Why can’t viewers see more of the Olympic cheerleaders?


Verbatim from Yahoo!sports:
One of the most popular sports at the 2004 Games did not give medals out to its participants. Admiring Olympic cheerleaders became a favorite pastime for many who attended the Athens Games, and the cheerleaders’ popularity led the Beijing Olympic Committee to put together their own cheerleading squads (photo gallery here).

Read full story by Nick Friedell. (thanks to Jane for the tip.)

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  1. Why show hot ass ASIAN cheerleaders in skimpy outfits when you can show nothing but Michael f’n Phelps 24/7 and lame human interest stories here in the states to fill time in between events.

  2. I was going to do an open post about the “Hottest Olympians” to gauge people’s opinions, but Olympic cheerleaders is just as good. There was a feature on AOL news of something like 400 photos of cheerleaders, but they were bad photos rarely emphasizing what… um… deserves to be emphasized.

  3. Its a real tragedy. This is one of the most heartbreaking stories in the olympics. They need to show these girls more.

    I saw some pics of the beach volleyball girls the other day. One of them impressed me so much that I spent a bit of time trying to find more on her, but had no luck.

    Anyway, I love their outfits and the little routines they do.

  4. These girls work hard, too, and deserve recognition. On top of that, they don’t look like men, as many female Olympians do. Great post. Thanks!

  5. They looking like a man eh, but can still whoop your behind. ANYWAY, yeah people don’t tune into the Olympics to watch some cheerleading, but apparently people do as shown here…I’m not gonna even bother with reading the article. Though I don’t even know how you can compare the athletes to some girls in mainland China who decided one day to try out for a cheerleading spot in the Olympics. Because it is so obvious that the level of work is the same..
    But props given to the dancers to whatever is it they do. I just want my country to get more gold.

  6. I want to see Olympic cheerleaders!! MORE!!! This is a great post and I like the girls, especially the Korean cheerleaders in the mouseketeer hats and the clowning between the Chinese girls and the US basketball team.

    I would have watched more Olympics if there had been more cheerleaders on TV.

  7. TapoutPounder is correct in stating that these girls are very hard working. At the opening ceremony (if you missed it go to nbcolympics.com and see it because it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen) during the walk of nations these girls where cheerleading for 2 hours straight being gay as can be. This is just another testament of the utility of the good Asian woman.

  8. Yep, in South Korea there are cheerleaders in pro baseball, which is a notion that I wish would catch on in the States.

  9. Heh, funny you should mention this. During the Parade of Nations portion of the Opening Ceremonies, I was paying more attention to the cheerleaders in their white outfits dancing to “Scotland the Brave” on bagpipes than I was in watching the athletes of countries like Lesotho and Botswana (*yawn*).

  10. I also noticed the chicks at the ceremony. They kept jumping for hours.

    Yes, they should focus more on cheerleaders. Athens had some hot babes.

    And the hot asian cheerleaders now, oh man. Why don’t we see it more. Actually, they should have a competition day only for cheerleaders. lol

  11. I’m surprised there wasn’t more coverage of these girls or any of the Asian girls in these Olympics. I swear to God I saw the Chinese women’s volleyball team players wearing thongs underneath their white uniforms, anyone else see that?

  12. Actually, I think I’ve seen a lot of hot athletes too, and not just asian female athletes. Lots of them are cut, and they show it off in their tiny little uniforms they compete in. I’m sure the look is probably too extreme for a lot of you, but as a workout nut myself, I love it. As long as they’re not bulky, its all good.

  13. hi,long time reader,1st time poster

    yeah, quite dissapointed that the tv stations didnt show much of them, they can do it during the breaks, but instead they are more interested to show the guys having their drinks or wiping their sweat… -_0


  14. I didn’t even know there were cheerleaders! I know about the ladies there were around in the openings and caring the signs and this is not the first time I’ve noticed them – HOT

  15. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    Also, I bring you attention to this photo of Tian Jia’s rear end and bring up the following question:

    Beach Volleyball butts: Great Butts or The Greatest Butts?

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