Help get Lena Yada on weekly TV!

Lena Yada

The Asian Sirens community can help get a beautiful Asian woman on weekly TV! Lena Yada is in the current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Search competition.

You can vote for her every day at Here is her specific profile. And don’t forget to check out her videos!Eight must be a lucky number for Lena. She made the final eight in the WWE Diva Search, and the 28-year-old Honolulu, Hawaii, native is ranked No. 8 in the world in professional tandem surfing.

When not practicing on the Pacific waves, the WWE Diva hopeful has starred in commercials for Sprite and Bud Light, and is the former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Japan. She also had a role in the recent Adam Sandler-Kevin James movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

Lena Yada

Lena Yada

Lena Yada

Lena Yada

Lena Yada

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0 thoughts on “Help get Lena Yada on weekly TV!”

  1. Everybody needs to vote for her. WWE hasn’t had an asian diva since they released Gail Kim a couple years back. We need to get an asian girl back on there. Lena would make most of the other girls look bad.

    And look at that tight body. Wow!

  2. Wow…what a hottie.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath though. The WWE fans seem to worship stumpy bleach blondes with fake boobs.

  3. She’s hot in that white bikini! I voted for her. It’s easy and you can vote daily. You guys will have to let me know if she wins because I don’t watch wrestling.

  4. I voted, but also don’t put much stock in her chances, considering the socio-economic status and cultural/racial profile of most pro wrestling fans.

    Fave pic is of her emerging from the pool.

  5. I don’t believe that the “Divas” start out as wrestlers. They start out as sort of “eye candy” conducting interviews, or maybe valets, etc. and are trained until they can be included in a storyline that will eventually culminate with them stepping into the ring to mix it up with another Diva.

  6. Doc, I’m with you (and LawBoy) on all counts. I’ll toss her a vote for the (Asian Siren) cause, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about the WWE and their “Divas”.

    And, while she isn’t my type, she is very toned and athletic…and Asian, so I suppose it’s all (or mostly) good.

  7. weird, i don’t think this girl looks masculine at all, i think she looks really fit and has a very structured face. personally i think that if this were masculine, then maya would look moreso because her breasts are so fake and her abs are so defined, you know? so, i don’t really understand the masculinity comment, and i think this girl looks awesome! as far as her profession goes, i’m not so sure, but lots of asian girls could stand to be more fit like this (instead that whole frail and skinny thing they have going on)

  8. Interesting! Still, I have to say that no man has breasts like Maya (or should have!). And I think Maya is prettier (her face is more feminine) and she has more feminine curves – Lena’s waist is quite thick (like a man’s). So for me, feminity versus masculinity isn’t so much about muscle tone and definition – it’s more about body shape and how pretty the girl is.

  9. i can see the point about maya’s face, but i disagree about their curviness. if you look at some of the competition photos of lena yada on the website (link above), where she is in her bikini, you can see that she is still curvy. i think what really offsets it with maya is the fact that her breasts are so large – if you can imagine maya without her implants, and think of her with breasts the size of lena’s, i think the two girls would be comparable insofar as their body frame goes. however, maya’s musculature is a lot more masculine than lena’s, whose abs don’t look completely ripped

    on the other hand, i see your point about lena’s face vs. maya’s face, and maya does have more feminine features in that regard, but i think lena has that whole tanned, beachy look going for her. she looks really healthy, and i think that the first photo is a really bad one to choose to represent her, since in all of her other photos she doesn’t look nearly as stocky or masculine. take a look at the “friends” album on her myspace for example. without so much makeup, she is really pretty!

    lena, lay off the makeup, girl! you are gorgeous as is! 😀

  10. I agree that Maya would look more masculine without her breast implants, but the fact remains that she does have them! And Maya’s face is quite pretty and very feminine, whereas Lena’s face isn’t very pretty and a little masculine for me. If she had a face like Maya, I’d probably think she doesn’t look too masculine, but the combination of her face and slightly “thick” body (her arms are also thicker than Maya’s, for example) makes her a little too masculine looking for me. I maintain my opinion that Maya has a more slender, feminine build.

  11. dartdude, God, you don’t see how hot she is??
    What’s got into you?

    She may have some slight less feminine traits, but I love her athletic shape and she looks strong and healthy, just like christine says.

    Take a look at her myspace, with the tandem surf pics, really impressive stuff, she’s a sports woman. I’m sure she belongs at Sports Ilustrated.

    All in all, I’d choose her over Maya, but that’s a personal taste. I just hope she never gets any tattoo like her surf partner Jason. She’s looking beautiful just this way.
    I’m impressed, I must say.

  12. I agree with Christine on this, Lena’s other pics show her waist better than the first (I had Doc’s initial reaction too); but Lena and Maya are both sultry hot gym rats–over developed for my taste (lots of guys like the “frail and skinny thing”) but still smokin.

    Can we vote for both? I’d like to see the two of them tangling *pant* 😉

  13. Thanks Dr. Lee lol yeah I meant in the clip. Tila is now getting her small part in the hollywood world. Shame she looks nothing like a viet girl.
    I think Lena is pretty, she’s not the typical asian looking like just b/c she’s a little more muscular, but she takes good care of herself.

  14. Lena has a hot body but her face is a little too manly and her breasts are too small which make her look more manly. If she had a nice set of implants to go with that hot body or a cuter face, she’d get my vote. And those other two chicks look way better than Lena.

  15. Dr. Lee.. I think her surname came from her Father….Now where is her father from…. Sounds like he could be a buddy of “ET”

  16. Well, she had a good run. Lena was finally voted out of the Diva Search. It’s down to Brooke and Eve.

  17. She lost her contract with WWE a few weeks back. Nobody’s sure if she’ll continue with the wrestling business at this point. The rumor is that they didn’t want two asian females since they hired Gail Kim back. Apparently they look too “similar”.

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