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Ogura Nana



Ok, so who is the most famous actress in AV porn right now? Who is the Best porn actress?
Well, the answer is WHO KNOWS!!! There are simply too many top batters in the field right now. That being said, one of the girls that has the most number of followers is Ogura Nana, the Maxing campaign girl.

Photobook: Library – Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Following slowly in her older sister’s footsteps comes Towa Aino. But whereas her older sister, AV queen Yua Aida has little left to bare, Towa’s efforts to date have been producing giri-giri videos, showing her luscious body but not showing it all. That changes with this photobook, a hairnude pictorial with page after page of this amazing beauty, taken in the tropical paradise of Thailand. From getting the sheets all sweaty in her hotel room to walking naked among the rocks at the beach, Towa also shows you her various oral skills with a lucky banana, maybe in anticipation of an AV career like her older sister? Towa also treats you to some underwater nude shots and more. Source: JList.comSome stats:

Birthday: July 7, 1986
Birthplace: Kyoto.
Height: 157 cm.
Three Sizes: Bust 90 Waist 60 Hips 90cm.
Cup size: F.

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Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobooks from Japan

Japan has a highly developed tradition of publishing high-quality photobooks, either in hardcover or softcover form (perfect bound) form. J-List defines a photobook as either a hardcover photobook or photomagazine; we usually refer to a stapled magazine with no ads and photobook-style pages as a “photo-magazine.” Some of these photobooks feature adult content, in the form of nudity, semi-nudity or “giri giri” (extremely sexy clothed photography).

Yoko Mitsuya in ‘On the Way’

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya was born on 8 November 1984 in Tokyo (Japan) but moved to Saitama shortly after. She began practicing ballet as a first grader; her dream was to become a ballerina. When she was in sixth grade, she applied for the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan and was awarded a prize for her excellent work. From there, she made her debut in the photobook Baby Kiss.

Even though, Yoko was now aiming to become an actress, because of her large bust size for her age, she began doing gravure work at a steady pace. She had been in several publications and photobooks by the time she was 15, and was chosen as the Visual Queen of the year for 2000. Because of her bust size and overall body appearance, Yoko was considered chubby and this pressured her to crash diet when she was 16. As a result of this she lost not only centimeters from her chest, but her new size was a turn-off when wearing swimsuits.

Yoko made a comeback when she was 18 by wearing lingerie. This not only surprised her fans, it impressed them. Finally, Yoko got to become an actress with her first movie being 69 ~ Sixty Nine. In 2006 she will be starring in the movie Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari.

I just found some great photos of one of her last photobooks ‘On the Way’ (2004) at Enjoy it!

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya


The biography of Yoko Mitsuya was partly based on

Challenge: Tomomi Kahala

Challenge Tomomi Kahala

Asian Sex Gazette and Mainichi are reporting about the hottest AV Idol nudes on the market – those of Miss Tomomi Kahala.

‘J-Pop’s comeback queen Tomomi Kahala is on the hit charts again, this time through a surprisingly successful follow-up to a best-selling collection of nude photos. Kahala’s volume, “Crystallize II,” has earned the reputation of being a cracker and skyrocketing sales have surpassed all projections despite tough competition from nude collections by other big names.’So the challenge of this is – who among you search gurus can find the elusive ‘Crystallize II’ photo sets? 🙂

I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labors!

Full story here.

– Bill

‘Drink Me Eat Me’ photobook

Seven Oriental Beauties photobook

Drink Me Eat Me, ‘Seven Oriental Beauties’. This is the title of this nice photobook by Kuniyoshi Kaneko. Spotted it in the local American Bookstore and took a quick peek. Could not find the names of the models! (Anyone?) Most of the text was also in Japanese (there wasn’t a lot of text anyway 😉 Nice photography, but the 37 euro’s where a little too much at this point in time. So I took a couple of photo’s for you guys. The book is available online. See More… for details and a photo from the inside!Details:
Hardcover 124 pages (April 2005)
Publisher: Heibonsha
Language: English
ISBN: 4582277535

Available at:

Seven Oriental Beauties photobook