North Korean Military Sirens

North Korean troops on parade

I know that some readers of Asian Sirens will appreciate this picture. It was taken on Tuesday during a military parade in Pyongyang honoring their 60th anniversary.The big news was that Kim Jong-Il failed to show because of poor health. You can see more pictures of the military parades here and more pictures of asian women in uniform here.

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0 thoughts on “North Korean Military Sirens”

  1. I saw them marching on Korean TV news-they stay stiff-legged all the time-has to be the most jarring,uncomfortable march ever!

  2. I bet most North Koreans does not have access for pornography let alone female nudity by Internet since the sites are blocked. What a pity!

  3. We saw this on the TV news and were astonished at the goose-stepping North Korean army gals – seen guys but never gals do this…a first. Love those sexy shoes…mmm.

  4. I’ve often wondered what North Korean women are like as sexual partners. You don’t see many of em in the states.

    But, that country suffers from mal nutrition and God knows what else. I wouldn’t want one unless I met a healthy knockout.

  5. BTW

    I hope Kim Jong il dies as well as Castro.

    I want to see America open up diplomacy with those countries but its obvious that under the current administrations (here and there) it isn’t going to happen.

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