Dutch Sensasian

And you thought all Asian models live in Asia or in the Bay-area? Wrong! There are many beautiful Asian models in other countries as well. In the Netherlands for example, we have Indolicious (Amsterdam), Francis Moquette (Arnhem), Carmen Woo (Haarlem) and Marlies Bartels (Rotterdam).

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  1. Flash alert! Am I the only one who loathes Flash-based sites? Some nice pics though (if you can stand to wait for everything to load).

  2. True, I don’t like sites developed 100% in flash neither. But than again, if you want to see thew content, you have to go through it 😉

  3. Okay, the Dutch interviews might have fooled me!

    Well, Feya says she has been living in Holland for two years now (she is originally from China).

    Emma is studying in Antwerp (Belgium), not sure where she is originally from…

    And for Sarah… I don’t know :-\ She says she is Thai/American…

    I just hate it when they don’t put a surname (or at least something more than just ONE name!) there. How can I do decent research?! 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing the Asian models from the Netherlands with us! Yes, it is true that there are Asian models in places besides Asia and the San Franciso Bay Area. For example, I am sure that Los Angeles / Southern Californa has more Asian models than the SF Bay Area!

  5. Just had to remove the photo with this article on request of Marlies Bartels. It seems these Dutch ladies can’t appreciate our site 🙁

    A good exception is Feya Sue. She even sent me some extra photo’s.

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