Pim Sajeepan

Pim Sajeepan

Pim sajeepan is from Thailand. She is a professional model and likes shopping and reading. So we read elsewhere.

Want to see more of her? gallery 1, gallery 2 and gallery 3. Don’t feel like leaving Asian-Sirens? I’ve got one more ‘semi-topless’ photo for you in

Pim Sajeepan

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0 thoughts on “Pim Sajeepan”

  1. Can’t look away…

    It’s not pure beauty as it exists in my mind its just… very nice, no more explanation that that

    (based on these two pictures)

  2. Very beautiful girl. If I were to ever meet her in Thailand, I know exactly what I’d be thinking….”I sure hope she doesn’t have a penis”.

  3. I’m gonna give Pim the “Holy S**t!” seal of approval.

    This is the highest honor I can bestow upon a woman.


  4. very good with nice looking. But I feel something strange with her face.
    Or, her face is typical of Thailand?
    Doc, do you think she takes some implants? Especially in her eyes and lips.

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