Zhang @ Met-Art.com

Zhang A. Photo by Fan Xue Hui

Two galleries of Met-Art model Zhang A. Gallery 1 and gallery 2.

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  1. Good looking girl but she should really stop cutting her own hair. That’s one of the worst hair styles I’ve seen on this site!

  2. She’s gorgeous. Perfect body. I don’t mind the pit hair, there’s only a little, it adds a certain wild untamed look; most asians don’t need to shave, IMHO. Agree about the awful hair cut though; looks like Moe of the 3 Stooges on top, a lesbian mullet in the back!

  3. She’s fantastic.

    I saw a Asian woman on the train with a bright blue dress and bright blue sandals who looked like this one – yet she had eye shadow.

    I woulda slapped a diamond on her finger and dragged her away if I could have.

  4. classic northern chinese?…love the skin color…considered to be aristocratic with chinese with the porclean skin….BUT…please shave the pits…that really ruins the whole thing. i like her looks very nice…

  5. First,I will have her indulge my fetish for PIT SHAVING.Then I will_____.Followed by______
    I’d fill in the blanx…but DOC has a quick hook these days.;->

  6. She is pretty……….,
    but i dont like a pic with the model not show her smile…….,
    i think, a pic will look better with te model show her smile…………,
    but whatever i say, it’s just a comment,

  7. i remember seeing her in the metart newsletter a month or two ago. she is definately a cut above your average metart girl, but the underarm hair is quite a turnoff.

  8. I knew a number of Asian women-Chinese, Korean, and Japanese-back in the ’70s, and NONE of them shaved under their arms. Neither has my wife,from Korea. It never bothered me at all. Zhang here looks like those women back then-totally natural,flawless, and very attractive,too.

  9. Im not a big fan of the hair either but its not a showstopper. At least there would be is a fun date activity that could lead somewhere quickly.

  10. Bubalabobo i live in beijing and i see these girls all the time and i like pale thats why i like chinese girls but this is waaaay too pale she would spend 5 min outside and be burnt to a crisp other than the hairy pits bad haircut and pale skin shes gorgeous and id snap her up also

  11. brayker19, maybe she bleaches her skin like a lot of girls in Asia do — so maybe she’s not really this white naturally, and she won’t get toasted by 5 min. exposure in the sun.

    otherwise, i want to know where she gets her sunscreen

  12. Great natural beauty. Refreshing.
    …and I love it when Chinese women do not shave their underarms.

  13. i think it’s an east vs west thing about hair on girls. eastern guys, i can’t speak for all though, who live in the east, don’t mind their girls hairy 😉 having thick luxurious hair is something to be proud of. i find it to be a western fetish about shaving…somehow it becomes embarrassing to have hair somewhere, anywhere. BTW, the more u shave the thicker, longer and coarser the hair grows. isn’t that true, dr lee?

  14. Well, the first time this Western white man encountered never-been-shaved female underarms was back in the mid-90s. She was Taiwanese. The first time we went out she asked, “Have you ever considered having an Asian girlfriend?” Shortly thereafter, the first time I got her naked, I saw the sparse black hair growing freely in her armpits. I liked it immediately.

    Anyway, anything Zhang wants to do with her underarms is fine with me.

  15. xiphus101, it’s not true that the more you shave, the thicker, longer, and coarser the hair grows. this is a myth, and the reason it seems that way is when you shave, you are truncating the hair right at the part where it protrudes from the skin, which is considerably thicker than the tapered tip of the hair follicle. when it grows back, it will appear thicker and coarser for this reason.

    if your hair is coming out longer, then… maybe you should check your razors dude.

    for this reason waxing is sometimes preferred over shaving because shaving needs constant (every 1-2 days) work and isn’t as effective at removing hair (because, if the hair is dark, you can still see it underneath the skin sometimes)

  16. You’re a lucky lad, brayker19. Here in NoCal there aren’t many of the pale ones–mostly little brown ones from HK and southern China; makes the white ones seem more rare. I’ll switch a few for yours!

  17. Bubalabobo, I live in NorCal, and if you want to see pale Chinese girls then why don’t you hop on the BART to downtown Berkeley station and sit on campus for a while, I’m sure you’ll have your pick of our 55% Asian student body – 22% of the whole student population is Chinese, so I’m sure they aren’t as much of a rarity over here. Hahaha

  18. As far as shaving and waxing goes, I found some Nair for Men last year and tried it. I no longer shave down stairs any more. You guys should all try it. I do it because it feels better. Just watch how long you leave it on, OUCH!!!

  19. i really dont want to hear about a guy removing his pubes…:)…ruins the whole ambiance of AS….:))

  20. i was unaware they made a nair for men — does it make you smell like a manly man instead of citrus/apple/pear with ginger/aloe/vanilla extract?

  21. It comes in a grey bottle with a blue top. I haven’t seen it for a few months though. As far as the smell goes, it’s the same awful Nair smell.

  22. Wow. How did this girl slip past me? Very fresh, very natural.

    That’s something the best MetArt girls have – artlessness. They don’t look as if they’ve been genetically engineered, sculpted and trained from birth to know how to look good naked. A refreshing change from 90% of the other allegedly hot girls on the internet.

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