Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami

Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami

You have got to love an actress who puts so much of herself into a movie. Not only does Japanese AV idol Yuma Asami sing the theme songs to her own movies, she also pulls double duty while filming — literally. In Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami Miracle Twin Sister, top-tier Japanese AV studio S1 uses special effects to put Yuma in a threesome with herself.

Considering that Yuma dominates the AV charts right now, it makes sense for S1 to pack more Yuma into one release. George Lucas ain’t got nothin’ on this.

Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami
Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami
Yuma Asami and Yuma Asami

(Via JapaneseAV.)

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  1. What’s not to like about Yuma Asami? These pics don’t really capture all she has to offer… Beautiful women. Great breasts.

  2. That link is just a Google search. Thanks though. I can find stuff by Yuma Asami, but finding something particular is going to take some work.

  3. Gotta love yummy, Yuma. And now we get double the pleasure.

    You are right, Doc, that looks like pretty high-end FX for AV.

    Thanks for the post, Mike.

  4. Nice Mr. Mike. I like them.
    Doc, better you make the budget soon. Many investors will come to you as you are the stuntman.

  5. Man, I just cannot get into these Japanese models. But I’m glad other people like them because it will be easy to find models for people if I ever run out of names.

  6. I do believe they stole the idea from William Shatner.

    There is creativity, and there is running out of ideas. I’m going with the latter in this case.

  7. > That link is just a Google search.

    Nope. That is not exactly correct.

    It is a Google Custom Search Engine specifically for purpose of finding hosted porn files.

    Quoted from http://search.slutsoft.com

    “Search blogs and forums for FREE video files hosted on Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, and more…. This Google powered custom search engine covers only trusted blogs and forums, for your safety from viruses and tricks.”

  8. She doesn’t look like anything special judging from the above pics, but I do like the idea of multiple copies of my favorite pornstars in the same scene.

  9. Please tell me that the soundtrack features the Divinyls “I Touch Myself”.

    Kinda gimmicky like 3-D but pushing the envelope…and that is a good thing.

    I gotta admit I can never get enough of the Japanese ladies.

    Did anyone ever see ‘How William Shatner Changed the World”? <g>

    Oh…gotta agree w/knarf…very nice breasts…on both of ’em LOL

  10. Maxdiesel, nice find.

    I don’t want to hijack the thread, but I’d love to see a post on Azusa Itagaki. She’s quite cute.

  11. I know what’s next…


    When technology gets good enough to clone people and then make the clone your exact age…

    Here’s my question:

    If you have sex with your clone, does that make you gay or is that called masturbation?

    If you have a wife and she wants to have sex with your clone – does that technically mean she hasn’t cheated since she’s having sex with “you”?

    If you stay home and send your clone to work and then take the money he makes – is it rightfully yours?

  12. The money is mine. Sex to oneself is a bit gay, if you ask me.
    But Yuma is pretty hot, I’d love to be rolling with her and her twin! Sisters, such a thrill!

  13. So, dazn, how exactly does masturbating make one gay?

    A chick rubbing her clit til she pops doesn’t mean that she wants to do that to another woman or that she wants another woman to do that to her. Same reasoning if a guy pulls his pud.

    So, because you jerk off, you’re gay? Because you play with yourself, that means you want some guy dragging his sack across your face? Maybe you are gay and that sounds appealing to you, but I just don’t see the logic in your statement.

    On topic, I think this is kind of neat. Two for the price of 1! Yeehaw!

    Hmm…does this mean she gets two paychecks for this movie?

  14. Halloweendm, I didn’t say masturbating makes you gay. I meant to say that making sex to one’s clone (in the realm of impossibility, nevertheless) sounded a bit gay to me.

    Nothing to do with masturbation, chill out man. But I understand that you got all excited with Yuma and didn’t read all the comments carefully, lol.

  15. Looks like I gotta dip back into the archives.
    Interesting (?) discussion a few posts back.
    And how the heck do they do that?
    Whatever, she/they are gorgeous!

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