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We have featured aspiring model Lyla Dee once before, but she now is a ‘fresh face’ at the respectable (members only)

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  1. She’s hotter than an Okinawan summer night, but I just don’t feel like joining any site to see more of her. I’m more into the free things in life.

  2. the last two pics cleary show her Black facial features.

    I could also say she reminds me of Dominican Women and some Brazilians.

    She’s very sexy because of her body type.

  3. Definitely some SISTA’ up in that.Military brat?
    I’m all ’bout it….just not paying for it.;->Gotta be SoCal.

  4. She’s gorgeous. I’m not joining any sites, so I’ll make due with what I find on the net. I’ll take her over some chick with manpits anyday.

  5. her body is good – but i feel like she’s an average-looking girl facially but she looks “hot” because she just applied fake eyelashes, coloured contacts (which, if you look for instance at michelle phan’s blog page, you can see makes a huge difference sometimes in someone’s appearance), and a LOT of makeup

  6. i agree that most models do look a lot different without their make up…this goes for hollywood movie stars too…some are shockingly ugly actually…but she is modeling and it is what it is..selling an illusion to which we all appreciate. 🙂 there are girls who are naturally pretty and hot but sometime they are not photogenic. it is up to the models and the photographers to create this fantasy….lets just enjoy it. now, with make up and they still dont look good than i give up :))

    doc quit kissing up to your females members :))

  7. christine…nope…it would have been
    ” kissing your females’ ‘members’ ” he he….you naughty girl you….:)

  8. Actually, I think she means ‘members’ as in ‘private parts’ – Christine certainly is a master of sexual innuendo. 😉

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