Clovie Peck


Clovie, who’s full portfolio can be seen here, is a young model from Singapore. She’s in great shape, but not in a lot of modeling photos and does not yet appear to have her own website.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Located: Singapore




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0 thoughts on “Clovie Peck”

  1. Her face isn’t anything special for me (although she’s certainly pretty enough by normal standards), but her body – wow!

  2. Gotta agree, great body.
    There’s a couple of Singapore models out there that have caught my eye recently on sites like istudio.

    Interesting green tattoo on her shoulder also.

  3. The color of the tattoo is a bit distracting.

    She has very pacific islander look about her with fantastic body. Id hit it with lights on …

  4. i’ll take nude pictures of her anytime…
    from the right, so the tat doesn’t show…

  5. Dunno, Doc, I’m kinda diggin’ the Polynesian look. Maybe you’re overrun by hotties there in the hot Aussie outback, but she’s a nice sight for these frozen eyeballs.

  6. I love this look too dbldipper but I think that her best shots are in profile (or 3/4 profile) and some of the front on shots there is something a little off. I think her eyes appear too close together in some of the pics, I generally like slightly cross eyes but it may just be that.

  7. I just love her wonderfully perky boobs. Maybe not gorgeous, but plenty cute enough.

  8. Put it this way, if she walked into a bar, I dare any of you not to stop and stare…

    VERY beautiful! Great find Travis.

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