Start your weekend with Recon Videos and CJ Miles

I have been a frequent visitor and commenter on Asian Sirens since 2005. Personally I like to see a new article on here every couple of days. At this time, it has been a few days since the last article was posted, and seeing that it’s Friday, I figured that it was a good time to get the weekend started with a hot video of CJ Miles from Recon Videos. Make sure you hit mute if you’re not a fan of R&B.I found out about the video from CJ Miles via Twitter, so I have to thank her for posting a link to it. I love checking her out, and I’m sure the readers do as well given how many times she has been featured here. In addition to that video, Recon Video has 102 others you should check out as well, with the latest being a behind the scenes video with Francine Dee and Nhi Kim Do and a video with Janelle Ha. For those who want to know the song in the background, it’s the remix to Birthday Sex featuring Fabolous and Jeremih. Lastly, I will leave you guys with one more video where CJ is all nice and wet. Have a good weekend.


Recon Videos @ Vimeo
Jeremih – Birthday Sex

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0 thoughts on “Start your weekend with Recon Videos and CJ Miles”

  1. I don’t know Sefu. How about two sexy ladies dancing somewhat hilariously to a not quite as good song? The Francine Dee/NKD behind the scenes video was fun to watch.

  2. Thanks Travis. And I can think of one thing better than a sexy lady dancing to a hot song. That is a naked sexy lady dancing to a hot song, or maybe two. 🙂

  3. Your posts are much appreciated Candyman, but haven’t we had more than enough articles on CJ already? We’ve had four other feature articles, as well as a few others we she features prominently.

  4. If you want to look at this as another CJ Miles post you could. And it’s not like I am going to write about her again, but I found out about the video from her, plus it’s a pretty hot video, so that’s the one I went with. I wouldn’t have been cool with myself if I used another video when I found out about them from her.

    Plus there are 102 other videos that readers can check out as well featuring many other models, so it’s not like this post is solely on CJ. So if not her, more than likely the article would have featured a video of someone else who has been featured here before.

  5. Fair enough. Perhaps you could make the title more general (e.g. something to do with Recon video), to more accurately reflect the scope of your post?

  6. I updated the title and my introductory paragraph to better reflect this post. All I need now is the time to watch all of these videos.

    Right now I am checking out the ones of Nhi Kim Do and Francine Dee. Good stuff. As for CJ, I’m sorry but I can’t get enough of her. She’s a hottie. I leave you guys with one more link. Until next time.

  7. For me, CJ is one of the most overrated models in history – I really don’t find her attractive at all! Each to his own I guess.

  8. Doc you really don’t go for the filipinas. It’s ok, leave them all for me. 🙂
    CJ is a hottie even if these videos are not that spicy for my taste.

  9. i gotta agree with doc on this one… CJ just doesnt do it for me. If i ran into her on the street and granted she has clothes on… i wouldnt give her a second look. Shes a little too thick and way too “fake” for my tastes. But dont get me wrong i love filipinas. Just not this one

  10. CJ is hot, I met her in Vegas a few years back. She’s only like 4’11” but it’s a nice little package.

  11. It’s not because CJ is a Filipina (there are some that I like). It’s just that for me she’s too stocky, artificial and tranny-like – she just doesn’t have any feminine elegance at all.

  12. She is very cute. I like her body and the way she moves it. The only major minus for me in her looks is her bad boob job. But I think she is still quite hot despite it.

  13. I hate to be critical especially with a gorgeous woman like CJ who reminds me of my wife but…..don’t you know the difference between that Rap (crap) and Rhythm and Blues (R&B)?

  14. Wow. It seems that all the guys here love CJ … all except for some guy named Lee. To each their own, but the overwhelming majority of MEN agree!

  15. Tight, yes, but you could hardly call her thin – she’s way too stocky for that. Her bottom heavy body is hardly unique amongst import models either. I prefer models who have at least some semblance of feminine elegance.

  16. That’s CJ’s sister? Judging from the one small photo I can see (which admittedly isn’t a lot to go on), she looks infinitely more attractive than CJ to me – she actually looks like a girl!

  17. yeah Doc I agree, although I think she has CJ’s boobs so hopefully doesn’t go too far along the gogo path. Reading the ‘gangsta’ talk on the myspace page leaves me with little hope, I must be getting too old.

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