‘Drink Me Eat Me’ photobook

Seven Oriental Beauties photobook

Drink Me Eat Me, ‘Seven Oriental Beauties’. This is the title of this nice photobook by Kuniyoshi Kaneko. Spotted it in the local American Bookstore and took a quick peek. Could not find the names of the models! (Anyone?) Most of the text was also in Japanese (there wasn’t a lot of text anyway 😉 Nice photography, but the 37 euro’s where a little too much at this point in time. So I took a couple of photo’s for you guys. The book is available online. See More… for details and a photo from the inside!Details:
Hardcover 124 pages (April 2005)
Publisher: Heibonsha
Language: English
ISBN: 4582277535

Available at:

Seven Oriental Beauties photobook

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