Zhang Ziyi nude body double wants to marry a foreigner


I can’t beleive I failed to post this here when we first published it; totally my bad. But all the same a Chinese hottie who doubled for Zhang Ziyi wants YOU! (maybe). More pics and even contact details (that have been verified) after the jump!Here’s a few more pictures, and the full story is here with contact details. So c’mon all you single Siren lovers, give this girl what she wants!



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0 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi nude body double wants to marry a foreigner”

  1. So she’s looking… And she’s attractive.
    I guess I may fit the requirements. 😉
    Where can I find more about her? I’m a bit picky too, you know.

  2. ha ha christine…sorry sweetheart i already have a lifetime membership to those sites….:))

    CEC..i think doc has..and if she wants to come to the US, i can do her paperwork for free…:)

  3. HAHAHA no, arf, i didn’t mean my comment above in that i don’t find zhang ziyi attractive. i think zhang ziyi is gorgeous! i just think that it’s stooping a bit low to try to wed this girl because she wants a foreign husband.

    i actually think korean girls are the most pretty if i were to choose between chinese, japanese, vietnamese, and korean girls (though i know there’s a popular vote for vietnamese here, it seems). that’s precisely why i didn’t think kim was that gorgeous, because at my school i’ve seen a lot of really gorgeous korean girls and i just didn’t think kim looked any different, or any better.

    for instance, i just did a search on facebook for “korean” and pulled up a large group akin to a korean american association at my school, and here is a sampling of the good-looking members, all thumbnails because i don’t want to link to these people’s actual photos:
    thumbnail 1
    thumbnail 2
    thumbnail 3
    thumbnail 4
    thumbnail 5
    thumbnail 6
    thumbnail 7

    the thing is kim has all of these people doing her hair and her makeup and putting on her fake lashes and getting her contact lenses and doing clothes-fitting for her…can you imagine what these girls would look like if they had that same help? i guess for this reason, i just don’t think that kim is that great looking.

  4. and! this is what she looks like without photoshopping, just a standard camera, full makeup, and ok-lighting: kim ok bin. esp. in this more realistic photo, i guess i just don’t see how she looks any better than the girls in the thumbnails from my previous comment, you know?

    i looked up more about her to write this comment and something came up about her figure – so i guess the truth is that she’s not really as full as the video lets on, and she has a slender body. but being slim/slender isn’t something atypical to korean women, so i could see her being more attractive to you if she had an unusually voluptuous figure or if she had a better ass. for instance, jeon ji hyun is unusually curvy for a korean girl.

  5. I think I could love your friend in thumbnail 5 above, christine, too bad she appears to be taken. But like I said before, maybe it was that long hair and bangs and them legs that did it for me in that video of Kim. Also, I don’t find her that particularly unappealling in your picture just now. Looks like a normal girl to me. Maybe I’m different.

  6. That’s exactly the point arf – she looks like a normal girl. Given the reaction Kim’s gotten here (including from you), shouldn’t she be a little better than ‘normal’? I maintain my opinion – she’s just bland.

  7. I’m sorry Doc, but the word bland just doesn’t seem to be a very fitting word for Kim Ok-bin. To me, she’s more normal in christine’s picture because of her different hair style which is a bit on the plain compared to the long luscious hair she has in the dancing video. I guess she just isn’t SoCal looking enough for some people’s tastes. Oh well, I love her just fine. Kim is all mine then.

  8. christine, you’re over analyzing again and spoiling the fantasy for us. 🙂
    Why did you have to dig that Kim photo? I admit she’s more regular in that one. Still, she has some hot legs, there is no trick in that. 😉

    I vote for thumb 5 above, too.

  9. Ordinary it is, then. Just how I like em’, I guess. I wonder if Zhang Ziyi’s nude body double would be considered ordinary. If she is, let me have er’.

  10. Do you go to berkeley christine? I only ask ’cause my friend is the one in thumb 5 whose lady apparently arf and others “could love”. Small world.

  11. yeah, daznlover’s right, i remained pretty e-nonymous about all of this stuff because i’d rather not disclose this kind of information since i feel like i’ve already divulged a lot, but shinebox is right

  12. I believe 5 is the hottest. Do we have a thread on the Socal asian look? There should be. I would like to know how many guys prefer the Socal asian look to others. I think socal asian girls with a dark tan are soo much more beautiful on average than non Socal asians :))))) Actually its the socal asians that I’ve met that turned me onto asian girls and ive never looked back 😉

  13. Oops, I just read the “A New Year, A Slightly New Asian Sirens” post when doing a search for socal and the controversy that resulted from the helen su post. I take back my last comment about a socal thread if it were to spark an unwanted discussion. I am unsure if it will but if it didnt it would be a nice topic to discuss 🙂 Possibly some picture posts of favs to complement it.

  14. If you want to discuss this, I suggest you do it here:


    Suffice it to say, my opinion could hardly be more different from your’s: IMHO, “SoCal” Asians are the least attractive Asians overall, along with Issarn Thai girls (the latter being an opinion I know I don’t share with the majority of our readers). Anyway, please respond in the above thread.

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