Northeners vs Southerners Test


Northerner Chinese women, Southern Chinese women. Is there a difference in the way they look? Many believe so, but is it really true? We decided to find out in the most unscientific of ways possible by putting together an interactive test for our readers.

It’s been a while since we did our last interactive test on Mainland Hotties, the last one got pretty good feedback so a new one is well overdue. It’s not just hot Chinese babes you know. We expect to educate as well… sometimes… at little… well not really at all, but hey.

Northeners vs Southerners Test

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  1. While there certainly is a difference between northerners and southerners (I can usually tell in person), with the facial surgery most Chinese models and celebrities have these days, it is virtually impossible to pick them apart (especially with only one small photo). I only got 5 – equal to pure chance.

  2. Another thought: Being born in the north or south doesn’t necessarily make one a northerner or southerner, similar to how being born in Italy doesn’t necessarily mean one is Italian. They could have moved, or a southerner could have married a northerner, or they could have moved there when they were very young and simply said they were “from Beijing” despite being born elsewhere. Possible yes?

  3. Also, I am nowhere near familiar enough with the different areas of China to know the difference between a woman of one area of the south vs another area of the south, for example. I can tell women of the Guangdong province since I know many women that speak Taishanese, but I wouldn’t have any idea what someone from Guizhou looks like, so I doubt I would do very well on this test.

  4. “Congratulations! You got 8 correct!
    Hey that’s not bad!”

    First time. No cheating, No googling.

    I should hold classes.

  5. Tried to rely on what I knew of facial characteristics among N and S Chinese women. No Guangdong women as I recall. Sechuan and Fujian are the furthest south used in the ‘test’. Most could be said to be from ‘middle’ Chinese provinces, which places them not that far from Beijing. So it was tough. I’m honest therefore, to admit I only got 4.

  6. Only four.
    Heck…I’ve never even seen China.
    I looked for “context” in the photos.Warm clothing…swimsuits.

  7. It’s by no means a scientific test, that’s for sure.

    Still wanting to put together the breast test, see if we can pick out the real from the fake. It’s tricky to put together though.

  8. Travis makes some good points on this test as well. To be honest, I didn’t feel it had a lot of value in itself, but I still encouraged Shuai to post it anyway, as I thought it might lead to some interesting discussion. And besides, it’s all in good fun eh?

  9. More beautiful Asian women to look at, I’m not complaining. I think I only got 2 but I’m more partial to the Filipina. It is a fun game though.

  10. Maybe they should rename Asian Sirens to Chinese Sirens.

    No offense, I love all Asian women, Chinese women too, but there’s hardly any variety here anymore in terms of different ethnicities, as well as more home grown Asian hotties in the U.S.

  11. There are a lot in the pipeline, Strout. We just had a backlog of Chinese models since Shuai Ge is the Mainland Hottie’s writer, and it coincided with my posts that happened the be Chinese models. If I’m not mistaken we have one interesting one up next, one Chinese model, and then we’re back to more mixed again. Fear not!

  12. I don’t care where they’re from, as long as they are hot! They don’t even have to be Asian:-p

    I know, I know — blasphemy!!

  13. One of the best things about AS is the variety. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

    There might be fears that China is going to take over the world but we won’t let it take over Asian Sirens!

  14. It just works out that way sometimes – we’ve had random concentrations of other ethnicities before. Personally, I like how AS is now featuring models who in the past were largely unknown outside Asia, rather than focusing on Asian American models (for example), or even the relatively more well known Japanese models. And China is the biggest growth market for new models right now (as it is with most other things!).

  15. 4:( even though I don’t think it has much value it’s still fun to play. The girls all look vaguely similar however, there were really no obvious differences in facial structure for those in each area.

    The mixture on the site is what makes it interesting, but it’s all random anyways. There are large swaths of posts for women I don’t find attractive and then suddenly there are a bunch that I do. That’s kind of what makes it fun.

  16. Got 6. The Szechuanese girls threw me off. They really should have their own category: “southwestern”, as they are distinctive from both northerners and what Chinese consider southerners (Yangtze river delta, Fujian, and Guangdong, mostly).

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