Yoko Mitsuya in ‘On the Way’

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya was born on 8 November 1984 in Tokyo (Japan) but moved to Saitama shortly after. She began practicing ballet as a first grader; her dream was to become a ballerina. When she was in sixth grade, she applied for the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan and was awarded a prize for her excellent work. From there, she made her debut in the photobook Baby Kiss.

Even though, Yoko was now aiming to become an actress, because of her large bust size for her age, she began doing gravure work at a steady pace. She had been in several publications and photobooks by the time she was 15, and was chosen as the Visual Queen of the year for 2000. Because of her bust size and overall body appearance, Yoko was considered chubby and this pressured her to crash diet when she was 16. As a result of this she lost not only centimeters from her chest, but her new size was a turn-off when wearing swimsuits.

Yoko made a comeback when she was 18 by wearing lingerie. This not only surprised her fans, it impressed them. Finally, Yoko got to become an actress with her first movie being 69 ~ Sixty Nine. In 2006 she will be starring in the movie Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari.

I just found some great photos of one of her last photobooks ‘On the Way’ (2004) at jphotobook.com. Enjoy it!

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya

Yoko Mitsuya


The biography of Yoko Mitsuya was partly based on theppn.org.

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