DJ Nakadia – Thailands first international top DJ

DJ Nakadia

I found this Thai beauty on a poster of Ultimate DJ Gear which was on the door of a DJ store here in Amsterdam. So I decided to check her out.

Born in Thailand she grew up on a farm in poverty. Before 2001 she had never heard club music. Only when a model job brought her to Europe, she had her first club night and decided to change her career from modeling to DJ’ing. She bought turntables, and only two years later she was already touring the world. The former farmgirl became a global DJ within only 3 years. In 2004 alone she played over 110 performances in 19 nations – most of them in leading clubs (her style: Hardtrance and Trance). Nakadia is now a DJ booked out months ahead and constantly traveling the world. (Check her tourdates to see if she will spin some tunes in your neighbourhood! ;-))

She still loves to model, but after her big success as a DJ started, she is only available for some selected shootings now and then. (Experience: around 200 shoots in Thailand, Itay, France, Germany, Austria and Holland).

So, If you want to hire her, for the music, or for the modelling, contact her on her official website.You’ll find some nice photo’s on the model part of her site, and on this photosite, which somehow also seems to belong to her.

Nakadia Facts:

> height: 1,65 meter
> measures: 85-55-80
> eyes: brown
> hair: black, straight, long
> shoes: 36
> dress: 34
> Bra: 80b
> weight: 45 kg

DJ Nakadia

Thanks to ‘gweilo’ we now have some nude photo’s. You can find all six at the AsianSirensPhotos Yahoo group (you will have to join the group to see them!) but decided to put three of them here.

DJ Nakadia

DJ Nakadia

DJ Nakadia

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  1. Why are you guys dishing this nice lady? I think she looks hot. Okay, a little too much make-up maybe, but did you even look at her portfolio? Or the informal photo’s of her DJ’ing?

  2. I maintain my opinion after seeing her portfolio – as Marco already knows these sorts of Thai girls just aren’t to my taste. But as some of the other models here show there are some very classy-looking Thai girls!

    I think it’s great though that you are posting this stuff – it allows Asian Sirens to cover a wider range of tastes than it would if just Marco and I were posting.

  3. Hmmm, I would have thought her boob job was too big for you Robin. 😉 Still, it makes me like her more than I did previously, at least from the neck down… 😉

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