Kelly Hu in Maxim

Kelly Hu in Maxim

Robin already mentioned it in his posting on Kelly Hu but it was not until today that I found Kelly Hu’s pictures from Maxim.

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  1. Born in 1968, that puts Kelly at age 37. And just Look at her!

    One more reason to love Asian ladies!

  2. Agreed! And to answer your question…..not many. 🙂 As far as older non-asians, Terri Hatcher is 41 now and still has an amazing body. I also have to say that two 30-something actresses I like that are still so fine are Halle Berry and Eva Longoria.

  3. not an ounce of fat !!(except the boobs), she is the type of girl who likes to play rough in bed..aaarrgghh !!

  4. …I’m gonna side with the Dr on this. It seems that she’s amazingly gained a bit of weight in that area.

  5. Hey how about an update on Kelly? Her new show “In case of Emergency” just aired here in the States and GAWD! Does she ever look delicious! Hopefully people will watch so I can get a look at her everyweek.

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