Yuriko Shiratori wallpapers

Yuriko Shiratori

Widescreenbabes.com is a wallpaper site that specialized in babes. So they must have some Asian girls in their collection! Well, they have. But not a lot 🙁

One of the Asian cuties is Japanese Yuriko Shiratori. I’ve put resized copies of all 4 images in

Yuriko Shiratori

Yuriko Shiratori

Yuriko Shiratori

Get you hi-res versions here!

Yuriko Shiratori (born on April 29, 1983 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) is a Japanese gravure idol, tarento artist and actress currently affiliated to the A-Team Entertainment Production Agency.

Want to learn more about Yuriko?

Yuriko Shiratori @ kawaiination.com (a lot more hi-res images!)
Yuriko Shiratori @ wikipedia.org (career)
Yuriko Shiratori @ blog.livedoor.jp (her blog in Japanese)
Yuriko Shiratori @ scanlover.com (239 photos)
Yuriko Shiratori @ youtube.com (clips, clips and more clips)
Yuriko Shiratori @ iceposter.com (buy posters)
Yuriko Shiratori @ images.google.com (all there is to find ;-))
Yuriko Shiratori @ scan88.com (more photos)
Yuriko Shiratori @ japansugoi.com (bio and clips)

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0 thoughts on “Yuriko Shiratori wallpapers”

  1. Once again, very nice, Mr. Hood.

    BTW, “tarento artist”? If you Google “tarento artist”, links to Yuriko top the list…so that was of little help.

    But, here’s the Wikipedia entry for “tarento”:


    “Tarento (タレント, Tarento?) is a Japanese rendering (Wasei-eigo) of the English word “talent” and is used as a catch-all term for major media personalities who regularly appear on television, radio and other forms of entertainment. Successful tarento craft unique public personas in order to cater to certain Japanese demographics, just as in every other entertainment culture. However, insofar as Japanese culture demonstrates certain extremes, so, too, tarento reflect these cultural fixations.”

    Right…that’s MUCH clearer. :#)

    Best as I can decipher (without spending too much time thinking about it) is a “tarento artist” is famous for being famous.

  2. @bigfoot
    Concerning Tarentos. The definition is very simple:
    a tarento is usually a girl without any talent except the two talents she exhibitis in front of her while wearing a bikini. The only other talent she needs to have is not to being to stupid for the Japanese TV shows which usually only require an IQ of a 5 year old child. 🙂

  3. Thanks, kamui. that’s what I kind of figured. Your explanation provides more detail, and is also pretty damn funny.


    I appreciate it.

  4. What is a towel for, Arf? She is a gravure idol. She has a great body to be seen by others, not to be hiden behind a towel.

  5. Niners…the towel is for me and my messiness, not to hide this little beauty from everyone. I would never do such a thing.

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