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I am happy that I am starting to again discover women that I want to write about. So here is Micaela. She is a beauty from the Bay Area who also poses nude. I don’t know about you, but I like nudes.Micaela is of Hawaiian, Filipino, Spanish, Dutch, and Native American descent. I like that she has the ability to turn girls into lesbians. That is a nice phony superpower to have. She is also a makeup artist. While searching for additional information, I found out that she also modeled for Playboy back in 2008. Below you can get a sense of what she looked like a year ago compared to today.

While writing this article, I have been trying to decide which look that I prefer of Micaela. The short hair shows more of her face, but I like her when she was rocking the long, dark hair. Not only does the long hair make her look cuter in my opinion, but it also makes her look a lot like this chick that I had a crush on back in the day. Whichever look you prefer, you can’t go wrong with either one because she’s still a beauty.


Age: 22
Location: Oakland, CA
Birthplace: Castro Valley, CA
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 104 lb
Measurement: 32-24-35
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown











London Studio Group
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0 thoughts on “Micaela Lola Bartolome”

  1. Well, I like how her left nipple pokes into the white top. But beyond that, I’ll pass on this young woman.

  2. The 8th pic down she inda looks like Angelina Jolie.

    I think she’s HOT. Like a “girl next door”.

    Sexy little mustache.

    Birth mark reminds me of Stephanie Jacobson from TERMINATOR: Sarah Chronicles.

    I love the pussy shot in the 8th pic. reminds me of Jasmine Byrne.

    This chick has so much mix in her – SHE’S SPECIAL.

  3. Unique look. Love her other than the tattoos. Love the petite natural body, that the right boob’s a little larger than the left.

  4. She’s cute, but I doubt she’s 104 lbs. I’ve the exact same proportions as she has, and I’m about 115. At that weight, I looked like a skeleton.

  5. Great pose over the bar counter. She could take me home with that!
    Like the sexy curves, the attitude. Just not the tats. But I wouldn’t mind that too much.

    shoujobot, you must have nice proportions then. How about sharing with us? I’ve seen you around here, but I don’t think I’ve seen a pic. 😉

  6. Heh, I wouldn’t mind donating but I’m not asian, darn 🙂 Oh, and just thinking about the tattoos…I think I prefer without, or the very tiny ones. The big ones don’t seem to add to her attractiveness.

  7. The tats and her stocky body give off way too much of a guy vibe to me, even though her face is fairly pretty (though hardly outstanding). As always, I need at least some feminine elegance (often exactly what’s lacking with import models).

  8. Why so much hate for tattoos and wide hips? Sheesh.

    Otherwise, she’s a very pretty girl. Very cute.

  9. I don’t mind small tats but the big one on her left arm and hip aren’t nice to see. So she looks better with the long hair IMO

  10. I really like the first few pictures. I actually pefer her photos with the short hair, in the long hair shots she looks like just another import model to me.
    I don’t mind her tats but I find few ever seem to look good when done near the pussy. God knows why she would have had a fish done there, but I guess the cover-up was done after getting a few wise cracks at embarassing moments.
    Extra points for getting nekkid 🙂

  11. The tats give her a cheap, slutty look. Maybe that’s how she want’s to look like, but it’s not my preference.

  12. I much prefer her with short hair versus her earlier shots. She also looks like she trimmed up a bit. Very nice.

  13. shoujobot, too bad you aren’t asian. But I’m a global man, so that doesn’t put me off at all. 🙂
    I’ll ask the question many guys here are curious about: you into girls? Guys? Or both?

    I pass on the tats too. And they aren’t very remarkable even. But the body is.

  14. Watching her progression through all the body mods reminds me of Dana Vespoli. Each one makes her look more washed up and detracts from what her initial appeal was.

  15. Teehee, daznlover, where was I when this debate was going on? While I could get into the politics of announcing my sexuality, I understand this is a site catering more to male interests, so I’ll just tell you…use your imagination 😉

    What I WILL say (so I stay on topic and don’t get yelled at), is that I tend to prefer the Japanese look, or mixed Japanese (Maria Ozawa is my favorite, yum). But lovely ladies come in all shades, which is why I kinda like Micaela. The first few pics made her look amazing, with barely there makeup and a tank top. Totally girl-next-door, simple and seductive. The other ones are just kinda…eh.

  16. Well, there wasn’t a real debate. I just read guys minds! 😉 Not so good at reading women’s though… But a woman with mysteries gets interesting too. 😉

    Regarding Micaela that means you like the genuine look but not into full nudity?

  17. Oh, I do like me some nude Micaela, but I think she looks a lot better the more natural she goes. Don’t get me wrong, she looks hot in the other ones, but y’know…they’re the usual stuff; lots of makeup, lots of production. In her case, less is more…well, in a lot of ways 😉

  18. Ye, I also prefer her when she takes the more natural look 🙂 the other photos are just too extravagant..

  19. Her lips don’t look natural to me. I feel that I should like this girl a lot more than I do — something just doesn’t quite add up.

  20. She’s got the look for sure. I agree, the natural make-up definitely works better on her. Her tats aren’t so great but she will de fine as an adult actress.

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