Having a true Asian doll in Japan


Shaved not shaved? (We recentley debated that here). Long hair, short hair, Asian or otherwise. Some people are so transfixed with particular fetishes that they will only take time, sexually, with their perfect specimen.

A Korean schoolgirl? White skinned Japanese office worker? Pole dancer from Thailand with bronze skin? Maybe an Indo girl who forgot to take off her hijab while you fondle her during evening call to prayers?

This is a unique story of of dealing with lonliness while seeking perfection.Many of us here – on Asian Sirens – would argue that we have found perfection in the sirens that Asia provides. One man, and many others among his ranks, takes the search for perfection while combating loneliness to a new level. He assures us that he has the beauty he seeks.

He, and the women of his taste, are here with full story.

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  1. Well, he may have a thing against dating. But with all he spent already, $16,000 could land him some real ‘dolls’ for the real thing, no dating, just straight to the point. And he didn’t have to dress and wash them, etc.. Too much trouble for too little action from the dolls. I think he really has a doll fetish, more than anything.

  2. I have to agree with daznlover. If a guy has that much money to spend and doesn’t want the hassle of the dating scene, he can just buy (or at least, rent) the real thing, regardless of what physical drawbacks he may have.

  3. What would be wrong with a planet where 8’s,9’s and 10’s could no longer use beauty as leverage?

    On the way to his goal however-he might wanna save a few bux and get the REAL THING every now and then.Just for research purposes of course.

  4. If he wanted the real thing, he could get it pretty cheaply. This guy buys dolls because he has a fetish and can control them. He can get these dolls to look however he wants them to look and he can do whatever he wants to them.

    He uses the word belong in the article and he gives bs excuses as to why he chooses dolls over people. He won’t wait for a chick to put out or cut the bs and get a prostitute, but he will wait for a doll to be manufactured and shipped. What?

    If he wanted to, he could take the time and effort he puts into these dolls into finding someone or fixing his deficiencies or take the money he used to purchase these dolls and pay for sex or be a sugardaddy. But the doll will do nothing and everything he wants.

  5. exactly, its all about fufilling his fantasy. He could do taboo things and perform certain scenarios with this doll that he could never do with a real woman.

  6. weird science in the real world. wow. i saw something like this on the HBO series Real Sex. This company makes both men and women to the customers specs. the male dolls even had removable “parts” depending on want the woman wants at any particular time.
    but i agree with above, if you are going to dish out that kind of cash for a doll why not just go and get the real thing even if it is only for a short time. details be damned, it would ultimately be cheaper than this.
    staying with the topic, kind of, (if there was a “general” topic area here, i would ask this there) why does it seem asian women who are not in the adult entertainment business in any way have this infatuation with white skin? when i was in vietnam a few years ago, i was stunned to see that while i was trying to survive the brutal heat and humidity and wear as little clothes my modesty would allow and was legally and socially acceptable, i saw women covered head to toe in a hat, face mask, sunglasses, gloves, the works. it just strikes me as odd.

  7. oedipusrex, there are a ton of girls like that here! i think white skin indicates nobility in asia – not sure – or at least it is considered really attractive to them. on the opposite end, there was that “ganguro” trend in japan (look it up), where girls put on a ton of self-tanner and got themselves all superdark…it was really looked down upon.

    to continue with that idea though, i think that the reason asian women age so well isn’t necessarily because of some asian idiosyncrasy but because so many of them try so hard to avoid the sun – and UVA rays cause wrinkles. but, a lot of times, the lengths to which these women go to avoid the sun is really extreme. a lot of asian girls at my school walk around with wide-brimmed hats or wear longsleeves or carry parasols. personally i think they look like idiots doing that – not to mention, no one but fellow asians really understand it, so it only serves to accentuate their foreignness.

  8. Wow, only 1,299$ for a “Kaori” doll. I just broke down and ordered one. She is pretty hot looking in that picture above. Is that weird? I’ll tell you guys how she is when I get her.

  9. Can’t cook? My wife hardly ever cooks for me now, so there won’t be much difference. Except my wife never wears those japanese school girl outfits that I love so much. Damn, I can’t wait till she gets here.

  10. You should talk to your wife and maybe she’s willing to wear some outfits. As long as you don’t watch NBA so much. Always a negotiation… 🙂

    Regarding white, yes, most SE asians see white skin as something associated with those countries elites (money, success, etc). It’s a status thing, unfortunately.

  11. The white thing is annoying to me. I am a sucker for Thai girls and they bemoan their beautiful bronze skin and want to be white.

    daznlover is right (again it seems), that Thais view it as a status symbol – white skin you live in Bangkok and go to school (or western, thus rich and sucessful), dark skin means you are a farmer and work the fields…

    What has always stunned me was seeing Thai women from Bangkok go to places like Hua Hin for a weekend in a beach town and trudge merrily into the surf wearing full length blue jeans and a long sleeve shirts!?! ‘Mei ao see dom!’ (Don’t want black!)

    Not to mention the laborers who work in Thailand’s sweltering heat covered from head to toe Muslim (female) style. Though I have never understood this as they are usually already ‘black’…?

    Give me a tanned hottie any day. Not that I am adverse to the white skinned thing, it is a ‘grass is greener’ sort of thing.

    Hmpf. I am off topic – dolls don’t tan… 🙂

  12. “We’ll” make plans… “WE’LL” make plans… As an editor I hate the transient mistakes the medium allows…

    editor [AT] asian sex gazette [DOT] com

    No spaces of course – but I know you are not a greenhorn.

  13. ok, here is the irony of the desire for white skin…and i know i am generalizing a little here, some of those same girls who are into the white skin like western men and most of the western guys i know really like the tan or darker skin. go figure.
    but i guess when the dust all settles, what does skin color have to do with anything?

    bionic dolls? oh my. what happens if a chip malfunctions and she locks you in with the “love grip” i would have to be very wary of oral sex with something like that!

  14. William, a beer is a great plan. I’m not in that part of the world right now (unfortunately!), but when I’m on, count on me to get in touch. For sure will be fun having a beer and enjoying some bronze ladies sights. 😉

  15. …and the best thing about plastic is it isn’t biodegradable. Which basicaly mean… neither the forces of nature or the basic properties of semen will wear her down.

    That $1200 will be well spent…she’ll be with you long into your elderly years. She’ll outlast you.

    Bury me with mine.

  16. That is a damn fine sex doll. If I bought one I’d have to set aside a closet just so my wife didn’t find it.

    “honey, what’s in this locked closet?”

    “guns Dear … stay away from it!”

  17. I think you guys are missing the point vis-à-vis the whole doll thing.
    This is not about money or control or waiting for a woman, it’s all about fear. Fear of women, fear of sex, fear of the “messiness” being in an intimate relationship with a real woman. And maybe most of- all fear of rejection. It’s more sad than anything else.
    Japanese men tend to have an “extended” childhood phase, more-so even than American! And like all boys they love their toys.
    Also the Japanese are predisposed to “loving” dolls, robots and androids because of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. Astro Boy is the English title for the Japanese 1951 manga and the 1963 anime robot Tetsuwan Atom. A great hero in Japan, and a seminal reason for my love of Japan and Japanese culture.
    arf, your post, “Can’t cook? My wife hardly ever cooks for me now, so there won’t be much difference.”, reminds me of the old man that calls his doctor, “Doctor, I can’t tell if my wife is dead” “Is there any change in her behavior?”, asks the doc. “Well…” says the old man, “The sex is the same… but the dishes are pilling up.”

  18. I’m sure fear plays a role in the wider scope of Japanese men who buy sex dolls, but for that particular guy who spent $16k on dolls, it’s not about fear. There’s probably dozens of reasons why these men buy dolls, such as the one the president gives in the article.

    And don’t women have fear for the same reasons when they enter a relationship? These guys are just quitting. I have no problem with them buying a doll to get your jollies off of, but they have completely given up on women and the reasons why that were mentioned in the article are silly.

    And we don’t know the whole story. We don’t know what’s wrong with these guys. They can be fat, smelly, weird, ugly. Maybe they are trying to date women who are out of their league. Maybe they are expecting some pussy after taking a chick to Mos Burger. Who knows.

    If a doll makes them happy, good for them. Everyone deserves to be happy. But I haven’t seen a valid reason to COMPLETELY give up on women for a doll.

    Now if these dolls could cook and looked like Nancy Ho, then I would understand.

  19. It’s not about fear…

    Its about CONVIENIENCE.

    The best thing about these new age sex dolls is you could probably get lots of practice with different positions before trying them on the real woman.

    The doll won’t laugh at you if you screw up.

  20. “”””But I haven’t seen a valid reason to COMPLETELY give up on women for a doll. “”””

    Oh > then you’ve never been married to a woman !

  21. Mr. Spooky:

    The day science creates a Gynoid that can cook and clean I know then that humanity is doomed.

  22. Gynoid.Cool word!I don’t fear women.I don’t fear “intimacy”…and I have no problem getting laid.At this point in my life I just find myself less willing to play the game.ANY man in his late 30’s…who is sound of mind…AND NOT WEALTHY…and honest…will tell you that the visual quality of the women he beds has gone down.Probably even tanked.Biologically speaking-there’s no reason for a hottie under the age of 25 to be attracted to you.That being said-the CONVENIENCE of a gorgeous GYNOID with fine tuned AI and motor function who looks like Nancy Ho sounds acually rather appealing.

  23. “AND NOT WEALTHY…and honest…will tell you that the visual quality of the women he beds has gone down.”

    I have a relative… 38 Year old retired NYPD cop. This dude met a 25 Year old Dominican Republic girl on MSN and has been dating her for 2 years. He basicaly said the same thing your saying – which is funny by the way.

    I’ve got nothing against Gynoids used for semen collection- but what does concern me is a man like described in the article who has multiple dolls splayed out like prostitutes in a brothel. That man is psychotic.

  24. Argon, that man may have his reasons, you’re too hard judging, you don’t know him.

    For instance, do you know that crippled men have a very hard time finding partners? That’s one of the reasons porn, brothels, etc, can have a very important place in life. Not everyone can find suitable partners, but at least everyone can have a fantasy, be it a doll or something else. Me, I don’t judge sex tastes or fetishes and although I may have some suggestions, I know everyone just makes their own minds about it. 🙂

  25. —-For instance, do you know that crippled men have a very hard time finding partners?

    No… really? I would have never guessed that.

    I also wouldn’t have suspected human morality would justify the existence of brothels as being an “aid” to the amputeed/ limbless

  26. Screw so-called ‘morality’ – there is nothing immoral about legally and responsibly run brothels (and prostitution in general) – there is only highly dangerous and truly immoral sexual suppression by religion (co-opted by politicians for their own selfish objectives).

  27. Lee

    That is a valid liberal ideology based argument .

    I’m just glad the governments do their best to suppress it because I am against it. I don’t need to work to achieve the goal thanks to the government of keeping it illegal.

  28. Argon: you are highly judgmental & intolerant of anyone who doesn’t think & live exactly as you do. Guess you know what is best for the rest of us. There are millions of similar-minded would-be sexual suppressors who would love to shut down this very site, had they the power.

    Netherlands has legal brothels, some of which are 100% handicapped accessible with special wheelchair accomodations. G-d bless them.

    There are many places outside the US that don’t have such an f’d up puritanical/feminist fear of sexual freedom. Good thing too. Perhaps if you spent more time outside this dysfunctional deluded enclave of ours (Which I call Sex Prison USA), you’d be a little more accepting of the ways of others, who are harming no one.

    And the Dr’s argument was hardly liberal; rather it is libertarian in the highest best sense.

  29. To illustrate with an extreme situation: there are cases of patients with brain paralysis who still have a lot of sexual needs. And sometimes, their own families hire prostitutes to give them some pleasure. Yes, it’s very extreme and painful for the families but in the end is also an act of mercy, because these patients are almost normal people, with needs, including sexual. So, the families do the sacrifice and those guys get some happy time. Don’t they deserve it? I bet so. Is it difficult to hire a prostitute? Sure is, but there’s no available girl to date them.

    I don’t have direct connection to any cases but I’ve seen the articles and found it very interesting. Plus, if I once had some physical limitation, like being crippled or something, I would like to get some doll, or watch some porn or be able to pick up a phone and call a prostitute. And I’d be very pissed if my government would stop me from doing that.

  30. Okay, as ArgonBuddah’s diversion has absolutely no intellectual value and is not directly related to this post, I’ve deleted it (and the responses to it). I’ve only left the comments directly related to this post. If you don’t like this ArgonBuddah, then take your parochial ignorance elsewhere – after all, as this site is run by immoral Dutchmen and an Aussie, then it obvioulsy can’t be good enough for you anyway. Indeed, erotica in general must be beneath you.

    Oh yes, you might want to look up ‘parochial’. 🙂

  31. Given the way ArgonBuddha uses capitalistion, his grammar, his irrational hatred of prostitution, his love of guns, his extraordinary ignorance of the world outside the US, and especially his use of the term ‘gynoid’, he reminded me of an old ‘friend’ – ChineseLoverMan. And sure enough, many of his IP addresses are the same. So I have suspended him again. The next time some ignoramus comes on here and starts mouthing off against prostitution and anywhere other than the US, I will check his IPs (unfortunately he isn’t on a static IP, so I can’t block it).

  32. Hey Doc, I was going through some of the older posts and found one from ArgonBuddha that was kind of weird. Here it is.


    ————-Supremacy implies that some entity is trying to establish some control over something and I highly doubt that’s the case in Asia.————

    First of all, thats the funniest sentence I’ve read all day. Maybe you should come to my country and see how the British and Americans have DIVIDED, SUBDIVIDED…PLACE MILITARY BASES and WOMANIZE.

    Posted by: ArgonBuddha on Jul 14, 07 | 12:04 am
    Are you sure this is ChineseLoverMan? He sounds like he’s from asia the way he’s talking about his country. I’m baffled.

  33. anyone who’s studied post-WWII history, or knows a little about asia’s development after 1965 and the cold war would know about these military bases all over the world (esp. asia) and the spread of US hegemony thereafter

  34. christine, I think he was mentioning ‘white supremacy’ in some other post. Claiming that white people were on to rule on fashion and other things. And I was countering that, thinking that asian countries, nowadays, have their own leaders, icons, etc. I don’t see ‘whites’ making the rules over there.

    I was not talking about military forces, he brought up that issue. And, yes, I agree that in military terms the US has had a lot of power but nowadays those countries are limiting more and more the impact of military bases. It’s past and the tendency is for that influence to get smaller.

  35. Argon did sound like he was from Asia, hardly CLM…
    But then also worships guns and USA laws on that. And then he complains that americans installed military bases all over.
    What a mixup.

    Finally, Argon appreciated sex dolls: ‘That is a damn fine sex doll.’ But was totally against brothels, because of moral issues. Quite strange.

  36. Okay guys, ArgonBuddha’s (and CLM’s) IPs are in the US – Brooklyn NY to be exact. So he definitely isn’t in Asia. He does however claim to have travelled extensively in China, and even says he is a fluent Mandarin speaker! On the other hand, he also claims to be “in Graduate School at Adelphi University for a M.S. in Science Education (Physics and Geology)”, which given the depths of his ignorance I find a little hard to believe. He also lists his interests as “Foriegn Language [sic], guns/rifles, RC model aircraft, WOMEN”. I think this guy lives in a mixed up fantasy world.

    Anyway, here is his personal page:


  37. BTW, were it not for his earlier posts suggesting he was in Asia, I probably would have figured out who he was sooner. Perhaps it was a deliberate ruse, but once the issue of prostitution came up, he just couldn’t help revealing himself. He obvioulsy harbours a lot of guilt on this issue, so perhaps they are the only way he can get any action – just like the gay priests who rail against gays. I’m sure he would have a hard time “fitting in” with the Asian girls that he obvioulsy prefers, if you know what I mean. 😉

  38. Oh yes, on the “white supremacy” thing: although ArgonBuddha/CLM tried to make it sound as though it was from an Asian perspective, I suspect it was actually from a black one. Indeed, when viewed in that light, the extremity of his views actually make more sense.

  39. Dr. Lee, he could have been hispanic. He did mention how he liked hispanic and hip-hop fashion.

  40. Nope, he definitely isn’t hispanic – check out his personal page from my link above. He is a huge black guy – I probably wouldn’t say any of the stuff I’m saying here to him in person. 😉

  41. ..but it’s pretty easy to deduce from “blackplanet.com” that he’s black. point taken

  42. doc, i am going to tell CLM where you live 🙂 you ran off my friend again…he is so entertaining 🙂 come back to the family CLM :))

    “He is a huge black guy” you are stereotyping again doc…it is like you saying “he is a little asian guy” :)) it is only a myth doc…. 🙂

  43. When you’re a black guy who’s well over six foot tall (and nearly as wide), biology and physics dictate that certain things can’t be too small. 😉

  44. I agree CLM is funny many times. But Argon got really upset and too serious. Dunno if the same… CLM had some degree or PhD in physics, if I remember well. Again, could be him. Hey CLM, if you read this, take it easy and see you around sometime. Another nick, another time. 🙂

  45. Correction: CLM claims he is “in Graduate School at Adelphi University for a M.S. in Science Education (Physics and Geology)” – on the internet (as in many things), claims do not necessarily equal reality. And once again, their IPs are the same – I am certain they are the same person.

  46. I meant I remember his physics mention from the older reincarnation as CLM. So if he says it again, maybe the same person and consistent.

    But IPs are no 100% proof, it could just be someone in the neighborhood, with the same taste for asians, etc and just getting dynamic IPs, same as him. I know, odd theory. 🙂

  47. everyone’s trying to claim they have PhD’s in Physics to sound so smart nowadays. little do they know, physics is just proof-based math once you get past undergraduate fluff

  48. daznlover are you in the military, a multiple home-owner ($$$, eh?), or are you a traveling businessman or something? because when you said “i’m not in that part of the world” right now to robin, i started wondering!

  49. As I said originally, there are mutiple lines of evidence indicating that CLM and ArgonBuddha are the same person – the IPs were just the clincher. They also prove that ArgonBuddha’s implication that he is in Asia was false.

  50. From ArgonBuddha’s first post I was sure it was CLM. I had checked out his site last year and it looks as though he’s been to China. Anyways, moving on…

  51. I don’t know if this link was already posted, but here is a video of “Ta-Bo” and all of his love dolls at home.

    Video Link

    This guy needs some serious help!

  52. Time for a new Topic?
    I was guessing that this thread had exhausted itself… but Doc.’s views on prostitution had got me thinking and when I read this article I was compelled to write.
    This is a story about prostitution in India, where it’s illegal and full of abuse of the sex workers, and a new magazine for and by the woman who work as prostitutes.
    Of course the very fact that it’s illegal makes it so ripe for abuse, like Prohibition in the 1920’s.
    My feeling is that, although I have no moral, or other, bias against prostitution, I believe even if and when it is legalized it is still very abusive to it’s workers.
    Just my feelings about the capitalist male dominated economy.
    CNN.com – a magazine for and by prostitutes


  53. A great many industries are abusive & dangerous to their workers such as farm, factory, & domestic. I never hear anyone use that reasoning to argue for banning such industries. Ditchdiggers are exploited. We are all exploited.

    Spooky you make a good parallel to Prohibition. But “male dominated”? in western capitalist societies? Please. Men have certain kinds of power, women have other kinds. Read “The Myth of Male Power”. It debunks that truism. While there are a few men at the top of the pyramid, most men have very little power. http://www.menweb.org/farreliv.htm
    In illegal prostitution rings that are women-run, I see no evidence that they are any less abusive than when men-run. Were it to be above ground, they could unionize, retain attorneys to sue for their rights, and call the police if in danger.

  54. Right on luvjgirls! The reality is, where it has been legalised, worker conditions have improved dramatically. And if society can get rid of its hypocritical discrimination against prostitutes, their working conditions will improve even more.

  55. It’s true that some women have no other choice than going into prostitution. Those are the bad cases that shouldn’t exist.

    However, and let’s be blunt, there are some women that really like the good aspects of being a prostitute (money, mostly. although a few do enjoy the sex too). Specially escorts, some do very well, they earn a LOT of money and probably live better off than many of us.

    And once they are offered a low status or low paying job like, huh working at the laundry store, most will say no to that. Besides, being a prostitute raises the chances of finding a guy who will be their sugar daddy, happens a lot.

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