Yumi Doll Nagamine


Yumi Doll isn’t going to be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ here at A/S but she’s definitely an interesting character. She’s a hot little beauty with an amazing smile that really caught my eye.
Here’s me thinking she’s just a typical young US import scene model however, when I happen accross a very unexpected video…Turns out Yumi is one of hawaii’s very few female rap emcee’s and she’s quite a firey, outspoken young lady. Check the end of this post to see her battling another emcee if you don’t believe.

Seems this tropical honey while looking perfectly respectable in beach photoshoots, has quite a potty mouth sometimes!












Age: 20?
Height: 4’9
Ethnicity: Japanese and Okinawan
Located: Hawaii

Pics 1
Pics 2

Go Yumi Doll!

N.B. If anyone finds anymore decent links to photos of Yumi then please post in the comments section. There’s not that much out there that i could find.

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0 thoughts on “Yumi Doll Nagamine”

  1. hmmmm…..I think she’s cute. Thick and have a big ass. I can see her dating black guys lol…..Shuai Ge is right…she’s an interesting character…very confident, aggressive, and outspoken. It’s funny that they hug at the end after dissing each other. She’s good at rapping better than Tila Tequila. lol

  2. HAHA she certainly likes to yell according to her interview. I can see her being a dominate one in a relationship.

  3. I do not like this Yumi Doll
    I do not like Ms Doll at all.
    Although she’s neither fat nor slim
    ‘be’d better off with some time in a gym.

    Yet on this day I’ll stop and pause
    For what I believe is a very good cause.
    Those of us in the USA
    Stop and remember on this day

    For those who’ve served and lost their lives
    In order that the rest of us may thrive
    To hear freedom’s ring so clear and loud
    And of our country to be proud.

    So while I’m no fan of Yumi doll
    For her right to be loud I will stand tall
    And to all you there heeding the Siren’s call
    A good Memorial Day to one and all.

  4. dbldipper, that may be your best one yet. As a vet, I’d like to give a shout out to those serving or who have served in all of our reader’s countries (except under Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, etc.).

    She’s not really for me, BUTT she has certain ASSets that serve her well:-)

  5. To add to dbldipper’s rhyme:

    Not with a beer
    Not with three.
    She really isn’t
    my cup of tea.

    Not in summer
    Not in fall.
    BUTT maybe
    In winter, baby.

  6. I can’t believe people were sitting around watching that emcee battle. What a waste of time!

  7. Hmm, let’s see: overly inflated balloon tits, excessive & ugly tats, thick waist, filthy mouth, facial piercings, aggressive….pretty much the opposite of any Asian lady I’d ever wish to meet.

  8. I know she’s going to get ragged on here because of endless things, but I think she’s completely hot. She’s got a great body, a really cute face and looks like she’s be great in other departments.

  9. jeffb: your comment was over the line – please comply with our posting guidelines in future.

    luvjgirls: your comment is pushing it.

    dbldipper: your last comment was too far off-topic I’m afraid – I had to remove it.

  10. Not a class act at all! For me, she is disgusting and never would even create any desirable urges within me!

  11. Thanks Dr. Lee.

    I just see a tone of absolute mean spiritedness and downright cruelty and pure spite coming from the minds of a lot of guys here, when it comes to a lady that is not to their taste.

    What purpose does it serve to cut any woman down for the way she looks? It’s pathetic how the relative anonymity of the internet makes guys think they can assert their “manhood” with ugliness towards women.

    Yumi Doll may not have looks for everyone’s tastes, but that does not mean one has to be nasty to her.

    In fact, no offense, but I wonder if this post was created just to ‘inspire’ reactions of disgust and hate from readers. Yumi isn’t the ‘typical’ kind of asian siren model we see on here. It’s almost like she was featured here to inspire ridicule.

  12. Well, she’s much better looking than Snooki (better body too)!!

    Once again, if you put yourself out there as a model and expect only compliments, you’re deluded.

    My “not with a beer, not with three” comment was meant as humor, but was probably pushing the line.

    Regardless, no matter how you want to express it, she ain’t my type.

  13. Strout, this is a forum where we comment honestly on girls looks. Sorry if we don’t see the hotness in this one, but at least it’s a honest participation.

  14. I think in person, most of us would think differently. I know I would. I could do without the silly rapping though. Word.

  15. Hey guys,

    I can assure you all that this post wasn’t created to ‘inspire’ reactions of disgust. I wouldn’t post on any girl that I didn’t find attractive. Didn’t expect her to get such a strong reaction to be honest, but then I’m out of touch these days having living in China for so long.
    Which reminds me, what’s a “Snooki”?

  16. Well it’s pretty sad sucez if you can’t differentiate between commenting ‘honestly’ with class and respect, and being plain mean spirited jerks about it. I have always believed that how you conduct yourself anonymously on the world wide web is in fact reflective of your character in real life.

  17. huh..oh kroos..I was going to pass on Yumi – the Asian ‘barbie’ doll??
    But hey I might just begin a crocheted bikini – one of them minuscule numbers, just a few stitches in them (hehe) – for that body.
    I liked Strout’s comments – which might apply to many comments about models that readers might not fancy.
    @Shuai Ge, I guess it goes to show it’s hard to judge what AS readers will like. To each his/her own I suppose.
    Hopefully, in the future, those inclined to post negative comments will count to ten before submitting.
    oh and yeah..what IS a ‘Snooki’?

  18. Snookie is not Italian. She’s Italian-American. She’s unattractive, stupid, vulgar, has no-talent, and has achieved fame as part of a “reality” show. And I would kick her out of bed too!

  19. I may be misinterpreting Strout’s comment to sucez, but I think that although he is addressing sucez directly, he was using the general ‘you’ and not personally, as sucez perhaps believes.
    I can’t see sucez’ initial comment “next please” as bad as some other commenters’ posts, and as I have alluded to above, these are the ones to whom Strout is referring.

  20. Actually, Strout is referring to sucez’s second comment, disputing Strout’s original comment. Is that clear? 🙂

    Anyway, let’s not let discussion of this issue descend into a flame war (I am glad to see it hasn’t so far).

  21. Compared to some not-so-recent posts, the commentary on Ms. Doll has been mild. There was a time when a tattoo would bring out the most vehement and scathing remarks – you’d think that the tattoo was a Scarlet A.

    According to the interview (link), Ms. Dolls likes are sarcasm and slam poetry. Both are represented here. Maybe she’d like this site.


  22. Not my type really but I bet she’s a lot of fun. If that friendship turned to something else I probably wouldn’t be too disappointed either 🙂

  23. I completely agree with Strout. The vitriol aimed at some of the models here is really sad. The anonimity of the web allows people’s true nature to show through which is often very disgusting. You can’t talk about the classlessness of someone when you’re being classless yourself. I think we should all have to post pics of ourselves just to comment. Still, Asian Sirens is actually pretty good when you compare it to the boards at sports or political sites but it certainly could be better. And putting yourself out there as a model doesn’t make it ok to have people be a douchebag back.

  24. woops! yep Doc you are absolutely right.
    Any suggestions for a remedial reading course for me then? 😉

  25. Geez Wings it looks like you had some pretty serious plastic surgery somewhere along the line.

  26. Wingsfan your a handsome guy, no wonder you’re picky, you’re prettier than a lot of the ladies. jk.

  27. @Luke72: I age very well (better than the orinal i might say).

    Seriously, I’d just like to clarify that I actually don’t find Yumi Doll unattractive; it’s just that she is not my type at all. I don’t harbor any illusions that I’m her type either….

    I’m not really that picky, but as many of us mentioned in several previous posts, it’s a lot easier to be picky on a website than in real life (especially with alcohol involved). Also, I wasn’t saying that any girl who models should be open to nasty comments, but at the same time shouldn’t expect only positive remarks. Otherwise, don’t model. Besides the obvious privacy issue, there’s a reason I didn’t post my actual photos earlier:-p

  28. is there any criteria in being a model nowadays? from a level A++ being supermodel to a D– being no talent at all. id give her a D. Should not be modeling at all. Over weight, over pierced, over tattooed, over fake.

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