Spot the Mainland Hottie


Think you can pick out a Chinese person from a line up of various Asian nationalities?
A lot of people I’ve spoken to over the years here in China swear blindly that they can. Now it’s time to see if you can…


I was inspired to create a simple test by last weeks South Park episode, (‘City Wok’ owner Lu Kim is furious as he realizes everyone in the town thinks that Japanese and Chinese people are the same).

There’s usually plenty of speculation here each time we have a model who we can’t pin down the nationality of. So there’s plenty of people who talk the talk and say they can tell an Asian model’s nationality from a photo. Let’s see if it’s really that easy. Hop over to Mainland Hotties and find out.

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0 thoughts on “Spot the Mainland Hottie”

  1. 8/10. i found most of the mainland women had very fake looking facial parts (large western nose, overly large eyes, chiselled/sharp chin) which subsequently made it easier to tell apart from the rest. did anyone else conclude same?

  2. I got one set wrong (I picked Arlene H from Taiwan). Still, it will often be difficult to pick Taiwanese and Hong Kong girls from mainlanders (they are often actually the same ethnicity). Also, I was only able to tell some of the girls weren’t mainlanders simply because I recognised them (e.g. Hsu Chi, Lucy Liu). I picked the mainlanders mostly by process of elimination (knocking out non-Chinese girls and famous ones).

  3. I got a perfect score, unfortunately it was 0/10. Maybe I should have done the test slower….hmmmm. My wife will find this funny since her family is from there. I honestly can’t tell the difference between Mainland, Taiwan and HK girls. More other ethnicities mixed in would have helped me, or maybe not.

  4. Well, I got 8 out of 10. Getting Taiwan and Hong Kong wrong is kind of a stretch though. While there are many women there that look specifically Taiwanese and Hong Kongese, a variety are essentially mainlanders living in Hong Kong/Taiwan.

    Also, photo editing differs from country to country, so it was pretty easy to spot the Japanese women without even looking at them. Plus I knew who half of these women are since they were featured here. Still, it didn’t look too tough.

    And after I wrote all of this, it looks like Doc said the same thing already. I’ll post it anyway since otherwise I wasted words.

  5. I knew I’d make a mistake, thanks for pointing it out Travis mate.

    As for the HK and Taiwan girls, they are VERY hard to tell from the mainlanders, but thought i would throw in a few famous ones just to keep in with the theme of the site.

  6. In theory, pure chance would give you a score of 2.5, so 4 isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’m impressed that slackerking was able to get all the way down to zero – I’ll give him a 10 for honesty. 🙂

  7. Only three right for me. A very embarrassing showing. But like Wingsfan, I’m not really all that interested in ethnicity. I just like beautiful women.

    I noticed, in this test, the pictures of the Chinese models were not particularly impressive, IMO. I think they may have just have been poor pictures, but in most sets the Mainland Chinese picture was the worst. That may have thrown be a bit. (Excuses, excuses!)

    Also one more technical note. I could not get the test to work in my Firefox (newest version) browser, probably due to the Adblock Plus add-on. I used my IETab add-on to open the tab using IE (within Firefox) and it worked just fine. Too bad I didn’t work so well.

  8. 🙂 thanks Doc, well I started really fast and after I got halfway through and hadn’t gotten one right I actually tried to get the rest wrong but I’m not entirely sure going slower, paying attention and trying would have helped me at all.

  9. Tho’ I took the quiz
    I’m not a whiz.
    Tried to spot
    That Siren hot.

    Didn’t study or cram
    But my score was a sham
    How could it be
    That I got only three?

    But I was close on a few
    So I don’t feel blue.
    I gave it a run
    And had some fun.

    Now, in my humble opinion
    For the reading minion
    Lee should devise a test
    To see who is best

    Just show Siren parts
    Like anatomy charts
    See if you can match
    The name and a furry patch.

    Or some nice tits to pose
    And we’ll say whose are those.
    Pick out the Siren by her bum
    Then we’ll see who’s so dumb.

  10. That’s an interesting idea dbldipper! If it’s a test devised by the Doc, then of course it has to be a tits test. 😉

    And nice work as always. 🙂

  11. 2/10 for me. I thought I’d do better. Actually I don’t feel too bad knowing I am in good company (what a bunch of losers we are lol),but also recalling that due to the similar ethnicity of HK, Taiwanese and mainland Chinese models, I was awfully close.
    haha I do admit I chose a Japanese model as a sure winner (my bad luck!)
    OMG lol..a tits or a bum test? how the flippin heck would we score high on that!!!

  12. hmmm guess we had better bone up (lol unfortunate terminology there) on models’ tits and bums then to prepare for a comp.

  13. I don’t know if I’d do all that well on a body parts test — in fact, I’d probably have to retake it several times (curse the luck!).

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