Please turn on your sound…

Enjoy this wonderful Chinese singer.
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  1. she is brilliant i would say one of the best asian singers i have heard in a while it would be great if i saw more of her on this site.

  2. Filed under Humor? Come on, Robin, should be filed under Horrific. 🙂

    What’s most bothering is in HER brain, she THINKS she is actually on tone. Happens to a lot of people, though.

    I could still date that pretty gal, if I hadn’t heard her singing.

  3. dang, those girls next to her are so polite. i mean, the one in the white is definitely laughing on the inside for SURE but she’s seriously just standing there, smiling and clapping. i don’t think i could do that. i’d probably accidentally elbow her in going in for a stretch. or somehow trip and dismantle that microphone

  4. dude, I got email long time ago about this clip. It’s still FREAKING FUNNY to watch it again. GOD, I am a music producer, and I think she can get a record for the suckiest singer of all time.

  5. by the way, who do we send pictures of clips to if we have a hot chick to offer, really original.

  6. Do a search to see if there’s an appropriate thread to post it in, otherwise send it to us via the “Contact Asian Sirens” link on the left.

  7. i think we should all chip in and get that poor girl some lessons. she obviously has the want and drive. cute, but its a shame she is the female michael vang (i think that was his name)

  8. BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT TEETH, CUTE…but goddamn…her voice cracked my monitor.

    I wonder what she sounds like during coitus?

  9. hahaha..omg, I feel bad for the two girls standing next to her,

    I think that big earphone keep her from hearing herself.

  10. yes, william hung. thanks. “hotdog with fangs” yes! i love it.

    now, who is to blame? the girl and her really not so good singing, or, the person who lied to her and told her she can sing good and encouraged her further?

  11. Kim Nguyen, looks like the young lady to the singer’s right is using all of her will power to keep from busting a gut.

    Oedipusrex, I’m sure we can blame her folks and friends who, not wanting to be rude, would say “oh, yeah, you sound lovely”.

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