a little and sip it at work to keep me going when I get a little sluggish. SIKE!

  35. I guess this topics okay as long as nobody says they want her legs wrapped around them while she’s squirting, huh?

  36. I signed up for that one a few years back!

    I’ve got my Bachelor’s degree in Asian Women and I’m working on a second degree in Squirt Mastery! 😛

  37. No offense guys, but I’m still not convinced that female ejaculation is anything but a byproduct of urine. In fact, there are debates on both sides of the fence and no conclusive scientific proof that the ejaculate from women is not urinary related.

    Of course, I doubt I’ll change any minds, but until there’s proof, I’m a disbeliever. And anything that tastes “acrid” sounds mighty suspicious to me. 😛

    The so-called “G-spot” is also hotly contested in scientific circles. Considering that the very location of the “G-spot” has seemed to have changed over the years leads me to believe that there’s some serious shenanigans involved.

    I can believe that some women are more sensitive in certain areas. Just as some women cannot have an orgasm. This may have to do with tissue within the vagina (thicker/thinner, whatever it may be). But an exact spot? Hmmm…

    Frankly, I think that a lot of this is psycho-somatic. But hey, until they can scientifically prove it, I’ll be a skeptic. ^^

  38. Hey, if a chick pissed all over my face, I think I would know!

    As far as the Gspot, every single woman I’ve been been with who orgasms vaginally all do so as a result of stimulation of the area on the front side, closer to the entrance.

    If you fingered a girl who O’d vaginally, you would feel that the “gspot” area swells up when she gets near orgasm.

  39. Lawfin’s got it right, seven. Its definitely not piss and the adjective that describes it doesn’t mean the taste is the same. Salty could be used to describe the taste of french fries…and also urine or jizz–that doesn’t mean fries taste like that.

    No shenanigans involved with the g-spot either. Just a lack of consensus. The exact location of the g-spot is different for each woman, but generally it is on the anterior vaginal wall 1″-2″ inside at the 11 to 1 o’clock positions if you were looking straight at the vulva.

    Don’t be ashamed to ask for help finding it. Ask the woman your finger is inside if she feels it, or to tell you when she does. And if she doesn’t right away, that’s fine too–I’m sure she won’t complain about the attention. G-spot’s not an “orgasm button” either. It requires stimulation.

    If you’re really interested, do some research on it. It’ll pay off, guaranteed! And trust me, its not some psycho-somatic, hocus-pocus garbage. Its the real thing and I’ve been with more than just the two girls I mentioned that can do it, so its not just limited to Asian girls that do it the easiest or the most.

  40. I always use a finger sweep motion. Kinda like I’m motioning someone to come here sorta, along with a few other thrustworthty variations on the G-spot. Along with the ole’ oral, too. Never fails for me. Not that I’m bragging or anything.

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