The Cast of The Vampire Who Admires Me

The Vampire Who Admires Me

With Halloween drawing near, it’s fitting to feature the beautiful Asian cast of a movie that’s in the spirit of the season. The 2008 Hong Kong comedy-horror film, The Vampire Who Admires Me, centers on a lovely group of young models who travel to the ancestral home of their director’s boss, on “East Dragon Island,” to shoot some print ads for the “Zombie” clothing line. Of course, the models arrive unaware that the island will soon be inhabited by zombie-like vampires and a vampire king who will rise from his tomb and hunger for fresh blood.The movie is the typical campy, Honk Kong comedy-horror fair and the ladies’ acting abilities leave something to be desired (with the possible exception of veteran actress Jo Koo, who’s one of Hong Kong’s most underrated and can really fill out a tank top) but when you add it all together, this one may be destined for cult status, especially since Natalie Meng’s performance earned her a “worst actress” nomination from a popular Hong Kong news and entertainment site.

Oh, the DVD is available with English subtitles and coded for all regions.

The Vampire Who Admires Me Cast
The featured cast, from left to right: Winnie Leung, Maggie Li, Natalie Meng, J.J. Jia, Ankie Beilke, and Tanya Ng

Macy (J.J.), Bibi (Ankie), and Apple (Maggie) after arriving on East Dragon Island

Maggie Li
Maggie Li at the photo shoot for the film’s poster

Natalie Meng
Natalie Meng at a promotional event for the movie.

J.J. Jia
J.J. Jia’s character, Macy, is a model with the supernatural ability to communicate with the dead, and can foresee the danger on the island.

Winnie Leung
Winnie Leung plays Kimchi, the boss’ assistant.

Tanya Ng
Tanya Ng (who has the smallest role of all the ladies) is Susie; the only one of the models who becomes one of the undead.

Jo Koo
Jo Koo plays the East Dragon Island police chief.

The original Cantonese trailer

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  1. Yup many beauties inside, that’s why I bought the DVD and watched it and ended up with great disappointment. No nudity and sex scenes, only sexy ladies with bras and bikinis, it’s pretty long too, and make me feel sleepy even before the film ends. However if you like scary ghosts this is more horror-oriented movie.

  2. In the first, cast pic if that’s Winnie Leung’s hand on her forehead he has the worst case of Man Hands I’ve ever seen!

  3. I seem to recall a Japanese Porn flick a while back where these maids were being attacked by zombies. I wish I remember what the title was, it was soo cheesy but at the same time hilarious…

    Great post!

  4. Wow! this ladies had a different unique beauty, chinese women are very pretty.. I like their eyes too. Lucky this vampire guy who will his going to bite with those pretty ones..

  5. I tot it is a softcore hong kong movie. I love to watch it when they have some actresses that use to be famous turn to acting softcore movies

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