The Ladies of Space Battleship Yamato

Meisa Kuroki as Yuki Mori

As requested by a reader, here are the female cast members of the 2010 Japanese sci-fi film, Space Battleship Yamato, which could be considered a more action-packed Japanese version of American space sci-fi films like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. (The latter I’ve sat through only because Grace Park was in the cast.)

Since this movie was spawned by the TV anime series that debuted in 1974, I decided to do a little research on the series first. When I did, I discovered there was only one notable female character in it, so I thought this would wind up as a feature on just the actress in the role of “Black Tiger Team” member, Yuki Mori (Meisa Kuroki, above). However, I was pleased to find out that the most notable departure the film took from the TV series was that two male key characters in the series, are female in the movie.The following are the three ladies in the main cast. An excellent page to find out more information on this movie and the supporting cast actresses (that have “don’t blink or you’ll miss them” parts) is here.

Yuki MoriMeisa Kuroki as Yuki Mori
As seen here, anime character Yuki Mori (not to be confused with the Asian-American porn actress of the same name) received a bit of a makeover for the film in the form of actress/singer Meisa Kuroki. Yuki is the only female member on the the battleship’s tactical unit, the “Black Tiger Team.”

Meisa was actually not the first choice to fill the form-fitting yellow and black suit of Yuki. The actress originally slated for the role, the often controversial Erika Sawajiri, was dismissed and Aoi Miyazaki reportedly turned down the part before it was offered to Meisa.

Maiko Skorick as Aihara
Maiko Skorick is communications officer Aihara, a character who was male in the anime series. Google “¥Þ¥¤¥³” to see more on her.

Reiko Takashima as Dr. Sado
Reiko Takashima as the ship’s doctor, Dr. Sado, a character who was a very unattractive male in the anime series.

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