Photobook: Library – Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Following slowly in her older sister’s footsteps comes Towa Aino. But whereas her older sister, AV queen Yua Aida has little left to bare, Towa’s efforts to date have been producing giri-giri videos, showing her luscious body but not showing it all. That changes with this photobook, a hairnude pictorial with page after page of this amazing beauty, taken in the tropical paradise of Thailand. From getting the sheets all sweaty in her hotel room to walking naked among the rocks at the beach, Towa also shows you her various oral skills with a lucky banana, maybe in anticipation of an AV career like her older sister? Towa also treats you to some underwater nude shots and more. Source: JList.comSome stats:

Birthday: July 7, 1986
Birthplace: Kyoto.
Height: 157 cm.
Three Sizes: Bust 90 Waist 60 Hips 90cm.
Cup size: F.

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Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobok: Library - Towa Aino

Photobooks from Japan

Japan has a highly developed tradition of publishing high-quality photobooks, either in hardcover or softcover form (perfect bound) form. J-List defines a photobook as either a hardcover photobook or photomagazine; we usually refer to a stapled magazine with no ads and photobook-style pages as a “photo-magazine.” Some of these photobooks feature adult content, in the form of nudity, semi-nudity or “giri giri” (extremely sexy clothed photography).

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  1. the expression started back in ’95 when the censorship laws there loosened and girly mags finally could show bush.

    before that it was strictly “N.P.A.”. no, not the japanese national police association (although they do also use the acronym!); “no pubes allowed!” 🙂

  2. As my friend Ali G would say, “Niiiiice!”

    Makes me want to pick up a camera and get a new career!

  3. yeah, the japanese have a particular fondness and talent for utilizing english words in bizarre ways. always good for a few laughs. “rorikon” is another good one; “rorita konpurekusu” = lolita complex. 🙂

  4. I would like to thank the parents of Yua and Towa for getting together. They have made the world a better place.

  5. I don’t think the girl above is Towa Aino. Look at the difference in her nipple sizes and the ones of the girl in the links. Also, the face and body are different.

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