Reon Kadena with blow dryer

Reon Kadena likes to play with machines. First the iPod, now a blow dryer! Where will it end? 😉

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  1. nice…you can see the bottom of her thingy 🙂 is she missing a tooth?….maybe i am seeing things…
    does she ever get naked?..:)

  2. …Every Asian girl, 5’4 – 5’9, under 130lbs I’ve ever known.

    She’s cute. Not remarkable.

  3. Not remarkable? What? How can she be cute but not remarkable? Miss Becky is not remarkable. Miss Kadena on the other hand is a hottie. Look at here.

    It does look like she’s missing a tooth in the video but she just has a snaggletooth. She also posed nude.

  4. My opinion on Reon lies somewhere in between the two extremes: she’s far hotter than the vast majority of SoCal import models, but I don’t understand why she is so popular relative to many other Japanese models – I think there are several other Japanese models who are at least as hot as she is. But don’t get me wrong, she is cute!

  5. She’s GOOFY SEXY.Kinda’ like she’s not really sure what all the fuss is about.I likes ‘dat.

  6. two thumbs up…i like her..she is cutesy but with great big boobs that she likes to show to everybody…doc is she just AV model or does she do XXX?…
    although in some pix she looks a tad heavy….just a tad…:)

  7. “Kinda’ like she’s not really sure what all the fuss is about.” the fuss is she has great big boobies:)

  8. Long time lurker, first time poster (i tried a few months ago, but it didn’t take).

    I think the REAL appeal of RK is (aside from her cuteness and obvious other “talents”) is she SMILES. She looks like she is having FUN and enjoying the experience.

    When did scowling become sexy? For me, the answer is, “never”.

    Aside: I really appreciate the tone of this site and the vigilance of Dr. Lee and the other mods. I tried to post during the “great debate” to voice my support fot the civility of this site. So many of the others are very crude, rude and quite obnoxious. Thank You

  9. Welcome to Asian Sirens Bigfoot Dean, and thanks for the appreciation! You probably should know that smiling is nothing unusual for Japanese models – it is the preferred style of their photographers. Yet another reason why I think Japanese porn is the best in the world!

  10. I know it is not unusual, but RK’s smile and “attitude” appears sincere. More so than most, at least to me. She seems to be having FUN. Some of the smiles from other models seem more forced, to me.

    And and I don’t really consider most of what is here “porn”.

    Anyway, I have been a big fan of Asian women for many years, and this is the best site on the net, IMO, for the respectful appreciation of the beauty of the Asian woman.

    Glad to finally crack the registration code!

  11. “Many Japanese have snaggleteeth, and they are considered to be cute and attractive in the Japanese culture.

    Thats the only thing that bothers me about Asian women. They are at the extremes of beauty when they are young but DAMN THEY DO NOT AGE WELL.

    I’ve had Chinese girlfriends with snaggleteeth and extra rows of bicuspids who were pretty girs. The Oral sex was fantastic but sometimes looking in their mouth really got me down. I was fortunate enough to be born with a perfect set of teeth.

    I was hoping to meet that perfect Asian girl… Pretty, Tall, cute and sexy but, if doesn’t happen I’ll settle for a Blonde.

  12. The definition of ‘porn’ is very open to interpretation. I’m obvioulsy using it in the most general sense here, although personally I prefer the term ‘erotica’ for the kind of (non-hardcore) stuff that I usually prefer (and shoot).

  13. Oh yes, I certainly can’t agree that Asian women don’t age well – indeed, I think they age a lot better than most other women! But they could take better care of their teeth though.

  14. i agree with you doc, asian women age very well…i just went to my 20th year reunion and the hot girls in my class who are mostly whites in their late 30’s, do not look very good…they look like they are in their mid 40’s ish. yet my wife looks very good in her mid thirty’s…:)

    btw..the teeth department is getting better in the far east..well at least in VN..dont know about japan….i dont like the snaggle tooth looks either…looks dangerous for the little guy:)

  15. Here on Okinawa, I’ve heard it’s the lack of flouride in the drinking water that is the main cause of bad teeth. Like I said, It’s what I’ve heard. I do see it every now and then, but I’m more of a leg and ass man, as opposed to a tooth man. I can sometimes see past certain flaws. By the way, I love the way Reon’s boobs look like two perfect scoops of ice cream bursting out of her shirt. Yummy.

  16. She’s not fantastic? Eyes, lips, legs, boobs, sexy. She is remarkable to me!
    Goofy, not the usual femme fatale, but what a tease she is…

  17. I am another long-time viewer, first-time poster. I am also on the Reon bandwagon. as much as I enjoy many of the girls on the site, I’ll take a smiling beauty any day over the aforementioned scowling. I lived in Indonesia for a few years and, as an American, I received lots of smiles. (This was 20 years ago, so I’m not so sure that I’d receive those smiles nowadays.) As for the porn debate, I think most of what I enjoy on this site I would categorize as erotic photography. But I may be splitting hairs.

  18. I like a little snaggle, it adds to the cuteness, especially in Reon’s case. She looks much better when she smiles. I love her pics where she is clothed because she smiles more and looks like she’s having a good time in those. In the naked ones, she just looks miserable.

  19. I just love her being naked, I think she looks awesome in both clothes and king’s gown.

    Regarding the teeth, yep, seriously it does look dangerous to the little guy. I prefer straightened and white teeth, bad teeth really REALLY turn me off, big time.

  20. Man, she looks great in this. As far as her teeth goes, it looks like that one tooth came in late and got pushed out of line from the others; it doesnt bother me.

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