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Sorry for the delay. I’d like to say things will be picking up soon, but I am not sure yet. Anyway, this is Annie Lee. Annie Lee is a pornstar/escort. She probably won’t have a lot of fans on this site, especially with the kinda funky nipple pattern, but I like that she smiles a lot and I figured it was time to feature a cutie, since most of the other women I want to post are more traditionally beautiful.Age: 22
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: LA


















Escort Profile (with sister)

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  1. Alright guys – I agree her boob job’s pretty bad, but let’s be a little more respectful with our comments, okay? I’ve decided to delete nemesis’ comment, as I feel it goes over the line (and knarf’s comment is borderline).

  2. I guess she has a sister too Abby Lee. Her boob job is not too much better but cute just the same.

  3. I don’t know why nipples that are in different areas never bothers me, but it really doesn’t.

    I guess it’s because I don’t care about breasts quite as much anyway, and I’m not expecting them to be perfectly symmetrical.

  4. Annie’s ‘Escort Profile’ (above) is very provacative…got MY motor running!
    What’s not to like?: cute face, esp.eyes; busty; compact bod…!?

  5. Her boob job isn’t that bad to the point where I would consider it to be a disaster. I’m not that bothered by it. I’ve seen worse.

    Other than that, Annie is still cute. Plus she does porn. Plus she does porn with her sister. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to watch that.

  6. She’s cute, has a very nice smile, not a particularly great body but more than passable.

    However, something I’ve always wondered is why porn actresses, who are professionals, wouldn’t go to Japan for their boob jobs to get it done right. If that’s how you make your living, it would seem that you’d want to get the best possible results.

  7. Sort of like Tila Tequila without the tattoos (which is good). The boob job is unfortunate, I think small framed women can’t really do well with plastic surgery.

  8. Her boob job doesn’t bother me much either even though the surgeon did a poor job. She’s still a cute little package and seems to have some spunk.

  9. I think it’s good that Dr. Lee asked to be respectful in regard to her breasts….. because her botched boob job really invites negative comments.

    I don’t want to offend her, since the over all package is very fine and she has a great smile. But my mind is constantly distracted by her grotesquely inflated tits. IMHO she should have a reverse breast OP.

  10. Do you see her smile? Can you read her body-language in these and her site photos? She is VERY PROUD of her BOOBS and how they look! She is a BUSINESS WOMAN in LA!! Her clients like BIG BOOBS!

    Thanks Travis…she is a great pic!!

  11. knifepoint: I think you can be pretty sure that a boob job like this is almost certainly made in the USA.

    ConMeo: so you are a Vietnamese cat? 😉

  12. @ Dr. Lee: Haha, yes, or maybe that’s what I’m expecting to see here ;p if you know what I mean!

    Well, to be honest, it’s a nickname my ex-girlfriend gave me 😉 and she was vietnamese

  13. She looks like some girl I dated recently. Love the package, the smile, the chest, the legs and even the baby fat. 🙂

    The boob job doesn’t bother me at all. Size is good and I won’t be looking much at the nipples. Nipples are best appreciated other ways. 😉

  14. “However, something I’ve always wondered is why porn actresses, who are professionals, wouldn’t go to Japan for their boob jobs to get it done right. If that’s how you make your living, it would seem that you’d want to get the best possible results.”

    Good question that has come up before. There are certainly those who can better answer this than me. Maybe it has to do with ignorance—not knowing what exists elsewhere. Maybe it has to do with American arrogance—not believing anyone could do it better. Maybe it has to do with lack of necessity. You see this repeatedly on this web site. Women with bad boob jobs can be successful. A woman with breasts that amount to weirdly shaped lumps, each of different size, with the nipples pointing in totally different directions, bearing no resemblance to any human reality—and guys don’t care, are not bothered, and actually see them as appealing. I swear you could sew bean bags, saucers, or tennis balls in a woman’s chest and some guys would declare it hot.

  15. The even stranger thing is that there are surgeons in the US who are perfectly capable of doing a good job. Perhaps not as natural looking as the best Japanese surgeons, but that often isn’t what is required (most women prefer “better than real”).

    I think these girls are simply cheap and ignorant. They go to the doctor who does them for the least money, and get what they pay for. And as you say, surprisingly it doesn’t seem to matter very much.

  16. Oh yes – American arrogance certainly is a factor. You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten into debates in internet fora over whether a Japanese model has implants or not, where my opponent says: “she can’t possibly have implants, because that would mean Japanese surgeons are better than American surgeons, and American surgeons are the best in the world, no question”(!). All I can say to that is: what country do all the WORST boob jobs you ever see come from?

    There are certainly many excellent surgeons in the US, but there’s an awful lot of unqualified people doing cosmetic surgery there too, who can offer their services for a much lower price than the true professionals can.

  17. And johnnie: I find your comments ignorant and offensive in the extreme. So you’re saying porn stars and prostitutes don’t have any feelings?

  18. i am no plastic surgery expert…or a boob expert but there is such a thing as mother nature and we all know mother nature is not perfect. for once i would like to read a comment that does not suggest these women had a bad boob job. yes, most of them probably did…but we don’t know for sure. Maybe mother nature just did not make them as you’re perceived perfection of a boob.

  19. When the lights go out, a nipple direction is the last thing to bother me. 😉

    And escorts and pornstars do have feelings and fall inlove and get hurt and f*** insanely like the rest of us. Thankfully! 🙂

  20. She should get a refund and do like Miko Lee, who just had hers redone.They were too full, not very round, and now they’re just beautiful, almost natural looking. The idea is for the boobs not to appear fake, and the off balance nipples, that’s just like too much bad make-up, it breaks the illusion.

  21. So how much does a good Japanese boob job cost anyways?

    BTW I think it’s normal to be turned off when you know that tits are fake. Evolutionarily speaking, good tits are an indicator of reproductive health and good genes; if the tits aren’t real, the girl doesn’t actually have the same level of reproductive health and she won’t be passing on those good genes to your offspring, so you really have to be able to suspend your disbelief in order to truly be attracted to fake tits.

  22. Our instincts generally aren’t that discerning – we still make the subconscious connection between big tits and reproductive health, even if they’re fake. That’s why most men prefer big tits, real or not. And boob jobs in Japan – like pretty much everything else there – are expensive.

  23. @ Dr. Lee & Johnnie: While I agree that as a sex worker she’s still very much a real person with real feelings, the fact that she has chosen to put herself out there for the approval (or possible lack thereof) of consumers means she had better have a thick skin to weather the critics or she won’t last long in the field without feeling battered. We’ve seen plenty of “models” and others who have totally flipped out on this site for seemingly benign comments.

  24. She obviously has a terrible breast job which is a shame because she’s really really cute. Other than that, I really like this girl she’s got a great smile.

  25. @luvjgirls: Obviously I agree with you, otherwise I wouldn’t be allowing negative comments here at all. But there are still limits to how we can say things, and what she does for a living doesn’t make any difference to that, relative to any other girl we feature here – the same rules apply to everyone.

  26. She’s definitely a cutie. Would prefer a size smaller implant. She could have worked the teen angle as a natural for a few years, then get implants later but it really all comes down to her performance.

  27. @sucez: “She should get a refund and do like Miko Lee, who just had hers redone.”

    Any sightings of these?

  28. And I am saying that if that’s what you think, you are being small-minded, ignorant and hypocritical. Sex workers are human beings just like everyone else, and prostitution is a job just like any other. And it is legal in just about every western country except the US, where for some bizarre reason it is only legal if you do it for a commercial adult video.

  29. Johnnie: any woman who marries or dates a well-off guy is having sex for money. At least being a sex worker is honest work, honest money for a job done honestly. Unlike the institution of marriage, which is a product of a hypocritical repressive society, culture, and religion.

    I give the same respect, maybe even more so, to a sex worker than I give a CEO.

    I am saying they are human beings. Don’t forget that. Give them the credit and dignity they deserve. Even ones with awful boob jobs. Or perhaps, especially ones with such.

  30. Hey Doc, just for curiosity’s sake, could you narrow that figure down a little bit? I honestly have no idea what boob jobs cost anywhere.

  31. My information on that is well out of date, so I can’t give exact figures, but I can say that the average price was a couple of thousand dollars higher than it was in the US the last time I checked. Still, if you restrict the US figures to properly qualified surgeons only, the difference is a lot smaller. To get a decent boob job from a reputable surgeon, you’ll generally be looking at around $5000 at least wherever you want to get it done, and often a good deal more than that ($10,000+ is not unheard of).

  32. That sounds about right, but it varies wildly by region. Should be a member of American Board of Plastic Surgery. Most doctors performing tit jobs and other lucrative electives are not board-certified to do plastic surgery.

  33. How about Korean and Taiwanese boob jobs? Sorry to pester you but it’s something I’ve been curious about for a long time. Thanks for the answers btw!

  34. Korean plastic surgery is usually excellent – many Asians go there these days to get facial surgery in particular. I wouldn’t recommend Taiwanese surgeons though – their boob jobs tend to look very fake, even though they aren’t very big.

  35. 2 adult asian sisters, there’s nothing better in life. 🙂

    Already seen a some videos thanks, they have some thight bodies, great attitude! Lots of fun.

  36. Hey daznlover…I would love to tag along on any south american adventures. The girls down there have a lot of similarities to the southeast asian girls in my opinion…maybe a little thicker in the rump section. 😛

  37. Definitely thicker, and smaller boobs, hence the boob jobs. They are usually very intense and passionate.

    They even share some latin blood with filipinas. And the tanned skin too. I guess I know what you mean, arf! 🙂

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Annie Lee

Annie Lee

I found Korean Annie Lee when I was looking at this funny tv commercial about rice at I thought to myself: Let’s do a little research on her!

It seems that Annie Lee is relatively new in the film industry, she recently had her ‘Hollywood’ debut in a movie called Close Call (USA, 2004). The rating is very low (4.4 with only 33 votes!), and after I watched the trailer at the official movie site, I don’t think this is far from the truth… But I do think Annie Lee looks great! Unfortunately for her the movie wasn’t a commercial succes judging by these figures.Annie Lee on the web

Annie Lee @
Close Call official movie site
Annie Lee @
Annie Lee Google Image search
Interview with Annie Lee
Photo’s of a promo gig
Close Call movie premiere photo’s

I do not understand why they used this photo for the movie poster! She looks a bit cross-eyed there, while on other photo’s I found she looks so nice.

Annie Lee in Close Call

Full bio from the Close Call movie site

Annie Lee was born in 1977 and raised in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Ever since she was young she knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Her first acting class was at the age of 9 at UCLA’s Young Performer’s Workshop. During high school she became interested in pursuing the medical field, but fate let her back to entertainment and she was scouted to do some modeling, print work, runway, commercials, theater, and music videos. When college came around she found her love for performing again and eventually trained with renowned acting coaches in Hollywood such as David Kagen (Meisner technique), Catlin Adams (Strasberg Method), Doug Warhit, Michele Shay, Gary Davis, and Ric De Angelo.

She now holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. Soon after graduation she worked for First Look Pictures to learn more about the distribution aspect of films. Annie then tackled producing by working side by side on production and development with Hollywood’s A-list producer, Doug Claybourne, (The Fast and the Furious, Apocalypse Now), which gave her more skills & momentum to reach her dream.

In a short film, “Mindbenders,” directed by Atif A. Mirza, she conducted her own martial arts stunts where she underwent extensive training and even pulled a ligament! She also loves children, which led her to be an acting coach at the LA Performing Arts Center for children. With her desire to give to her community she also volunteered at the Korean Youth Community Center in LA with the Teen Theatre department.

As a filmmaker, she produced a short film titled “Tomato & Eggs” directed by Shawn Chou starring Lisa Lu (The Joy Luck Club), Michelle Krusiec (HBO’s Mind of a Married Man), Keiko Agena (WB’s Gilmore Girls), and Sab Shimono (The Big Hit), which won the Audience Award for Best Asian-American Short Film at the Big Bear Film Festival.

Currently she is acting, producing and keeping busy with involvement in many independent projects. She is a member of the Lodestone Theatre Ensemble and continues to study the craft of acting & filmmaking.

With a strong passion for films, she is aspiring to be a producer and director.
Ms. Lee makes her feature film acting debut in Close Call.

Close Call is a coming of age awakening heartfelt story about a teenage girl trapped in a downward spiral of promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol use, and criminality. Brutally honest in its depiction of the damage wrought by the breakdown of the family in contemporary America, Close Call adds another theme to the story: The ever-widening gap between first generation parents and American youth.

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  1. A babe to be sure, but her eyes look pretty vacuous in that second shot – a little too ‘bimbo’ looking for my taste. Hopefully it’s just the makeup in this shot – she looks fabulous in the first pic!

  2. This movie was shown at MIT and Annie Lee stuck around afterwards for questions. She’s quite pretty, though I don’t know about her personality. There was some mix-up where she forgot to take her flight out to Boston and wanted the student group at MIT to pay for an emergency flight. Something like that.

    The movie was definitely B or even C-class, but there were definitely some touching moments in it, especially for an Asian like myself.

  3. MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    MIT is in Cambridge, Masachusetts which is a part of the Boston area. Harvard University is also nearby on the other side of Cambridge.

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