Yuma Asami Sings

You have got to love a performer who gets involved in every aspect of a production. I knew Japanese AV idol Yuma Asami was a hard worker when she filmed in the Philippines while down with a cold, keeping up with her costars Sora Aoi and Maria Ozawa. Now here she is recording the theme song to one of her own movies, adorable as ever.

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  1. there is not the same level in Usa & Europe to be a pornstar

    anybody (i mean average girls) can do that in Japan

    no definetly not really attractive ! like many japanese porn “star”, sorry porn”robot”

    maybe she can do singer (well no)

    the thing is with japanese , they have the same behaviour in many things (when they sing (same voice), when they do porn,…

    No individualism !
    before (first discover japan) their “cute”, “kawaii” side excited me…

    but now i realize all the fake and it makes me angry

    If you like child attitude (for 80 %) go for a japanese girl.

    “Japanese girls are the best in the world”
    APL stop your fantasy !!

  2. To live in Asian culture often means struggling with finding ones’ individuality.

    You can also see a lot of standardized and ritualized culture stateside. Think “suicide girls” or “skater culture”. or a “firm handshake”.

    As for American pornstars, I’m waiting for Tia Tanaka to cut a record.

    Placeboy, if you had to choose, who are the best girls in the world?

  3. And I did add the caveat, “when they want to be”.

    It may seem fake but it’s not. It’s on purpose by choice, but only by choice. So in a sense it’s acting, but so is what we all do, either awake or unconciously.

  4. “To live in Asian culture often means struggling with finding ones’ individuality.”

    I’ve noticed this in Japanese AV. Differentiation seems to be the name of the game.

  5. From one video you can conclude Japanese girls are the best in the world, alright ok, I didn’t know the “bestness” girl scale was rated on how much of a child you act. As in the words of Placeboy “APL stop your fantasy!”

    “Maybe she can do singer, well no,” lawl, finally someone who agrees with me. You’re right she is a a bad singer, very monotone and child like, like many who attempt to sing, when they no very well they have no business in the music industry.

    I am really sorry, but I also hate the cute attitude/front [this is in general in Japan and I don’t care if it’s genuine or not], it’s really annoying and stupid and childlike. You’re not friggen 5 anymore got damn. Makes you want to punch something. And what exactly is the Asian culture, I didn’t know all of Asia was meshed together and all of its people can now can be defined under one culture.

    And the best girls in the world? That’s a really subjective question.

  6. Man…some of us are having a really bad day around here. All up in our faces with the japanese dislike. :()

  7. I’m surprised the name of the film that they all worked on together isn’t mentioned anywhere. Does anyone know it?

    If there’s no nudity I’m not interested.

  8. no we are not against japanese girls but they are too childlike (something different from all the others asian women)

    i really like japanese culture (it depends what)
    i lived in japan during 2 years and i know some point.

    “1201”shares the same point of me.

    best girls in the world ???

    hmmm it depends many things (brain, seduction, hobbies, body :),…..)

    but in top 10 japanese go to number 7 (in general)
    before many others asian women for me : vietnam, thailanh, singapore,..)

    sometimes japanese girls remind me Blade runner the movie.

    they look like a Replicant nexux 6.

    no feelings but they can learn by experience.

    heartstone, ….

    its not simply my experience
    i have many mant friends who think the same after 8 years in Japan.

    Anyway they are few very interesting but its sometimes hard to find among all the people in a town like tokyo 30 millions habitants (not replicants)

    its a pin lost in a …. (i dont knox the expression in english)

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