Aya Ueto – Last Teen Photobook

Aya Ueto - Last Teen Photobook

Idols Unlimited brings us yet another great Japanese Idol Photobook: Aya Ueto – Last Teen Photobook. 98 photo’s, no nudity, but a very beautiful girl. (I just wish they would do something about those nasty browser windows opening ‘under water’)

Want to know more about Aya? Check out her official website.

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  1. I use Firefox and an ad block strategy that I’ll be glad to share with you (100% free) and I get no pop ups/unders there.

    and if “Opening ‘under water'” is something else… I’m clueless.

    What I don’t like is the view/download limit at scanlovers (yes I’m a cheap skate) and do note that FF downloads from the source each time.

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