Pham Thu Hang: Miss Vietnam 2005

Pham Thu Hang: Miss Hanoi-Vietnam 2005

Just 12 days away from my trip to ‘Nam, I decided to check out Miss Vietnam. Although the Miss Universe election was on May 30th, 2005, I took a peek at the Vietnam delegate. 20 year old Pham Thu Hang is a student at Hanoi Business University and likes fashion, music, singing and travelling. Check out some pictures and some video’s. I am not sure how she ended, but it wasn’t in the top 15. Well, I think she’s cute 🙂

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  1. Trust me when I say that the majority of girls you’ll meet on the street in Vietnam are far better looking than this one. Once again, because of their conservatism the good looking girls just marry themselves off, and don’t screw up their natural beauty with western-style facial surgery.

  2. Yes. Vietnamese women aren’t born with noses like that. Looks like she’s had a chin job too. Sadly both of these procedures are very common these days.

  3. Aha. But how come you are an expert on this? You seem to notice it on a lot of models. Personally I don’t see it. (Maybe for the better ;-))

  4. I have a lot of close personal contact with Asian women of many different races – I’ve become intimately familiar with how they really look (when they aren’t ‘enhanced’). Also, since I’ve started working in this industry myself I’ve become quite attuned to the signs of surgery. It’s actually pretty uncommon these days for a model to be completely natural!

  5. A lot of the Thai models are getting into the plastic surgery scene as well. Nose jobs an chin implants are the most common – sounds like the same trend as in Vietnam. The nose jobs are what I don’t understand. They all want a long western nose instead of the cute little noses they have.

  6. I absolutely agree – western women have surgery to make their noses smaller, and Asian women have surgery to make them bigger! Truly depressing…

  7. I agree, I like the small noses better. And personally I think people only should have cosmetic surgery when they really have a problem.

    Lee, maybe it’s an idea to post an article on this cosmetic surgery subject on asian-sirens. It could be a good discussion! And since you are the expert…. 😉

  8. From an Asian point of view, high noses are considered more attractive. I guess everyone wants to be what they aren’t!

    In the case of Vietnamese women though, they are already naturally quite ‘Eurasian’ looking – I agree with Lee that they are the most beautiful women in the world. So if there’s anyone who shouldn’t have surgery, it’s them. But they do, and it seems their surgeons are terrible, so the results are often disastrous! So the most naturally beautiful women in the world have the worst surgery – pretty tragic really.

  9. Lee, if you decide to follow Robin’s suggestion and post an article on the cosmetic surgery fad among Vietnamese ladies it would be interesting to see before and after photos.

  10. I don’t think it should be limited to Vietnamese women only though…
    Lee, do you feel up to it? 😉

    (Hey asiansweetheart, do you want me to link your username to your blog?)

  11. I agree we should have some before and after pics, but unfortunately I only have ‘after’ – I’m working on it. And yes, I do think it should cover all Asian women, not just Vietnamese.

  12. Robin, if you would like to link my username to my blog that would be great, thanks.

    I’ll try to contribute Thai ladies to the plastic surgery before and after photo collection. Until now I’ve never thought of collecting any before photos. I’ll see if I can turn up any.

  13. I was thinking that there might be a plastic surgury website that has before and after pictures. I know I have seen websites like that for plastic surgeons in the US.

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